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4-Day Stay in Montreal...Reservation Feedback?

My bad, I was thinking of the Le Pois Penche

about 13 hours ago
EaterBob in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

4-Day Stay in Montreal...Reservation Feedback?

Very simply Nora Gray is like the Knicks, and Impasto is like the Warriors. Le Clocher Penche is the Nets, Vin Papillon the Hawks and Lucille's the Timberwolves.

L'Express, while extremely good, is not necessarily a destination restaurant. If you are into wines, then it is a destination restaurant as their wine list is spectacular.

Some places to consider: Binerie Mont Royal to see the roots of Joe Beef/Au Pied de Cochon cuisine, and also late night poutine. Lasalle Drive–In (if you have a car) for the Peter's Special. Wilensky's Light Lunch for a step into the past. Marché des Saveurs du Québec and La Vieille Europe for Quebecois products.

For brunch Le Chien Fumant (think the Spurs) and Cirkus (Bulls) are both much better than Le Cartet.

Then finally if you wanted to cook, skip Nora Gray or Lucille's. Joe Beef, Impasto and Bouillion Bilk are all spectacular.

about 18 hours ago
EaterBob in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Food Trucks 2015

You're right. I stopped reading the press release after one paragraph.

Food Trucks 2015

Moisson Montreal is Montreal's largest food bank. My understanding is you give them $10 and they give a food basket to someone in need.

A very creative (if initially expensive) way of fundraising.

Food Trucks 2015

Interesting New Food Truck

Seafood restaurant in Montreal

Chez Delmo, 275 Notre Dame O (514) 288-4288

About as old-school (and delicious) as it gets.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

My guess would be that it is related to the one in Coaticook.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Fairly comprehensive, but not complete list here:

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Melothria scabra is a vine grown for its edible fruit. Fruit are about the size of grapes and taste like cucumbers with a tinge of sourness.

Google and Wikipedia are useful every now and again...

Food Trucks 2015

You're right, I must've been suffering from temporary blindness.

Food Trucks 2015

I predict imminent failure for Cuisine authentique polonaise, L’EXPRESS mobile and Queen B. The first and last because despite it being the 21st century, I cannot find any online presence for them and the second, because lousy Asian cuisine can be found in every part of the city and in every food court.

Despite there being 49 seasonal places, there are only 35 trucks. Then there are 10 annual places and 35 trucks.

Dispatch, Norman's, Winneburger and Zoe's didn't make it to 2015.

It doesn't look good going forward.

Kosher Maple Syrup

Common knowledge about how to prevent water from over boiling. A fat will make the bubbles burst faster so you don't get superheating.

It doesn't need to be a lot, and it can be vegetable oil, lard, tallow, shmaltz, butter or what have you. But by its addition you're possibly making things more complicated for observant Jews.

Kosher Maple Syrup

Most maple syrup producers add some type of fat to the sap in order to prevent it from boiling over. If they use lard, then it is most definitely not kosher. And if they use butter, then it can't be used on any meat products.

As for an answer, I'd suggest talking to maple syrup producers who are not part of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers. They could tell you what fat they use.

In Verdun, highly unlikely. You might want to give a call to Société­-Orignal and/or Boucherie Lawrence to help identifying the appropriate producers.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Brewski, a "neighborhood" pub at Marche Bonsecours, end of May, beginning of June.

Cream in Canada/Montreal

Ferme St-Blain in Verchères (30 minutes from Montreal) and Ruban Bleu in Mercier (also 30 minutes from Montreal) will sell you goat's milk.

You need to order it from Ruban Bleu and it costs $7 for 2l.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

I would imagine that Pintxo will be closed for a little bit, and that it is not permanent.

Sports bar with good food

You're right, I don't pay much attention to anyone's posts here. The opaque moderation, the anonymity, the insistence on on not saying anything "bad," makes me discount, if not flat out ignore most of what is posted here.

As for your preference in a sports bar. La Cabane, since the renovations, has 2 TVs, both are 48". One can only really be watched by three people sitting at the bar and the second is only viewable if you decide that you are willfully going to ignore the other people at your table, as you need to turn your head 90 degrees to watch what's on the TV.

You may consider a "sports bar" synonymous with a "dive bar." I however prefer to think of a sports bar as a place where I can watch a sporting event of my choice, while enjoying myself.

Sports bar with good food

I was paying more attention to the description than the title. Hence my emphasis on food and good TVs.

Sports bar with good food

Your definition of a "sports bar" probably includes ferns and wine spritzers.

The Capri has Pierre Lambert "host" Canadiens games. Brasserie Cherrier has more than a dozen 60" flat-screen TVs that are constantly on RDS and TVA Sports. Icehouse only has 2 60" flat-screen TVs, but that's more due to the fact that the restaurant itself is tiny. All Canadiens, Alouettes and Impact games are shown with the sound on loud.

You're right Le Slang isn't a sports bar. But they do have a TV that plays the Canadiens games.

And if you read the original request. The OP requested any place with "better than average bar food." They did not specify a sports bar. All the places I mentioned have way better than average bar food.

1st timer - Need help on 2 nights of dining

L'Express is one of the better restaurants in town. While it is a traditional French bistro. It is the best French bistro this side of the Atlantic. It also has arguably one of the top three wine lists in town, if not the entire country.

If you want to remove places from your list, I'd suggest ditching Le Chien Fumant (while good, it is more of a Pied de Cochon wannabe, Dominion Tavern (the only reason it appears on so many lists, is because there is a dearth of good restaurants downtown), and Nolana Pizzeria (a vapid and mindless remake of restaurant that failed).

Of the rest, I'd rate them in the following order:
1. Bouillon Bilk
2. Club Chasse Et Peche
3. Le Comptoir
4. Le Filet
5. Les 400 Coups

Joe Beef vs. Liverpool House

The Lawrences (both the butcher shop and the restaurant) are closed on Mondays.

Sports bar with good food

Brutopia, 1219 Crescent
Good, reasonably priced pub food.

Capri, 2172 St Patrick
Best pig's knuckles in town. The rest of the menu isn't as good.

Brasserie Cherrier, 3638 St Denis
If La Flammée is still open, dirt cheap awesome food.

Le Slang, 5669 Monkland
More a restaurant, than a bar. But arguably the best cocktail bar in the city. One TV, no sound.

Icehouse, 51 Roy E
Good to great fancified Tex-Mex food, good, but limited cocktail menu and beer selection.

Edit: I just realized that you were not talking about a Canadiens/Bruins game. Most of the places I suggested will likely have the game on (or put it on if you request) assuming it is available here. Unlikely that any will play it with sound. And doubly unlikely that they will have the the NHL tv package.

Good luck.

Joe Beef vs. Liverpool House


Beijing, 92 de la Gauchetiere O
Mon Nan, 43 de la Gauchetière

Final 2 Day Itinerary Critique

You're welcome.

There isn't much that's open early Sunday mornings... All your choices look good. No need to switch out anything. It's a nice cross section of very good restaurants in town.

Your biggest decision is going to be where you are going to get your bagels. (Real Bagel, Beaubien Bagel, Mont Royal Bagel, Super Bagel, Cote Saint Luc Bagel, Bagel de l'Ouest, Bagel's on Greene, La Fabrique de Bagel de Montréal, Ville Émard Bagels, Bagel St-Lo, Fairmont or Saint Viateur).

Top Food-Related Items to Purchase

I'd suggest visiting any of the following stores and seeing what catches your eye. All of them are unlike anything you're likely to find in New York.

Fous de la Gaspésie, 1253 Beaubien E
Les Iles en Ville, 5335 Wellington
Boucherie Lawrence, 5237 St Laurent
La Maison du Roti, 1969 Mont Royal E
Marché des Saveurs du Québec, 280 Place du Marche
Quebec Smoked Meat, 1889 Centre
La Vieille Europe, 3855 Saint Laurent

Final 2 Day Itinerary Critique

I would suggest flipping your Sunday late night and Saturday late night choices. L'Express is open until 2 AM every night. On Sunday, the Binerie closes at 3 pm.

Or go to the Binerie for lunch on Sunday so as to see and eat the historical precedent for Au Pied de Cochon.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

It's been April for more than a day and and a half. You might want to consider posting the news here:

Unsliced sandwich bread

Just about any Portuguese bakery will be able to supply you. Their crust is slightly less soft than that of a typical Wonder Bread, but delicious nonetheless.

Ask for the round loaf (which is more oblong/football shaped) and not the corn bread.

The New & Improved Openings & Closings January, February and March 2015

An Alberta chain expanding east. I always knew that Alberta was where the best burritos were made.

I'd give it 18 months - two years, tops.

How your beef gets to your table in Quebec

The suffering that the soybeans go through is even worse!