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Westchester Wish-list

Good Ethiopian: I've been to Lalibela in Mount Kisco, and it ain't doing it for me. Considering all the good reviews, I was surprised at how disappointingly bland the food was. It was also slightly more expensive than the places I've been to in the city.

ISO Cranberry Orange Cake/Bread recipe

Made this a few weeks ago when I had some leftover cranberries. It was easy, tasty and very pretty. I made it in a deep square cake tin rather than the round one recommended,so I don't know exactly how it would work in a bundt pan, but I imagine it would be fine as long as you butter it well.

This is kind of outside of your parameters, but the cranberry streusel bars on this site went over really well with a crowd when I made them.

Dec 05, 2014
Jamebb in Home Cooking

Take out recommendation White Plains/Greenburgh/Hartsdale (central ave)

Long shot, but can anyone recommend good takeout in this area that features shrimp? That's the request for dinner tonight and I'm drawing a blank. No Chinese though.


Ehh... the best thing is can say about the cupcakes from that place was that they were big and some of them were prettily decorated. Other than that they weren't much better than the cupcakes from your average supermarket bakery: too dry, too sweet, and no flavor at all. I bought a lemon cupcake from there last summer and was soooooo disappointed. The cake was violently yellow but the only lemon flavor came from a sour gummy lemon candy on top.

Jul 08, 2014
Jamebb in Manhattan

cooper's mill-- tarrytown-- any reports?

way late but three of us went with the groupon for four. We called before buying it and they said we could do that (some places won't, with the groupon). So we ate the two apps, three entrees, and 4 drinks there and took home the 4th entree.

The service was good, although the place wasn't busy when we went. The quality of the dishes ranged from pretty good to mediocre to just bad.

The crab cake was tasty but I didn't like the flatbread we ordered. It was kind of like an undressed arugula salad with little bits of goat cheese on a large cracker- maybe the hot ones were better. (Just looked, it's not on the menu anymore).

My sister had the pasta and my mom had the salmon, which they both said were good, but not anything special. I had the scallops over a green pea puree, which was a touch salty, but the scallops were nicely seared.

We ordered the ice cream sampler for dessert. It came with two ice creams and two sorbets. There was a really good peach/brandy sorbet and a forgettable tomato one. I can only remember one of the ice creams because it had the potential to be good, the bacon-blue cheese-fig. It would have been a really different, interesting savory ice cream, unfortunately they didn't render out the fat in the bacon properly, so there were large pieces of it throughout. Icy cold bacon fat is not tasty.

Oh we took home the pork shoulder with this creamy parsnip mash/puree thing. It was really good even reheated the next day.

Overall it wasn't a bad experience and so if you can get a groupon/some kind of discount I would go.

I'm eating a yoghurt/oat breakfast thing that "went off" 3 days ago

Unopened yogurt really doesn't go bad as soon as those stamps would have you think. I read an article about this guy who was homeless for a while and did a lot of dumpster diving for food. Yogurt was one of the things that he came across a lot (thrown out by those people who religiously adhere to the 'best by' date, no doubt) and he ate the stuff pretty frequently, sometimes even after it had been sitting out overnight or on warm days, without any problems.

Nov 03, 2010
Jamebb in General Topics