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Basement Bistro - Earlton NY

My wife and i ate there 5 years ago and i was not "wowed" like so many others that dined there. Our dinner was good, not great and much of it was no better than mediocre. I did not like the "story" on every plate and found the service choppy and slow. of course this is because it is a one man show, but still we found it off putting. We paid $275 with meal wine and tip. I just dont see how the new prices make this worth it. Our experience would not merit that price point.

Hudson Valley Getaway

i agree Rhinebeck is a great getaway. My wife and i stayed at the Beekman Arms "Fire House" room, its like having your owl little apt with a private street door. Plenty of great sites to see with in a short drive CIA, lots of mansions, close to Kingston roundout for a day boat cruise. Restaurants are good but not great. I have been to Basement Bistro i have disagree with the above, Pedestrian food at best with bloated ego service. Dont bother! there are plenty of restaurants with in a 15 mile radius from Rhinebeck

New Paltz Restaurants

two choices outside but close to New Paltz that I like are Crave in Poughkeepsie and Back Yard Bistro in Montgomery they are both about 30 minutes away and very good. Beso in town is my favorite but it is pricey. I have heard a lot of good things about a new coal fired pizza joint, havent been there yet, and there is a taco place on the east side of town that is really good too. Tokyo Sushi is solid if thats what u want.

Great Hudson Valley Caterer?

My company has used Holberts Catering several times in the past. Great food and wonderful service. I would definately add them to the list.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week--Your Picks?

some of my favorites in the ulster/orange county areas are Besso, Back Yard Bistro, Village Tea Room, Il Tessoro and you got to love the pizza at

cosimos. I am planning on trying out the Iron Forge Inn and Valley Restaurant. Restaurant Week is a great way to try a new restaurant with out much of a $$$ risk. Would love other suggestions of must try places.