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Client dinner options in garment district, midtown east-west-what's your top 5?

I work in the fashion industry and am trying to develop a roster of places in these areas for client dinners. Tend to skew towards American/continental, but French and Greek are also favorites.
Price is not an issue. Trendy, lively atmosphere preferred, but excellent food a must.

We've been traveling to Gramercy/Union Square - love Union Square Cafe, Craft, Eleven Madison Park - but looking for something closer to home.

I'd really appreciate a "top five" from fellow 'hounds...thanks much!

Eleven Madison Park
11 Madison Ave., New York, NY 10010

Aug 17, 2010
srqbeachgirl in Manhattan

Business Dinner in Union Square/Flatiron/Gramercy - short notice!

I was able to get a reservation at Craftbar - Craft was a no go. Thoughts? Is Toqueville too stuffy, in your opinion?

Aug 10, 2010
srqbeachgirl in Manhattan

Business Dinner in Union Square/Flatiron/Gramercy - short notice!

Help! My boss needs dinner for five at 7:00 tonight - american or continental preferred, price not really an issue. Any suggestions for these areas? Fashion industry folks. Thanks for your help!

Aug 10, 2010
srqbeachgirl in Manhattan

Pre-Concert Dinner in Toronto

Thanks for the recs, ChalkBoy. Have heard about Libretto from another friend. And YES very aware of the cocktail-y Drake - we are looking forward to enjoying a few libations there pre-post concert. Cheers!

Pre-Concert Dinner in Toronto

My boyfriend and I are heading up to Toronto for a concert mid-July. (First time to the city for the both of us.) Concert is at the Phoenix, we are staying at the Drake. Need a recommendation for an early (say 7ish) dinner near one of the two locales. We lean towards smaller restaurants with great style and amazing food as opposed to loud cocktail-y places. (Don't get me wrong, though, we do like to drink!) Price isn't really an issue. Thoughts, anyone?

Dinner in Coral Gables?

My boyfriend and I are catching a concert in Coral Gables mid-week in April. Any suggestions for a late-night dinner? (We are familiar with South Beach area but would rather stay near CG.) We love different types of ethnic cuisine, good bar scene a plus. Willing to spend $ 20-30 for an entree if the quality is there. Thanks for your help!

One night in Atlanta

My boyfriend and I will be staying at the Glenn Hotel Sunday night and are looking for a cool place nearby for dinner. We will have a car. Prefer bistro or continental as opposed to Asian or Mexican. Good wine/cocktail list is a plus. Any suggestions for something chic?

Dinner in Sarasota?

Have lived in Sarasota for the past four years after 10 in the NYC restaurant are my two cents for dinner places downtown:

Selva Grill
Zoria (one of the few places which serves past 10)
Yume Sushi (amazing rolls, less of a "scene" than Pacific Rim)

The food at the Table is quite good, but the Mesa Lounge next door can get quite crazy on Friday and Saturday nights so dine early.

For lunch:
Cafe Epicure
C'est La Vie
Malabar (delicious salads and sandwiches from Chef Darwin of Selva Grill)
5 One 6 Burnes (Burns Court area)
Citrus (Burns Court)
Simon's Coffee House (South Tamiami Trail near Gulf Gate.)

A great hangout spot in Sarasota is Sarasota News and Books (corner of Palm and Main.) Coffee bar, international magazines and newspapers and they have just started carrying grab and go food by Morton's Market...perfect for a picnic at the park by the water.

Let me know how you do...hope you love Sarasota as much as I do!

Jan 30, 2008
srqbeachgirl in Florida

Not to miss on a two-day trip to Atlanta?

Thanks to all for your suggestions. We ended up spending only a day in Atlanta but enjoyed drinks/tapas at Table 1280 (at the High) and a later visit to Trois. Perfect finish to a day of art and architecture.

As a sidenote, had the most memorable lunch at Five Star Day cafe in Athens followed but many Schlitzes at the Manhattan Bar. (Wanted to try Five & Ten but they were closed for vacation.) Go to Five Star for the "Trinity of Soul"..freshest turnip greens that were out of this world.

If anyone ever finds their way in Sarasota, Florida I'd be happy to return the favor!

Not to miss on a two-day trip to Atlanta?

Two thirty-something foodies/culture-hounds travelling to Atlanta July 30-August 2. Looking for lunch and dinner rec's close to Midtown/High Museum area (although it seems that you must drive anywhere in Atlanta so distance isn't that big of a deal!) I have received suggestions on Watershed (lunch) and Two Urban Licks for dinner. Trendy and casual as opposed to "quiet and formal" preferred. Money isn't an issue when it comes to quality dining and drink.

Also looking for a classic "meat and three"--does Mary Macs ring a bell?