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Sick of gazpacho - need some new chilled soup ideas

I've read all responses here - all very good ones! Fact is, any vegetable soup, preferably a puree, will work for you as a cold soup. You can do a chilled butternut squash puree or a cauliflower apple puree, potato leek, zucchini mint, or how about nice chilled melon soup like peach ginger?

Aug 17, 2010
nyctfoodie in Home Cooking

Local food sources in Northern Westchester

I know that there is a place in White Plains and Bedford Hills that supplies prepared organic local food. It's a pilates and wellness center called Apogee. Its on Harris road in Bedford and on Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains.

rocco's in new canaan

Jfood - I recently read that Rocco's is closing?? Is this really fact or just alot of hopeful talking? I see that they recently changed their chef and manager. What happened to them? I'm not so convinced that was the problem.

Cornmeal Fried Catfish with RĂ©moulade

I actually disagree with the statement made here that farm raised catfish is best. I find that fresh wild-caught catfish is much better, as it has a much meatier flesh and is not as fatty as the farm raised. You can purchase wild-caught in some gourmet fish markets or go on the internet for those who ship next day air.

Apr 07, 2010
nyctfoodie in Recipes

Reception Dinner in Fairfield &, CT

why not try the new Barcelona in stamford? It's a tapas restaurant which I know also accomidates large parties.

Help! Birthday dinner restaurant recommendation in Fairfield County, CT

I second jfoods rec for Barcelona...try the one in Greenwich. It's right around the corner from Greenwich Ave. and is very good and casual. great wine list as well as fish, plus it has tapas, so many different choices. There is also Copacabana in Portchester. Mediterranean grill style food.

Food Network Back On Cablevision in CT

It is all about money, sadly enough. Networks have to renegotiate their cost for allowing cablevision to view their shows, and when they disagree, we pay the price. Just when you thought politics was only in washington....

New Asian Fusion Restaurant in Ridgefield, Ct. very good!

I was actually refering to the Koo restaurant in Danbury, near Candelwood Lake. I have only had the sushi there, as I would've stayed home and ordered delivery if I was interested in Chinese food. I am interested in trying their pad thai. Has anyone been to their restaurant in NY?

New Asian Fusion Restaurant in Ridgefield, Ct. very good!

Ritz-Asia located on Rt. 7 in Ridgefield, Ct. is the sister restaurant to the original located in NYC. Myself and a friend started going there about a month ago when we saw their advertisement in Clipper Magazine, and thought we'd give Koo a break one week for our weekly sushi binge. As you walk in, you are greeted by the manager and escorted into the dining room which looks like it went through a major overhaul with floor lighting and a beautiful backdrop for the sushi bar. The back area needs some work as far as lighting goes, as it seemed to be way too bright in comparison to the front area which was adequately dark for the hour.

We started off with some Edamame, Sliced Hamachi and their Tuna Tartare. Let me say that I haven't had Hamachi that good since I was in Hawaii! So sweet, succulent and buttery! Perfect!! The Tuna was very good, nothing too wow, but good. The soy beans were tossed in a little Kosher salt and were tender and perfect, not stringy or overly salted.

We then had 3 of their Chef's Special Rolls; the Caribbean Roll, Ritz Asia Roll and Pink Lady Roll. All three were delicious. Each bite was like a different party in my mouth! However, I must say that the Hamachi stole the show, as we had to order a second at the chance of appearing like complete glutons!

The service was very gracious and eager to please. We ended that evening with one of their desserts, the Mochi trio. three different types of ice cream wrapped inside a dim sum type of wrapper and presented with a fruit sauce garnish. Very tasty! I prefer the mango ice cream, as I thought the contrast of the sweetness of the mango meshed well with the mellowness of the wrapper.

We had since gone back there at least 4 times, and enjoy trying different things on their menu. However, we always seem to go back to what we loved about it the first time. We did try their ceviche, and thought it average. It needs to have different textures added to it, perhaps in the manner of which they slice the fish, inoder to give it a more appealing taste in your mouth. Nice vinaigrette, but it needs more acid. The Lotus chips were excellent however! Look foward to seeing fellow foodies there!

Old Fashioned Cocktail

Ok, after reading all the hype about not putting in fruit, putting in fruit, bourbon, whiskey, yada, yada, yada...and after reading that recipe, I have to comment. first off, this recipe has way too much fruit in it, and water?? It's supposed to be made with bar syrup, better known as simple syrup. Any good bartender who values their trade will insist on having it always handy. You need to start off with a proper old fashioned glass (preferably one w/o the flowers please), add 1 slice orange and 1 cherry. Place a couple of cubes of ice ontop of this. Muddle the ice w/the fruit making sure you break the rind of the orange up very well. This process releases the aromatics and oils in the fruit as well as combining their flavors. Pack the glass with ice. Now add a couple drops of bitters, 1 slightly heaping tablespoon simple syrup, 2 ounces rye ( I prefer Makers Mark bourbon myself) and mix. Top the remainder of the glass with club soda. This is an Old Fashioned my friends. Please enjoy responsibly.

Jan 19, 2010
nyctfoodie in Recipes