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Quest for Great food in Japan for 31 Days! Need Suggestions

I will be in Japan for 31 days and would be traveling around most of the country.

However I have a limited budget ($3k) and instead of going to eat at the 5 star restaurants I want to go look for good food that people eat every day.

Anyone know of Good XLB in Japan? The best I had was in taiwan ( but not sure where to go in Japan

Itinerary (suggestion are welcomed)

Places I will be traveling to
Fukuoka - tetsunabe (goyza
)Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi - Fish market - (fugu)
Beppu - Pudding from Hell
Kobe - A-1 (kobe beef)
Osaka - Kani Doraku (crab) Sammy's Ebisu Plaza
Kyoto - tousuiro (tofu)
Tokyo - Menya Kissou (ramen) Sushi Saito, Kondo, Maisen, Lotteria!
Mount Fuji
Yokohama- Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

Jan 22, 2010
hc000 in Japan