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State College, PA Recommendations?

Thanks for all the input!

I'll add Otto's and Indian Pavillion to the list.

If it snows on the weekend, and I get delayed going back home I may get to try more places on the list!

Any good desserts anywhere?

Thanks again!

Feb 02, 2010
cakewalk in Pennsylvania

State College, PA Recommendations?

Hey folks,

Coming to State College, PA in a week. Any local spots for a chowhound? This is my first time there. Looking for any kinds of good eats, here's a list of what I read on so far:

Herwig's Bistro
Gemelli Bakers
Cheese Shoppe
Seoul Garden
Big Bowl Noodle House

Opinions, on any of the above or if there's something that should be included in the list would be much appreciated.

A few things to note, I'll be attending a farming conference, so probably places that would be open for later in the evening would be good, or if it's close to Penn State and I can just duck out quickly would be a plus. And unless it's Frank Pepe's New Haven pizza comparable, I'm a bit pizza-ed out lately.

Also, I brake for pastries, so any places with great baked goods there or on the way would be a bonus - I will be driving through York, Harrisburg, and Lewistown on the way to State College.

Thanks much!

Jan 29, 2010
cakewalk in Pennsylvania

Ocean City, MD

It depends on what is more important to you - bar/drinks, atmosphere, good food, view...

Seacrets, is good for some bar food and the drinks and atmosphere is pretty good, in the winter they have pretty good HH specials. Fagers - when there's live entertainment can be pretty good, food is hit or miss, and so is the service in the restaurant. If you don't mind that, then it's cool. Turtle's always good for non-pretentious bar scene. Burger is great, and so is most of the bar food.

If you want something a little fancier, try Galaxy 66. It's probably too cold for the rooftop bar, but they have a nice bar indoors, pretty tasty eats, as well and happy hour specials.

Fish Tales is a good spot as well, kind of like how Seacrets was before they became Disneyworld for adults huge.

The Globe in Berlin (about 20 mins. away) is a cool place, check out their live entertainment. It changes, but there's almost always something.

And if you're checking out Berlin, there's the Tea by the Sea as well, if you're looking for something to do in the afternoon, not sure about Winter hours though. The bar at the Atlantic Hotel was a good spot when it was Solstice, but I haven't been by since the folks from Fagers took it over, I think the bar is probably still a cool hangout, but food is probably eh. I'd probably go to the Globe if you're asking.

Sunset Grille in West OC is nice as well. Waterfront, good food, nice bar.

I've heard positive things about Liquid Assets as well.

If you have actual places in mind, list them up and I'll try my best to answer if I know something about it. Have fun!

Peruvian Chicken Recipe? (moved from Washington DC & Baltimore board)

Thanks toveggiegirl! Sounds about right.

Jan 26, 2010
cakewalk in Home Cooking

Chinese Egg Tarts Anyone? Good places to buy them?

Oh so awesome.

I didn't even know Kam Fong re-opened in Wheaton. I just read all the reviews, and it's making me very hungry... drool. The roast pork was also a fave at the old place, and it seems that the new location, being new is well regarded for it's cleanliness - which is a bonus. Frankly when buying something from the old location, I tried not to think about it too much and just squinted longingly at the pastry and roast display . I have worked in the restaurant industry and I know when I see it that there are some places better left alone, but at the time (old) Kam Fong was the only choice if one didn't want to roast their own pork or make their own Chinese pastries. So good news on the new one.

I will check out Vina's as well, but the Bread Corner really looks promising. When I drive back into town I will have to stock up. Portugese egg tarts, oh my!

Comestibles, do you know if they carry something called Portugese / Spanish bread? They might call it something else, but it's basically a sweet dough kind of rolled up in itself like an uncurled croissant, though a bit more dense, less airy and sort of smeared with a buttery, sugary, filling inside. I haven't eaten one since I was a kid, and would really love to find some. It's funny cause I'm a baker, and this is one of the things I have been trying to research to bake myself - but you know what they say about the Cobbler's children having no shoes... : /

Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions guys.

Chinese Egg Tarts Anyone? Good places to buy them?

Hey Chowpeeps,

There used to be a Chinese restaurant called Kam Fong (?) something or other next to CVS and Hooters on 6th St. in Chinatown, they also had a small bakery/BBQ takeout in the front. To my knowledge, that was the only place you could get decent egg tarts, char sui bao, and sesame balls in the DC area. Theyhave been closed for awhile now. Booo.

Anyone have any intel on where another decent Chinese bakery might be? Maria's Bakery does not count. I've been to Kam Sam in Rockville, and there's been the occasional Korean baked goods place. But I don't really know of another Chinese Bakery that makes their own and DECENT baked goods. Anyone have any suggestions, besides going to Chinatown in New York?


Peruvian Chicken Recipe? (moved from Washington DC & Baltimore board)

Hi Dennis S,

I followed the link and there doesn't seem to be anything regarding a recipe on there. Perchance, might you have a copy somewhere? I moved to bum frack Eastern Shore, and I too am craving Peruvian Chicken the likes of Pollo Rico. I thought I remember reading somewhere that vinegar was also part of the marinade? I'm even gonna get myself a rotisserie attachment to my Weber Kettle. yum... a little drool..

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Jan 24, 2010
cakewalk in Home Cooking