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How your beef gets to your table in Quebec

The suffering that the soybeans go through is even worse!

How your beef gets to your table in Quebec

A well written article from Sefi Amir of Lawrence

Eater Montreal; Veal vs. Pork

Does anyone have any idea why Mr. Harrison refused to write about the veal vs. pork mistakes reported in La Journal de Montreal?

Lunch - Jean Talon Market

It was open last time I visited.

Lunch - Jean Talon Market

Chez Apo, 420 Faillon E
La Ligne Rouge, 414 Jean Talon E

Or most obviously grazing from all the free stuff that is offered on the weekend while shuffling around, and around, and around until you are fll.

Between Capitol, Hamel and all the nameless fruit/veggie resellers in the middle, I manage to get something like about 1,200 well balanced calories when I am there.

2 Day Trip - Foodie Itinerary Review Please

Unfortunately Ma'am Bolduc's kitchen closes at 10 o'clock.

The choices for "Late Eats" in this town that are "montreal staples" are slim.

2 Day Trip - Foodie Itinerary Review Please

La Banquise is a tourist trap where you need to pay before you get your food. Just like at McDonald's and other fast food restaurants that are more concerned with margin than taste.

The staff turnover is bordering on the ridiculous, which leads me to believe that the owners aren't all that concerned about the level and quality of service either.

$9 for a regular poutine (tax and tip included) borders on highway robbery.

JBG89 requested "montreal staples." As far as I can tell Orange Julep (opened in 1962) and the Binerie (opened in 1938) would seem to qualify.

The Binerie has a far more varied menu than La Banquise, and the Orange Julep's architecture is far more interesting than that of La Banquise.

As for CaptCrunch's comment on Nouveau Palais. I'd respectfully ask how many "spectacular" "gastronomic" "endeavours" they can find that are still serving after 11 o'clock at night.

2 Day Trip - Foodie Itinerary Review Please

Don't forget to get bagels.

Far better than La Banquise would be any of the following Binerie Mont Royal (open until 4 am on Saturday night/Sunday morning), Chez Ma Tante (but a bit out of the way, but argueably the best poutine in the city), Gibeau Orange Julep, Cafe Milano (also a haul), or Nouveau Palais.

You're also missing Smoked Meat (Lester's, Québec Smoked Meat, Snowdon Deli, Brisket's and Roi du Smoked Meat would be my suggestions).

Then depending on how much 'history' you want there is also Wilensky's Light Lunch.

And finally other places you might want to look into are: Ma'tine, Manitoba, Chez Bouffe, Cirkus and Chez Delmo.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Thanks, but not even close. More like the dishwasher or overnight cleaner.

And it looks like Haggisboy rules all. He called Abie's move six weeks before it made the Gazette.
and the Gazette's article

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

We can pretty much retire this thread now...

Syrian Christian Cuisine

According to this Wikipedia article

"Kerala is one of the few places in India where there is no communal distinction between the different food types. People of all religions share the same vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes."

Syrian Christian Cuisine

I would imagine that it's basically similar to Kerala cuisine.

Restaurants for sale


Restaurants for sale

Perce, 9, Av. Vincent D'indy - $149,000

Uniburger Week

Sounds like an awesome way to celebrate two years in business.

I'm already looking forward to the third birthday celebration...

BYOB Recommendations

Chez Ennio, 1978 de Maisonneuve O 514-933-8168
A charming and quaint Italian restaurant. Nothing spectacular or mind-blowing. But getting food cooked and served by the equivalent of your Nono is nice and comforting.

Le P'Tit Plateau, 330 Marie Anne E 514-282-6342
High end classic French, using contemporary techniques. Extremely good, to amazing food, if not better.

Restaurants for sale

Cafe Baci in Saint Henri, asking $65,000

Restaurants for sale

My point exactly. Tourism Montreal (and all the others) complaining that there are too many restaurants here in Montreal is a load of hogwash.

Restaurants for sale

Just because it is "always packed" is no guarantee that it is making money, or is profitable.

The equipment at Brit and Chips isn't even vaguely close what was at McGill Hot Dog.

To mtlciaohound, if you can figure out a means to make a five year lease and the equipment at El Gitano, Caffe & Cucina or the Italian resto profitable, by all means go for it.

Restaurants for sale

There is a large difference between trying to recoup what they could, and actually being able to get any money.

If I had the cash, I'd look at each restaurant's books. If any of them were losing money, I wouldn't buy them even if they were free. Why would anyone be interested in buying a money losing business?

I understand it isn't as black and white as I am stating, but my point should be fairly clear: If there are too many restaurants in Montreal, then the value of restaurants not making money, or just covering costs, should be extremely low, if not zero.

El Gitano, Caffe & Cucina and the Italian Restaurant in Snowdon all strike me as being restaurants that are not making money, or just covering costs.

Arahova and Restaurant Pointe-Aux-Trembles are examples of restaurants serving unhealthy and not particularly tasty food. Again I realize it isn't as black and white as I am making it out. But if there are too many restaurants in Montreal, then the value of restaurants that served bad (ok, not good) food should be extremely low, if not zero.

Did I clarify my point enough? If not, feel free to ask more questions.

Restaurants for sale

El Gitano asking $129,000

Caffe & Cucina asking $165,000 + Inventory

Some Italian Restaurant in Snowdon asking $155,000 + Inventory

Arahova LaSalle / Arahova Brossard asking $250,000/ch. Annual Sales $850,000/ch

Restaurant Pointe-Aux-Trembles asking $339,995. Annual Sales of $914,000

If everyone complaining about there being too many restaurants in Montreal was correct, then none of these restaurants would be worth a red cent.

Can Anyone ID this Food Truck?

Someone is selling theirs and I can't quite identify it.

Finding a pig's head in montreal?

Any of the following butcher shops will be able to get one for you. My guess would be that the price might vary by about $20 depending on who you use.

Atlantic 5060 Cote-des-Neiges
Marchand du Bourg 1661 Beaubien E
Lawrence Butchershop, 5237 St Laurent
Viandes Mc Cormack, 947 de l'Église
Les Epicurieux, 389 Cherrier
Fermes St-Vincent, Jean-Talon Market
Chez Latina, 185 Saint Viateur O

Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

I'm considering it as an experiment. I initially clicked on the Q&A by accident, but then after thinking about it, thought it might help in getting discussions going about individual restaurants in their own threads, instead of having on large discussion about the "new" restaurants in an openings/closings thread.

If by February it's confusing/unreadable/useless we can all click on the "flag" button and either get the moderators to change it to the standard format, or start a "new" openings/closings thread. After all there isn't going to be a whole heck of a lot happening at the beginning of 2015. Judging from last year, a bunch of places papering over for painting/renovations that I thought were closings when in fact they were not.

Tacos Tijuana

Address? Please.

Normand Laprise makes Order of Canada

The only other Quebec chefs that I know of to get the OC are Ricardo Larrivée and Marcel Kretz. Does anyone have a more up to date list than me?

Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

Denpanosekai's post about Desserts Etc. opening soon, seemed as good as any reason to start the new Openings & Closings thread. For those that missed it they are opening up at 1853 Sainte-Catherine W.

Balkan grilled burger

You might want to try Marché Sofia at 2737 Salaberry. I haven't been able to make it out there myself, but I have heard rumour that they make pastirma and if they have a grill I would be surprised if they did not make cevapi.

And if you read a little further up on this thread, Adria Café Lounge at 6568 St Laurent and Café Sarajevo at 6548 St Laurent also make cevapi.

Bakeries with holiday specialties? (Non-Yule logs)

I'm impressed, a 7% price increase over 9 years. Less than 1% per year.

And while indeed the solstice did happen, the days don't start getting longer until next week, and it really isn't appreciable until the new year.

Best Ofs