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Lobster festival?

about 9 hours ago
EaterBob in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Lobster festival?

about 18 hours ago
EaterBob in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

Single best restaurant in Montreal

Marc-André Royal (chef at Le St-Urbain) has nothing on Paul Roberts (chef at Chez Bouffe). Le St-Urbain is one of those 2, 2.5 star places that isn't particularly inventive or interesting.

The most positive thing I can think to say about it, is you're not going to get sick.

If we're really going to go about making a short list, we probably should get some more rigorous eligibility requirements than what insatiable appetite suggested originally.

Otherwise this is just going to dissipate into a pissing match/popularity contest.

Graduation Celebration Dinners for 15 People - Downtown Montreal

Les 400 Coups, 400 Notre-Dame E
Bouillon Bilk, 1595 St Laurent
Au Cinquieme Péché, 4475 St Denis
Chez Delmo, 275 Notre Dame O
Evoo, 3426 Notre Dame O
Notkins Oyster Bar, 1101 de Bleury
Les Temps Nouveaux, 815 de Maisonneuve E

Itinerary advice: June 9-16

1) Hotel Herman is very good, but Toque is a completely different class of restaurant. I'd suggest swapping out your desire for sushi for Hotel Herman, as the sushi here is not very good and overpriced.

2) Casual lunch options in Old Montreal+:
Qing Hua, 1019 St Laurent
Beijing, 92 de la Gauchetiere O
Briskets, 1093 Beaver Hall
FCO di Fiumicino, 451 Viger
Shea's, 1134 Ste Catherine O
La Soupiere, 5th Floor The Bay
Notkins Oyster Bar, 1101 de Bleury
Pho Bang New York, 1001 St Laurent
Titanic, 445 St Pierre
Nouilles de Lan Zhou, 998 Saint-Laurent

3) Sushi in Montreal is like poutine in Tokyo...

4) Arhoma, 15 Place Simon Valois
Cornetteria, 6528 Saint Laurent
De Froment et de Sève, 2355 Beaubien E
Fromentier, 1375 Laurier E
Guillaume, 5132 St Laurent
Hof Kelsten, 4524 Saint Laurent
Molisana, 6547 Somerled
Le Paltoquet, 1464 Van Horne
Patrice Patissier, 2360 Notre-Dame O
La Petite Boulangerie, 1412 Fleury E
Patisserie Rhubarbe, 5091 de Lanaudiere
Wawel Patisserie 3628 St-Laurent and other locations

5) Yes, although it is not a farmer's market. And if you visit the Jean Talon market you do not need to visit the Atwater market.

Where's new and iconic Montreal?

New and Iconic are antonyms.

Sunday dinner res for group (of 8)

Le Chien Fumant, 4710 De Lanaudière
Comptoir vins et charcuteries, 4807 St Laurent

Smoked Meat w/non-meat eating husband

Critique our meal plans, please

Your choices look good and well thought out given your situation.

A) It's "Smoked Meat" not "Smoked Beef."

B) Sunday get your husband's chicken sandwich at Coco Rico, it is both closer to Schwartz's and The Main, and they serve cafeteria style. Where Portugalia will insist that you order at least 45 minutes in advance. The Main will also have food for your husband if the weather is bad and you all want to eat together indoors.

C) For Saturday, Chez Bouffe is a 15 minute walk from the Olympic stadium.

There is also a restaurant at the Botanical Gardens.

If you prefer to eat while walking, at Place Valois there are numerous shops where you can pick up sandwiches, salads, drinks etc. to make another picnic.

D) For Monday's lunch you might want to consider the following:
Dinette Triple Crown, FCO di Fiumicino, Kazu, Minhota, or Titanic (All except Minhota will get you into completely different neighborhoods).

Fun, lively restaurant with good food Montreal?

Fun, Lively:
Bouillon Bilk, 1595 St Laurent
Pizzeria Gema, 6827 St Dominique
Hotel Herman, 5171 St Laurent
Impasto, 48 Dante
Lawrence, 5201 St Laurent
Manitoba, 271 St-Zotique O

Bars and Pubs:
Balsam Inn, 1237 Metcalfe
Le Boudoir, 85 Mont Royal
Comptoir vins et charcuteries, 4807 St Laurent
Else's, 156 Roy E
The Emerald Hotel, 5295 du Parc
Majestique, 4105 St Laurent
Le North End, 5800 de la Roche
Pullman, 3424 Parc
Le Slang, 5669 Monkland
Sparrow, 5322 St Laurent

Au pied de cochon temps des récoltes 2015

Did anyone else get an email stating that they are now accepting reservations by phone?

And if you didn't, the phone number is 514-845-2322 between 9AM and 5PM.

Single best restaurant in Montreal

I would completely and utterly disagree that Chez Bouffe is "a middle-of-the-pack restaurant." Which is why I put it on the list.

Every time I have eaten there, the food has be more than delicious. Paul Roberts consistently uses extremely local ingredients in new and inventive ways.

Given its location, it is one of the more unique Montreal restaurants.

When was the last time you ate there?

Single best restaurant in Montreal

Some suggestions:
Les 400 Coups
Chez Bouffe
Bouillon Bilk
Club Chasse et Pêche
Hotel Herman
Les Jardins Sauvages (an hour drive outside of Montreal)
Au Pied de Cochon
Le Vin Papillon

Commercial kitchen for rent for a one-time project?

You also might want to make a call to the nearest Collective Kitchen

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Chez Ana is replacing Pâtisserie Stella at 22 Duluth E

4-Day Stay in Montreal...Reservation Feedback?

I didn't expect you to get the basketball references. You weren't the OP.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Any affiliation with the late, lamented Red Bird Gallery?

Where can you find Turkey Jerky in Montreal?

Boucherie Lawrence, 5237 St Laurent has hand/home made beef jerky, and if you ask Mark, I'm certain he would be open to the idea of making Turkey Jerky for you as well.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

You guys might want to consider starting a new thread. In two months no one is going to think to look in a specific opening and closings thread for information about O'Bagel.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

They have a very good press agent.

4-Day Stay in Montreal...Reservation Feedback?

My bad, I was thinking of the Le Pois Penche

4-Day Stay in Montreal...Reservation Feedback?

Very simply Nora Gray is like the Knicks, and Impasto is like the Warriors. Le Clocher Penche is the Nets, Vin Papillon the Hawks and Lucille's the Timberwolves.

L'Express, while extremely good, is not necessarily a destination restaurant. If you are into wines, then it is a destination restaurant as their wine list is spectacular.

Some places to consider: Binerie Mont Royal to see the roots of Joe Beef/Au Pied de Cochon cuisine, and also late night poutine. Lasalle Drive–In (if you have a car) for the Peter's Special. Wilensky's Light Lunch for a step into the past. Marché des Saveurs du Québec and La Vieille Europe for Quebecois products.

For brunch Le Chien Fumant (think the Spurs) and Cirkus (Bulls) are both much better than Le Cartet.

Then finally if you wanted to cook, skip Nora Gray or Lucille's. Joe Beef, Impasto and Bouillion Bilk are all spectacular.

Food Trucks 2015

You're right. I stopped reading the press release after one paragraph.

Food Trucks 2015

Moisson Montreal is Montreal's largest food bank. My understanding is you give them $10 and they give a food basket to someone in need.

A very creative (if initially expensive) way of fundraising.

Food Trucks 2015

Interesting New Food Truck

Seafood restaurant in Montreal

Chez Delmo, 275 Notre Dame O (514) 288-4288

About as old-school (and delicious) as it gets.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

My guess would be that it is related to the one in Coaticook.

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

Fairly comprehensive, but not complete list here:

Lufa marketplace suggestions?

Melothria scabra is a vine grown for its edible fruit. Fruit are about the size of grapes and taste like cucumbers with a tinge of sourness.

Google and Wikipedia are useful every now and again...

Food Trucks 2015

You're right, I must've been suffering from temporary blindness.