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This Ice Cream Turns Into a Pile of Edible Silk

Is there anyplace in town that serves shaved snow cream?

Week of gluttony

Brasserie T! is not a destination restaurant. It is good, but not great. 400 Coups is much better, but Bouillon Bilk is the best of the three.

The Price of Beer

Swiping from here

On selected times/days of the week
Grumpy's has $4 pints
St. Elisabeth has $4 pints
And Mad Hatter serves 150ml glasses of beer for $1

Restaurant on Sunday? Montreal

Why would you ever think to doubt us? Glad you got a reservation.

Food Events 2015

I'm not so certain I would call it "good" but it does give one a sense of what the Marché des possibles is like. Now I know I don't have to go.


The Price of Beer

Bar Le Bievre:
Bottles: $5.25
Glass Bleue: $4.50
Pitcher Bleue: $9.50
PBR Tallboy; $6.50

Openings & Closings: July, August and September 2015

Boulangerie Ana at 22 Duluth E and something called Perfecto at 20 Duluth E just opened.

Dahlia's and Nickel's on Sainte Catherine closed.

West Island Deli

It sounds like the 'new' Abies is open to me.

Restaurant on Sunday? Montreal

Maison Boulud, 1228 Sherbrooke W
Cirkus, 1481 Laurier E
L'Express, 3927 St Denis
Hotel Herman, 5171 St Laurent
Notkins Oyster Bar, 1101 de Bleury

And with Boullion Bilk, was it just that you weren't able to get a reservation, or did they tell you that they were closed? I have eaten there on a Sunday night, and it is clearly stated on their website and Facebook page that they are open on Sundays.

Taking Serb M-in-Law to Russian resto- Your ideas SVP

La Caverne, 5184 Côte des Neiges
Chez Boris, 5151 Parc More of a coffee shop than a restaurant. But probably the Russianest place in town.

Dress at Brasserie T?

A shirt, pants and shoes for men. The same or a dress for women. Whatever you're wearing on the plane will be more than appropriate for Brasserie T!.

3 days+ in Montreal in September

No, you're not overloading on heavy French food. As none of the restaurants on your list serve heavy French food. L'Express, Les 400 coups, Au pied de cochon, Hotel Herman, Le Filet and Bouillon Bilk all serve extremely light dishes (for APdC, go for the specials and/or the seafood platter). Joe Beef is heavy, but not French, however if order judiciously, you can eat light there as well.

I wouldn't suggest Mimi la nuit (there are reasons why certain restaurants aren't discussed here) Hostaria and Nora Gray. If you wanted to make your decisions more complicated I'd suggest considering Club Chasse et Pêche, Le Serpent and/or Le Vin Papillon.

If you are flexible about the time at which you dine, there should be no problem getting a table at any of those restaurants. If you want to eat at 7:30 pm precisely, there might be some difficulties. For Au Pied de Cochon expect to eat very early (like 5 pm) or very late (like 11 pm).

Day of the week doesn't matter at all (or at least I've never noticed any real difference).

And 100% Jean Talon. Kind of like the difference between a Ford Focus and Cadillac.


Yes, that is probably why they were frozen. They were getting close to their "sell by" date, and had not been sold. So they froze them in order to preserve them instead of throwing them out. Freezing preserves them and prevents any possible bacterial growth.

Once you have defrosted them, cook and eat them promptly. Do not try to refreeze them again.

Toronto hound' to Montreal

On Sunday I'd swap out Marché de la Villette for L'Express. And then I would suggest avoiding Montreal Poutine altogether and trying any of the following: Binerie Mont Royal (roots of Au Pied de Cochon), Dinette Triple Crown (Good Tennessee BBQ for Canada), Marche Hung Phat (Best Bánh mì in the city), Kouign Amann (great croissants, better Kouign Amann), Pataterie Chez Philippe (Poutine, Steames and michigans), Wilensky's Light Lunch (Duddy!), and Le Vin Papillon (since it doesn't look like you're making it to Joe Beef).

Suggestions for Good Pho on St. Laurent?

Pho Bang NY is still the gold standard in Chintown. If you want to travel further afield Pho Lien (i front of the Jewish General Hospital) is also extremely good.

Les Chefs !

Crispy Aromatic Duck - Montreal

Here it is called Peking Duck, you can get it at most restaurants in Chinatown, and Mon Nan (43 de la Gauchetière) specializes in it.

Cocktails in 2015

Your post about downtown pubs and beers probably would be better served as a thread of its own, instead of being in one about cocktails.

It needlessly confuses things and makes it harder for people to find useful information here.

Cocktails in 2015

Based on this comment by Fintastic

I figured it would be appropriate timing to start a new thread on cocktails. Especially since the most recent one is now a couple of years out of date.

This time, lets try to keep it tightly focused on specific cocktails and/or bartenders.

ie: Despite it being very "frou-frou" the Fruits de Passion as made by Felix at Majestique is perfect for when it is more than 27°C and/or >80% humidity.

And I would also heartily recommend the Negroni Sbagliatto at the Balsam Inn (I did not inquire as to the name of the bartender).

L’Orée du Bois in Chelsea

Could you edit this so it is not a complete wall of text? Please and thank you.

Food Events 2015

Reasonable article about eating outside this coming weekend

Le Chien Fumant and Joe Beef... redundant?

classic French experience: L'Express, Maison Boulud

modern French or Quebecois: Bouillon Bilk, Hotel Herman, Lawrence

Quick Trip Into Town - Need Some CH Suggestions

For a whole brisket, go to the source, Quebec Smoked Meat, 1889 Centre.

Classic Montreal Restaurants good for kids, that still serve delicious food.
Binerie Mont Royal, 367 Mont Royal O
Chez Ma Tante, 3180 Fleury E
Dic Ann’s, 10910 Pie IX
Gibeau Orange Julep, 7700 Décarie
Lasalle Drive–In, 8760 Lasalle
Momesso's, 5562 Upper Lachine
Pizza Nino, 6588 Monk
Nouveau Palais, 281 Bernard O
Paul Patates, 0760 Charlevoix
Pataterie Chez Philippe, 1877 Amherst
Tous les jours, 1689 Mont Royal E
Tripolis, 679 St. Roch
Wilensky's Light Lunch, 34 Fairmount O

Then if you want chicken, Grilladerie Nostos, 9540 l'Acadie

Food Events 2015

Alsace, the first place I think of when I think of BBQ... Or are they just going to be tossing Cervelas on a grill?

What resturants near Charlevoix serve Charlevoix Lamb?

Openings & Closings: April, May and June 2015

You didn't feel like starting the July, August September thread?

Montreal recs for pescetarian

Just about any good restaurant you eat at in town will have two to three fish dishes on the menu along with three or four meatier main courses.

There really is no such things as a pretentious white tablecloth restaurant here (Toque and Maison Boulud would be the closest we have). And despite the recent complaints of a local coffee shop, rents aren't high at all.

If you do some research here, you should be able to find a surfeit of restaurants that fit your bill. Then once you have your short list we'll be more than happy to fie tune it.

Does anyone know where to find 'Nduja sausage

It was asked here on Mar 14, 2011 and the response was overwhelming.

Montreal Advice - 5 Days

La Banquise is far from being Montreal's best poutine. Top 50 at best.

On the other hand, they have an extremely good publicist.

Restaurant near the Bell Centre with kids