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Best Chinese in Hightstown/East Windsor area?

That buffet isn't very good. Yes, a lot of asian people go there, but that's because it's cheap and they usually offer coupons in the local Chinese language papers and magazines.

Jan 06, 2012
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Any real Dim Sum in CNJ?

Wonder Seafood on Rt 27 in Edison, Sunny Palace on Rt 18 in East Brunswick, Crown Palace in Freehold/Marlboro.

Crown Palace
8 N Main St, Marlboro, NJ 07746

Aug 06, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Your top CNJ restaurants by cuisine

yCf, i haven't been to crown palace in a while, but from what i remember, it was really good. not quite wonder level good, but it was as good as the avg restaurant in chinatown, which is to say, better than most chinese restaurants in NJ.

and joonjoon, for all the times i've been to harvest moon, I've never eaten there! is the food that good? also, i like divey places, but man, cool runnnings sketches me out when i see it. i've always wanted to give it a try tho.

Jul 12, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Your top CNJ restaurants by cuisine

Hey 'hounds, I thought it might be fun to find out what everyone's favorite restaurants in the area are, by type of cuisine...

For me...


Wonder Seafood in Edison for dim sum and dinner
Noodle Gourmet in New Brunswick for their spicy beef noodle soup and various noodle dishes
Crown Palace in Marlboro


Steakhouse 85 in New Brunswick

Noveau American Fine Dining:

Blue Bottle Cafe in Hopewell


Due Mari in New Brunswick
Teresa's Cafe in Princeton


Istanbul Restaurant in North Brunswick (their doner is delicious)


I guess Rhong Tiam is it. Still looking for that great Thai place in the area
Tom Yum Goong in East Windsor maybe


Cross Culture in Princeton


DeLorenzo's on Hamilton Ave, Trenton
DeLorenzo's in Robbinsville


Ajihei in Princeton

Various Others:

Stuff Yer Face in NB for boli's
Efe's in NB for doner sandwiches
Grease trucks in NB for...grease? mmmm. Fat Moon.

I have yet to try, but planning on trying Delta's and Makeda in NB.

Any other suggestions for a guy on a semi-limited budget?

11 Chambers St, Princeton, NJ 08542

Blue Bottle Cafe
101 E Broad St, Hopewell, NJ 08525

Stuff Yer Face
49 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Crown Palace
8 N Main St, Marlboro, NJ 07746

Noodle Gourmet
43 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Due Mari
78 Albany St, New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Rhong Tiam
660 Plainsboro Rd, Plainsboro, NJ 08536

Jul 09, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Real New Jersey experience

you can't say you've been to NJ without stopping at a true NJ diner. the ones people consider best depend on what area of the state you'd like to visit. mastoris, near exit 7 of the turnpike is an institution. there's the americana diner in east windsor (near exit 8 on rt 130), skylark diner (near exit 9 on rt 1), which are some of the bigger ones. i'm sure there are plenty of smaller joints elsewhere in the state that would fit the bill.

Jul 01, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Monday in New Brunswick

what kind of place are you looking for? there's a huge range of food in NB from holes in the wall to upscale fine dining. also, are you looking for dinner or lunch?

Jun 11, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Has anyone been to Belzano in West Windsor/Princeton?

Apparently this place opened not too long ago, and was wondering if any of you hounds have been there and have any opinions on it.

Jan 20, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey


Wonder Seafood in Edison does a great lobster with ginger and scallions. As a side note, there's a Chinese restaurant in Brooklyn on Avenue U I believe that my family goes to...2 lobsters for $10 with the purchase of other dishes, cooked any way you like. Granted, they're the small 1lb lobsters, but still worth it.

Jan 01, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Seafood/Fish Market in Central NJ

The Asian Food Market seafood is ok, not great. It's good for fresh, live fish, but I find their shellfish to be lacking. From what I've seen, HMart has some very nice seafood, and a nice variety.

Jan 01, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey


Unless it's something like a chinese style lobster or something I can't easily make, I prefer buying lobster from the market and steaming it myself. I've had overcooked, rubbery lobster too many times at purportedly good seafood places to stomach paying $30+ for something I can buy and make very easily for $10.

Jan 01, 2011
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Good Chinese around Bordentown?

the bordentown area is the beginning of the "nether regions" of NJ when it comes to ethnic food. between there and down to cherry hill/philly, there's not much. i'd recommend that you go a bit north. the princeton area has serviceable chinese food, with my recommendations being shanghai park for true chinese cuisine, tiger noodle for a couple specific dishes, or hot wok cafe in west windsor (little known, but not too bad). aside from that, there's always elements asia, the dreaded, but not bad chain of penang for asian fusion types. rhong tiam in plainsboro and tom yum goong in east windsor for thai. for truly good chinese food, you're going to have to venture further north to at least the edison area.

Dec 24, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

delorenzos in trenton

call me the outlier here, but I actually prefer the Hamilton St one. I like their sauce and sausage much better. not that I think Hudson is bad, it's still very good, but man...that sausage pie at hamilton rocks.

Nov 10, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Picnic Garden in Edison - Korean BBQ all you can eat

has anyone gone and tried this place yet?

Nov 06, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Anything good in the National Harbor area?

Hey everyone, I'm a fellow hound from NJ coming to Nat'l Harbor for a conference. Is there anything worth eating there? I'm somewhat familiar with DC's offerings in G'town, but it seems like it'd be a bit of a hike to get there.

Pot Stickers

cantkick...that's true. but really, if all i'm craving is potstickers, it's easier to fry up a few for myself in 15 mins than it is to go to a place that has good ones.

that being said, i kinda like the ones at shanghai park in princeton. not sure which part of middlesex county the OP is in.

Aug 26, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Pot Stickers

It's easy enough to make a good potsticker at home.

Aug 26, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

The best ice cream in the US (reachable by JetBlue)

The Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ is a must try. Named to MSN's top 9 ice cream places in the country last year - numerous glowing reviews, including a couple from the NYT, . Great artisanal, seasonal ice cream - haven't had anything like it anywhere else in the country and better than any of the vaunted gelato places I've been to in Italy. Love it every time I go.

Aug 25, 2010
azkaevolution in General Topics

Restaurants near Turnberry Isle?

Thanks for the reply. Two of the girls are strict vegetarians, so fish wouldn't be an option for them. Is there any good Cuban or ethnic food in the area?

Restaurants near Turnberry Isle?

My company is going to be staying at the Fairmont Turnberry Isle for a conference in mid-September and we'll be down an extra day. Are there any recommendations (with a bar) within a short cab ride near the hotel? We'll have a fairly large group, some of whom are vegetarian.

Thanks in advance.

Presidential Visit 7/28/10

Apparently he did order half of a #7.

Jul 29, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

East Windsor, NJ: Another new Thai place opening

If anyone is looking for a noodle dish from this place, go with the Crazy Noodles. They're fantastic. Haven't been to the new location, but I hear it's the same staff and cooks as from the Nassau St. location that burned down.

Jul 13, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Banh Mi in Princeton-area

Is there any place I can get a decent Banh Mi sandwich in the Princeton area?

Feb 05, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Rossi's Bar & Grill Trenton NJ

Rossi's is fantastic. My favorite burger joint anywhere.

The one thing I noticed that everyone who has posted or replied is that everyone has neglected their fresh, homemade potato chips. Best potato chips I've ever had. They're not on the menu, but you can order them at any meal. Thick cut, kettle chip type potato chips that come to your table still piping hot. Sprinkle a little salt and it's absolute perfection.

Feb 05, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey

Princeton to New Brunswick Corridor (Rt 1, Rt 27, Rt 130)

Efe's in NB has a decent selection of kebabs and middle eastern cuisine for cheap. I'm not sure if it's the best in the area or not, since I haven't really found many Middle Eastern places around here, but I sure like it.

also, had conte's yesterday. not nearly as good as it has been in the past, and prefer all 3 delorenzo's more anyway.

the Asian food center in plainsboro has pretty good cantonese roast meat - i actually prefer it to most of the places in chinatown in NYC...china bowl is better, but AFC is much more convenient for me.

i like Ajihei in Princeton for sushi...the tiny basement one is hard to get a table at, but worth the wait as far as sushi places in the Princeton area.

Jan 23, 2010
azkaevolution in New Jersey