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Best Blue Cheese?


Nov 28, 2012
irishgem79 in Cheese

Best Blue Cheese?

Rogue River Blue is superb! The finest "New World" blue cheese I've tasted. Also like Point Reyes for its tangy quality. European blues, like wines, are going to be more barnyard-y.

Nov 28, 2012
irishgem79 in Cheese

Cumin Lamb - Washington DC/Baltimore Dish of the Month August 2012

Had Cumin Lamb at Peter Chang's China Cafe in Richmond a couple of weeks ago. That was a masterful dish! In fact, our entire experience there was excellent. Hot and Numbing Beef, shallot pancakes like lanterns, bamboo fish -- all were delicious and skillfully prepared.

What discontinued products do you miss?

So many! HD Mayan Chocolate, Hershey's chocolate mint bar (with the cookies), Godiva ice cream, Trader Joe's yogurt cream cheese, KFC chicken littles. Had forgotten about that last.

Aug 08, 2011
irishgem79 in General Topics

Charm City Cakes - how do they taste?

Indeed, if you are looking for a scrumptious, beautiful wedding cake, Patisserie Poupon is the only choice. The tasting set up is also pretty amazing.

Lunch in Penn Quarter, Dinner in Dupont

Proof has an excellent lunch option; otherwise, I'd go to Zaytinia for lunch.

For a romantic dinner, I would suggest Restaurant Nora.

What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

Philly Cheesesteaks: Colonial Pizza at 40th and Pine.

DC Sandwiches: Cowgirl Creamery, Bahn Mi in Eden Center, Taylor on H Street NE, A. Litteri or Italian Store for Italian sandwiches, Butcher's Block in Alexandria.