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Honestly, I come here to praise O'Thym. Bravo.

I am in no way associated with O'Thym, but not being able to get into APDC on Saturday, we opted for an old standby, O'Thym at Amherst and Maisonneuve. Stellar, perfect night. Grilled calamari with a sweet potato hash to start, then the best damn veal bavette on the planet. You couple that with the trou normand and two incredible bring our owns, good service, and the simple honest cozy decor, and I can't think of a better restaurant for the money. So consistently delicious it's not even funny.

That is all.

Urgent! Warm, cozy, fish-friendly, little bit upscale restaurant needed in Plateau! Ambience a must.

We did O'Thym, which is probably my favorite resto in Mtl, all things considered. And the atmosphere in Pied is totally warm and cozy, everything looks buttery and lovely, although it's loud as hell.

Urgent! Warm, cozy, fish-friendly, little bit upscale restaurant needed in Plateau! Ambience a must.

My friend's coming for her birthday and she couldn't get into Pied. There must be some great places along Mont Royal or between there and Rachel or there and St. Joseph that I can tell her to try!


recent BYOB gems?

Agreement. O'thym is terrific.

20 yr old from Europe, in Mtl- quality food experiences

Edit: O'thym

A Good Chinese Addition: Pret A Manger

For the prices of most dishes, and the quality, the cheerful and prompt service, and the location, I can't think of a better chinese resto in Montreal. As others have mentioned, the Japanese tofu with eggplant and shredded pork is out of this world, the sizzling chicken and beef hotpots are fantastic, the jumbo shrimp wonton soup is crazy delish, and the beef with chinese broccoli is great. Love this place, and the owners are so friendly. It's always busy.

Restaurant Pret A Manger
1809 Rue Sainte-Catherine W, Montreal, QC H3H1M2, CA

Entertaining a 100+ group in Chicago

Hey everyone, first post. We're looking to feed about 100 people in the Magnificent Mile area, preferably near the Peninsula, with a great local eatery that's not hugely expensive. Any ideas? Thanks!

Jan 18, 2010
noahcave in Chicago Area