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The World Cup Drinking Game

@sfojam - thanks for making that correction. Although, I will agree that it is one of the best rums in the world. The Centenario 12 yr old is fantastic. It makes a great Cuba Libre. In honor of Honduras, though, if you can find Port Royal, it's not a bad beer to have on a hot summer day.

Jun 28, 2010
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Yeah, Sure, "Let's Have Coffee"

Advice like this, and people who follow advice like this, is exactly why I ended up sitting at home crying and wondering what was wrong with me so many times. I would much rather have been told "no thanks, not interested" than be strung along until I finally figured out on my own that the person had no intention of ever meeting up with me again. It may sting a little at first to hear the rejection, but at least you're not left wondering. In the end, I think most people want to hear the truth.

Mar 24, 2010
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How to Make the Best Vegetable Stir-Fry

I am surprised to see the garlic added so early here. Garlic burns so easily and needs such a short cooking time over high heat, I always add it last. I even mix it with a tiny bit of oil to protect it from the hot pan. Then I put it in and cook it just until I can smell it, for about 30 seconds to a minute, then kill the heat and stir it into the vegetables.

I agree that veggies like broccoli and cauliflower can benefit from a bit of steaming, too. I do mine right in the skillet. I start out with those vegetables first, put in a little water and cover the skillet so they can steam for a few minutes, then uncover it and let the last bit of water boil off. Then I add a bit of oil and my other veggies. I do all this over the highest heat I can get out of my burner, and even with that much heat I have never felt the need for a wok. I think if you were working in a restaurant kitchen with many more thousands of BTUs than you can get out of a home cooktop, you might have more of a need for a wok where you can create hotter and cooler zones in the pan. For me a skillet works just fine.

Jan 25, 2010
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Bourbon-Marinated Flank Steak

Great recipe. And thanks to dmbfiredncr for the great suggestions of adding the brown sugar and using the marinade for gravy.

I marinated for 24 hours and pierced the meat about 20 times per side with a fork so the flavors would reall sink in. Then I pan-roasted it. Used a 12" skillet and browned it over really high heat about 4 or 5 minutes per side, then stuck the skillet in a 450 oven for about 6 minutes. Took the steak out of the skillet and let it sit covered with foil until the temp came up to 130 degrees, deglazed the pan with about 1/2 cup of water, added the marinade and cornstarch and boiled it to make the gravy. Super tasty!

Jan 24, 2010
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