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Sea-urchin omelette?

Has anyone seen one on a menu in Montreal?

Montreal - Dec. 27'14 - Jan.2'15

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Instead of burying valid news about Santa Barbara in a opening/closing thread, it might be a better idea next time to start a new thread to foster discussion.

Mid Priced Montreal Restaurants

The special at Milos is now $25.14 ($33 tax and tip included). And you get a choice of two appetizers, two "main" courses and ice cream or baklava for dessert. I put main in quotation marks because I'm not entirely certain I would consider a tuna burger a main course. 10 years ago it was a good deal, now I don't think it is anything but tired. There are many more choices (for the same price) for lunch.

More details here

And if you are interested in late night specials, try these two links

Neither one is complete, nor has either one been updated for a while.

As for the best fish restaurant in Montreal, I'd suggest Chez Demo, although it is going to be much more than your budget allows.

Mid Priced Montreal Restaurants

Chez Bouffe, 4316 Ste Catherine E
Au Cinquieme Péché, 4475 St Denis
Cocagne, 3842 St Denis
Comptoir vins et charcuteries, 4807 St Laurent
Evoo, 3426 Notre Dame O
Hotel Herman, 5171 St Laurent
Kitchen Galerie, 60 Jean Talon E
Lawrence, 5201 St Laurent
Manitoba, 271 St-Zotique O
Le Renard, 330 Mont Royal E

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

As a suggestion, instead of reviewing/commenting on a new restaurant in the Openings/Closing thread, it might be easier for everyone if we started new threads for that restaurant instead.

In six months no one is going to think to look in this thread to find opinions on Kinka.

Gluten free poutine in Montreal?

Google can be your friend...

It is located at 8870 Rue Lajeunesse, Montréal, Québec H2M 1R6, Canada
and their phone number is 514-858-5711

It is kind of a dinner/theatre place without any real theatre. The staff dress up in costumes and it is all supposed to be kid of like it was in the 18th century. Unfortunately for them, hamburgers hadn't been invented, and they are known for their hamburgers. Which are neither awful, not life-changing.

The company that owns Les Filles du Roy restaurant in Old Montreal is the company that owns L'auberge du Dragon Rouge. Unfortunately Villeray/Rosemont/Ahuntsic is not as much of a tourist destination.

If you're in the neighborhood, the food is fine and won't make you sick. But it is most definitely not a destination restaurant.

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

As a suggestion, instead of reviewing/commenting on a new restaurant in the Openings/Closing thread, it might be easier for everyone if we started new threads for that restaurant instead.

In six months no one is going to think to look in this thread to find opinions on June Rose.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

As a suggestion, instead of reviewing/commenting on a new restaurant in the Openings/Closing thread, it might be easier for everyone if we started new threads for that restaurant instead.

In six months no one is going to think to look in this thread to find opinions on Wilfred sur Laurier.

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Seven different sizes. The noodles are all the same recipe. Four flat variations on width, three round variations on diameter. All with the same soup.

Anniversary pre-dinner drinks Plateau tomorrow?

Glad you enjoyed it.

Wine tasting class Montreal

Accès-Cible Jeunesse Rosemont

Decent pours, good selections, M. Mailloux is a little pedantic.

And then there are also...

Ateliers & Saveurs

Allan Laforest



Anyone know of any restaurants/bakeries serving it?

Anniversary pre-dinner drinks Plateau tomorrow?

And, I almost forgot. Happy Anniversary!

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

On Saint Denis at the corner of de Maisonneuve there's a sign in a window stating that something called Saint Houblon will be opening soon.

Further up the street, in the old Starbuck's location, a place called Patrick's is in a similar state of renovation.

Anniversary pre-dinner drinks Plateau tomorrow?

Interpreting your "cocktails" as "before dinner drinks" I'd recommend the following (in alphabetical order)

Le Boudoir 85 Mont Royal
Doyen for drinking on the Plateau. Amazing (and cheap) scotch list. 12 local taps for beer. For cocktails anything beyond a martini might be a stretch.

The Emerald Hotel 5295 du Parc
Kind of like stepping into the lobby of a hotel in Key West in the 40s. No beer on tap (as far as I know) limited selection of scotches. But a seasonally changing cocktail menu along with a staff that has an encyclopedic knowledge. Bradley is probably one of the top 3 bartenders in the city.

Furco 425 Mayor
Some beer on tap (I don't remember which brands) some scotch. Some cocktails. pretty much the only reasonable place downtown where I would go for a drink. Their staff is good, as are the drinks.

Majestique 4105 St Laurent
New kid on the block. Extensive cocktail menu, very reasonable prices. Designed to look like a casse croute from the 60s, which works very well surprisingly enough. Never looked at their selection of scotches, and haven't considered ordering a beer there, either.

Pullman 3424 Parc
Arguably the best wine bar in the city. No beer. Maybe three scotches if they're lucky. Veronique and Gabriel are two of the finest sommeliers in town.

Sparrow 5322 St Laurent
A nifty selection of scotches, some local beers on tap, and a well chosen cocktail menu. The staff is top notch. More of a local bar than lounge, but definitely a destination in its own right.

Big in Japan the bar is overpriced and they don't train their staff properly. The last time I went there was pith on my garnish, and it took forever and a day to get served. I also had a friend who bought a bottle and only was able to drink half of it, because in between visits the rest "apparently" evaporated.

And then finally, Le Lab is good, but way too much emphasis on flair for my taste.

Last minute reservations for a small group

If you can wait to eat until 9:30, or 10 o'clock just about anyplace will be able to take you.

That being said, these are some places with awesome food that might have some space for your group next weekend:
Chez Bouffe 514 252 5420
Au Cinquieme Péché 514 286 0123
Cocagne 514 286 0700
Chez Delmo 514 288 4288
Evoo 514 846 3886
Au Petit Extra 514 527 5552
Le Valois 514 528 0202

After the Game on Saturday

Beijing, 92 de la Gauchetiere O
Bouillon Bilk, 1595 St Laurent
Maison Boulud, 1228 Sherbrooke W
Brasserie Capri, 2172 St Patrick
Evoo, 3426 Notre Dame O
Imadake, 4006 Ste Catherine W
Mon Nan, 43 de la Gauchetière
Au Pied de Cochon, 536 Duluth E

Pub Sir Joseph

In my opinion is not long for this world. I passed by at 7 o'clock this evening and there was not a single person in the restaurant. Granted it is (was) a Tuesday night and it was early. But nonetheless, it does not bode well for the establishment.

I would guess that its obituary is in the opening/closing thread 1st quarter 2015.

Does anybody else think differently?

Honeymoon Itinerary (Critique Please)

You might want to look into the following restaurants

Binerie Mont Royal
Tous les jours
Le Valois

Le Valois
Bouilion Bilk
Dinette Triple Crown

Bouillion Bilk
Club Chasse & Peche
Chez Delmo
Hotel Herman
Au Pied de Cochon
Le Renard

Openings & Closings October, November & December 2014

Something called Spirit House is opening at 244 Saint jacques. There is one already open in Toronto

Breaded Veal Sandwiches

I'm not certain I would qualify as a member of the CH police! Apologies for wagging my finger at you.

I haven't been in Toronto for close to 15 years, so my mistake on not picking up the differences.

Joe's has a great hamburger (on a panini) and since I haven't memorized the menu, I believe it is possible that they have a veal parmigiana on a panini. And while Bruno brothers and Marchigiani might be bakeries the only thing I ever order when I go are their awesome Italian charcuterie sandwiches, which leads me to think that they might have veal parmigiana as well.

Breaded Veal Sandwiches

Next time you need to specify you're looking for a veal parmigiana sandwich, not a schnitzel...

Felix Mish does schnitzel. I don't remember if La Grotte Des Fromages comes with sauce, but given the neighborhood, I'm pretty certain it does (it's been a couple of years since I hauled up there). You also might want to inquire at Bruno Brothers, Friulano, Via Pizza, Marchigiani, Joe's Panini, and Titanic.

Bocci does a chicken parmigiana sandwich, and Amelio's does an eggplant parmigiana sandwich.

Breaded Veal Sandwiches

Are available at Charcuterie Hongroise, 3843 Saint-Laurent
La Grotte Des Fromages, 4919 Jarry E
And I think also at Felix Mish, 1903 Jolicoeur

Openings & Closings July, August & September 2014

Go for it...

Tiny Taco Place in Montreal West

Les Deux Singes de Montarvie

My guess would be "no."

Les Deux Singes de Montarvie

French food, with a local Quebecois bent. As for experiences, scroll through the following...

Their menu

Their Facebook page with pictures of the dishes

TripAdvisor (where indeed they are #1




First trip to Montreal

To nuance cherylmtl's comment. Compared to bourbon bars in the US there are slim pickings here in Quebec. Yes, there are some very good bourbons available here, just not an awful lot. I personally, was referencing bars in town with a sufficiently large selection of what was available here that also did very good cocktails.

First trip to Montreal

Birthday (and great places for good food) dinner suggestions (in alphabetical order):
Le Chien Fumant, 4710 De Lanaudière 514 524-2444
Club Chasse et Pêche, 423 St Claude 514 861-1112
Lawrence, 5201 St Laurent 514 503-1070
Manitoba, 271 St-Zotique O 514 270-8000
Au Pied de Cochon, 536 Duluth E 514 281-1114

Bourbon and Cocktail Bars:
Le Boudoir 85 Mont Royal
Burgundy Lion 2496 Notre Dame O
The Emerald 5295 du Parc
Icehouse 51 Roy E
L'Ile Noire. 1649 St Denis
Sparrow 5322 St Laurent

Saint Laurent from the river to Jean Talon
Sainte Catherine from Greene to de Lorimier
Chemin Olmstead on the mountain

Bike Rides:
Lachine Canal from Old Montreal to Dorval
This one