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Best green onion pancake in SGV?

Me too, and high blood pressure runs in my family :|

My weekend food quest :)

I went to Oinksters on saturday for breakfast/lunch grabbed me The Royale Burger and Piggy Fries :)

Went to El Tepeyac that night during dinner time for the Manny Special with my friend matt.

Then on sunday with my dad we wanted to go to Vicious Dogs but didnt know they were closed on sunday so we went to two different places, Jacks Burger Stand in the No Ho art district for a Double Bacon Burger and then to Taste Chicago for the worst Chicago dog ive had in a long time, Wienershnitzel is way better. :|

Any interesting food adventures for you guys? :)

How does everyone feel about Tommy's?

I live near this Tommy's and went there today lol

A story to share with you, about a great restaurant.. :)

The restaurant I would like to talk about is a little place in Pasadena across the street from Pasadena City College.

It's called Luigi Ortega's its a restaurant that serves Mexican and Italian foods.

Its a great restaurant and a very fun experience for first timers, especially the red button in the restroom. IGNORE THE SIGNS AND PUSH THE DAMN BUTTON!

You wont regret it and you'll boogie down ;)

They serve exotic foods like Aligator and a few other, I just cant remember them right now but when i do ill add to this post :p

But anyways the food is great, every time I go there i order the Nachos being a big nacho fan that I am :p

Well you guys should try this place! :)

How does everyone feel about Tommy's?

I love it and i would like you guys to share your feelings :)

Where can I find the world's best burrito?

Its in Boyle Heights I think.

Where can I find the world's best burrito?

Holy SHIT.

i went to el villa tepeyac with my dad the other day and we split the manny special.

the burrito is five pounds, amazing, they give you a big plate, half with sour cream and the other half with guacamole.

we ate the whole burrito in 13 minutes. It was amazing, Best burrito i've had in a long time :)

its great, i suggest this OP!!!

Where can I find the world's best burrito?

One is in Monterey Park in the plaza where Ralph's is, its right next to the water store. :)

Best green onion pancake in SGV?

I tried my first one yesterday and I just had to click this post, the place I went to was the Mandarin Noodle House in Monterey Park. It was pretty tasty, my dad has been going there for 15 years now and he orders it almost every time :)

Great Mandarin Food if your in the Montebello Area

Ah crap, not Montebello, I meant Monterey Park. :|

Regular-Size Hot Dogs

I love Chroni's, They're chili cheese fries are great and the wienies pop in your mouth because theyre wrapped so tightly. Its great :)

Great Mandarin Food if your in the Montebello Area

Forgot to add that this is an orange looking place across from the Garvey Plaza :p

Great Mandarin Food if your in the Montebello Area

I had some good Thin onion pancakes which sound kind of iffy, but were very good.

I also had spicy beef noodle soup which tasted delicious, with a side of pork dumplings and shrimp fried rice, i suggest going there if your in the mood for some great chinese food :)

Anyone else suggest some great chinese food places?

Best Hot Dogs

Fab Dogs is better!

Best Hot Dogs

This place closed down ):

I just had amazing Al Pastor Tacos in Pico Rivera

Taco Boy in Pico Rivera is great :)

thats all i have to say about that, anyone else recommend some great taco places?

Best Hot Dogs

its not.

so many other better hot dog places.

Best Hot Dogs

fab dogs in reseda has the best hot dogs that ive ever had.

theres a place called jerry's dogs in the valley i think that has good wood fire dogs, its like the subway of hot dogs, you tell them the dog you want then they take it to a little stand where they have all the condiments and they ask you what you want on it. its amazing. theyre home made chips are great aswell. :)