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More Pork Shoulder Questions

I think I posted something about a pork shoulder some time ago and have since made 3, all of which came out well but had very distinct flavors. The first one I did with just a generic rub of salt, pepper, rosemary, etc. The second was a pernil, and the third I invented an italian style wet/dry rub/stuffing type thing and that came out well too.

My problem is that I have another 10 pounder ready to go and I'd like to prepare it in a way that I can use it for several different things over the next week or so. I.e. carnitas tacos, bbq-ish pulled pork, pork ragu, etc. Thus, I'd like the flavor to be bold in some way but also generic.

I was thinking about doing a sort of americanized sofrito with some onions, garlic, vinegar, etc and stabbing/stuffing the whole thing with it. Maybe rubbing something all over the top as well. I tend to almost completely detach the skin and stab/stuff, rub the top, and then reattach the skin w kitchen string.

Does anyone have a recipe or suggestion for something like this?

Also, if anyone has a great pernil recipe please shout it out!


Jun 25, 2010
bigselfishme in Home Cooking

Slow Roasted Chix/Crispy Skin?!

Hello Hounds.

My fave roast chicken recipe as of late has been a slow roasted bird with rotisserie style seasonings. I do it up at about 250 for 5 hours. It is 99% the best chicken I have ever eaten.

HOWEVER, I believe it would be 100% the best chicken I've ever eaten if I coud crisp the damned skin up.

I've read several methods of doing this and seems like a 50/50 split of those who crisp at the beginning and those who crisp at the end. I've also read varied info on what the high/crisping temp should be and length of time it should stay at that temp.

What do you suggest? 450 for 20 minutes at the beginning? 350 for 30 mins at the end?



Jun 01, 2010
bigselfishme in Home Cooking

Pork Ribs Ideas!

What's your favorite way to cook pork ribs? How about inventive sides to go with them? I'd love to grill them but barbecuing on my terrace here in NYC will have me thrown in jail pretty quickly. I have 2 racks of what SAID bone in on the package but once I broke them down I found that there are barely any bones in them in case that makes a difference.


May 27, 2010
bigselfishme in Home Cooking

9lb Pork Picnic Shoulder!

What in the hell am I supposed to do with it? Does a basic garlic, rosemary pork roast cooked low and slow make sense? I have to serve a dinner on Wednesday.


Jan 18, 2010
bigselfishme in Home Cooking