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affordable chocolate covered espresso beans?

Costco carries some chocolate covered espresso beans but I do not remember the price but it wasn't alot...

Cambodian Curry?

I am looking for a place that would sell Cambodian Curry powder. A friend of mine came back from Cambodia and regrets not buying any and I'd like to search the GTA for it but have no idea where to start? Any help would be great!!

Must eat in Ottawa

Please try the Gastropub!! Delicious!!

I went there to visit a friend of mine who is a complete food snob and this didn't disappoint! THe menu changes everyday so I cant guarantee what I had will be there but everyone was happy with their dishe and the service is amazing!

Chestnut paste in Toronto??

I saw canned chestnut paste at Loblaws. Specifically the in the Empress Walk Center. I believe its a few blocks North of Yonge and Sheppard

Recent move to Toronto...need fellow foodie help!

Thanks for all the suggestions! Will be giving these places a try! I'm sure you will see me quite a bit on the boards asking for help until I get my bearings...moving is hard on chowhounders as we have to leave our favourites behind!

See's peanut brittle

ALso try the See's coffee candy made with real coffee!!! Really tasty!

Recent move to Toronto...need fellow foodie help!

Ah yes Cosmo is a heart attack on a plate but I do applaud Toronto's peameal bacon which is non existant in Mtl...

Recent move to Toronto...need fellow foodie help!

I'm located within walking distance of the Finch Subway. I have a car so will definitely make the drive out to try the New Yorker and Detroit Diner... Thanks!!

Recent move to Toronto...need fellow foodie help!

Hello fellow foodies.,

I've just relocated from Montreal to the North York area. In Montreal it was a weekend tradition to just get up and walk down to a breakfast/brunch place. I'm looking for something casual that would serve your basic bacon and eggs...(oh and some peameal baconof course) am already aware of the downtown places such as Pickle Barrel, Eggspectations.

I'm looking for the hidden gems that chowhounders are so good at finding!