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Do you pressure cook?

I'm of two minds about getting one.

On one hand, I'd only use it for Jamaican oxtail.

On the other hand I love oxtail.

What Is This "SIdemeat" And What Do I Do With It?

Culpeper, VA :)

I may fry it up with some roadkill possum and poke salad before heading off for a long day at the moonshine still.

It says "sidemeat" right on the label. That must be a regional term for salt cured pork belly.

What Is This "SIdemeat" And What Do I Do With It?

Thanks splatgirl. It's not sliced.

I put a 2 oz chunk of it in a pot of black beans I was making, with an onion, and I wasn't entirely pleased with the result. I'll have to try your idea.

What Is This "SIdemeat" And What Do I Do With It?

Google isn't helping me with this. Is it fatback? Salt pork? slab bacon? Unsmoked bacon? What's the best use for this product?

The label says "cured with sugar, salt, pepper, sodium nitrate, sodium nitrite"

Strange Pairings that Taste Uncommonly Good

I know this sounds weird, but I put Trinidadian Mango Kuchela (sour mango pickle made with mustard oil and amchar masala) on oatmeal.

What food find still haunts you - that you had once and haven't found since?

Jerk Chicken I had in Negril in 2007. Never had anything that came close to it.