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KazuNori: A Pictorial Essay

Was that supposed to be "chirashi"?!

Aug 06, 2014
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Starting the food plan….a couple of questions

I went solo last Jazzfest and had a small table for two in the bar area.
I did call and speak to someone there before my trip and they advised me to come at opening.
It was great - I believe there was only one other table in that area but the regular dining room filled up pretty quickly. I was perfectly comfortable!

Feb 12, 2014
shebop in New Orleans

Is there a place in LA like Max Brenners or Ghiradelli?

Just saw your post and had to laugh at the responses - none of them come close to what you are looking for!

It makes me crazy that Las Vegas can support a Max Brenners and a Serendipity but here we have nothing of the sort.

Yes,there are places with a great chocolate dessert or shops that sell chocolate but that's it.

There is a Ghiradelli branch at Disney's California Adventure!

Jun 25, 2013
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Tacolandia Live Blog (Attending 'Hounds, Please Participate!)

So happy to see this list! As a non meat eater I was thrilled to find so much that I could enjoy - and I loved the 5 out of your 7 that I consumed!

Jun 25, 2013
shebop in Los Angeles Area

House Special Pan Fried Noodles

You have hit a nerve with me! I used to love a "pan-fried noodle" from a place that no longer exists that sounds like what you want. They were referred to as "cake style" in that you could actually cut them into a square and they would hold together but they were soft underneath the crispy outer layer. There were no veggies or meats - just a sauce.
This picture is the closest I could find - - if it works for you - I would suggest asking for them "cake style"!

Jun 28, 2012
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Del Taco Coming To SM Blvd. WLA

Agreed - the 2 that I frequent for my El Scorcho fix always have a line at the drive-through. How can this location deal with that kind of traffic if everyone has to park?

May 20, 2012
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Coni's Seafood - ? RIP?

This tweet was sent on 3/2:
@ConiSeafood is temp. working out of a catering truck parked in front of their resto due 2 damage from a power line a week ago. Back in biz!

Mar 05, 2012
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Asian Night Market to Open in Pasadena

The Expo now has two rows of outside booths with food being prepared - aside from the one bldg solely devoted to sampling of food and beverages for sale. It is definitely one of my favorite annual events.

Mar 01, 2012
shebop in Los Angeles Area

gluten-free vegan at LAX?

I work in Terminal 5 - you can access the International Terminal without a boarding pass. The most food options are indeed there. When you post what airline you are arriving on I'll be able to give more advice! Also - exactly how long is the layover?

Feb 14, 2012
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Haven't seen too much written on Roy Choi's new restaurant, Sunny Spot yet. A quick reflection...

I put a post on here opening night and got no comments - seems like there is little interest - and I don't get it!
I loved the squid - really enjoyed the sauce. I also had the plantains, and found that in my order there were some pieces that were harder than others. I preferred the softer pieces, but again, really liked the seasoning. Also had the pineapple lollipops which were skewers with pineapple sprinkled with a chile salt. Very refreshing.
For dessert it was the sweet potato souffle with marshmallow ice cream - the ice cream was amazing! I would have bought a pint to go.
I am looking forward to my next visit!

Dec 14, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Opening Night at Sunny Spot

First - let me say that I know I was crazy to go on opening night - but there were a few things on the menu that really had my attention so go I did!

This is the new restaurant from Roy Choi in the spot where Beechwood used to be on Washington Blvd.

There is a back room that is reservations only - nice and quiet. The bar area and patio are both seat yourself with small tables and a few communal tables as well. Very loud!

I arrived around 7:00 and had many tables to choose from, when I left it was packed.

I ordered three things to start : Pineapple Lollipops with chili salt, Sweet and Salty Plantains, and Passion Fruit Squid with Coconut,Chiles,and Mint.
The Plantains were first to arrive and they were delicious, sticky sweet with a salty edge. The portion was pretty big which was a good thing because for awhile it appeared that they would be all I was going to get. After a very long time, my waiter came over and asked which dish was my favorite - he was quite surprised to hear that I had only been served the Plantains. The situation took quite a long time to correct, during which I was visited by a stream of employees, and even Mr.Choi himself. I was able to laugh it off, as it was opening night and I didn't expect a smooth ride. I finally got the other two dishes which were very satisfying. The Pineapple was served on skewers and dusted with chile salt - perfectly refreshing! The Squid was amazing, cooked to perfection and served in a sauce that I could not get enough of. Mr.Choi came back over to the table and told me that they were going to comp the whole meal - a very classy move! I had already chosen the dessert I wanted which is called "November Pie". It's a Sweet Potato Souffle in a Walnut Crust with a scoop of Toasted Marshmallow Ice Cream. - Heavenly! I could eat a pint of this ice cream easily.

So - all in all it was definitely a success - the food was great and I know that I will be returning regularly to try many other items.

Nov 19, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Spekuloos in LA?

I got a message from Biscoff that it is now sold at World Market stores

Sep 28, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

So....has anyone tried a Fonut?

I tried two as well - Rosemary Olive Oil and Banana Chocolate. Both were really good and moist - definitely not healthy tasting. I asked if they had the calorie info and the cashier made it clear that this was not the first time she had been asked - she went to the kitchen to ask and came back with a "they're working on that" answer. She and I agreed that the sales may diminish when folks find out how not good for you they are! A satisfying treat but way too expensive for what it is.

Sep 04, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Jonathan Gold's Breakfast Event??

Have to agree - great event today! I got there when the doors opened and the air conditioning was working fine!
You touched on a couple of my favorites - the Playa dish was with burrata - very creamy - and the Tiara pancakes had a lemon sabayon puff - heavenly!
Hope they do it again.

Aug 28, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Candy Store Los Angeles

I would try A.sweeT in Beverly Hills - - they have all sorts of bulk candy!

Aug 05, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Does Popularity Dumb Down a Restaurant's Food?

I believe this spot has more than one location - I can say that the Imperial Highway spot has lost none of its thrill. I am addicted to the green salsa!

Jun 23, 2011
shebop in Features

artisanal la this past weekend

I went on Sunday - bought mole sauce, cupcake, pie, bread pudding and marshmallows.
Sampled amazing cookies, sodas, chocolates, and much more. The area was spacious and uncrowded - a great afternoon for me!

Apr 20, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

The Griddle Cafe: first visit

Love The Griddle! The menu provides both healthy and unhealthy choices - and if you look around you will see that most people indulging in the oversized pancakes are either sharing them or taking a portion home.
I've tried about 5 or 6 types of pancakes there and all have been full of flavor - current favorite is the Red Velvet!
I'm in the gym every other day and The Griddle is a special treat!

Mar 24, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Any new places for macarons on the westside?

When were you there last?

Mar 17, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Any new places for macarons on the westside?

They buy them from Paulette!

Mar 16, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Mariscos Chente Question

The menu is mainly shrimp. The marlin tacos were a special when I was there!

Mar 13, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Black Cat Bakery: First Impressions

Wonderful banana muffin!

Jan 07, 2011
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Mariscos Chente at Test Kitchen

I was shocked that I beat you to it!!!!
Can't wait!

Oct 01, 2010
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Bean Pies - anyone seen these in LA?

These used to be great - I haven't been there in years!!

Shabazz Bakery · (310) 677-3664
323 E Hillcrest Blvd · Inglewood

Oct 01, 2010
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Mariscos Chente at Test Kitchen

Sergio will be cooking at Test Kitchen this coming Monday, the 4th!
Reservations through - info at!!!!

Sep 30, 2010
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Trucks That Suck

What stops me from going to Kogi now is Chego - I can go eat great food in a comfortable setting and the specials have been amazing......

3300 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Aug 07, 2010
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Goodbye Del Taco at Santa Monica and Highland.

I think the one you mention is on Venice Blvd. near Robertson - there is yet another on La Cienega close to the 10 freeway......

Jul 30, 2010
shebop in Chains

LA Street Food Festival - Who's In?

We are all in agreement! Good event but would have been great with more signage and a map! I also would suggest that they utilize more than one entrance gate for the GA crowd - that line was silly.....
Antojitos Carmen was definitely my favorite - they made me a vegetarian plate that was so hot and fresh - I am definitely heading to their place soon!!!!!

Antojitos Carmen
2510 East Cesar E Chavez Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90033

Jul 26, 2010
shebop in Los Angeles Area

Need the name of a restaurant on La Brea

I was thinking it had to be Sante La Brea or as some of us knew it - A Votre Sante.....

A Votre Sante
13016 San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Sante La Brea
345 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Jul 25, 2010
shebop in Los Angeles Area

LA Street Food Festival - Who's In?

It's an evening event so no worries about sunscreen!
Tickets were 35.00 on Goldstar!!!!
With 60 vendors hopefully sample sizes will be enough.....

Jul 18, 2010
shebop in Los Angeles Area