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Pici pasta in Toronto?

Anyone know where to buy a type of pasta called pici? A pal brought some back from Siena and wondering where to get some locally.

Gnudi in Toronto

I may be imagining things, but I believe I saw them on the menu at Oddfellows on Queen St. Call ahead. They were the traditional ricotta ones. (But they're also easy-peasy to make at home You can ignore most of the fancy sauce stuff, if you want.)

Apalla - new Indian resto on Queen West

We had the tandoori chicken, which had a nice subtle spicing. The baigen patiyala had smokey, whole baby eggplants. And the saag paneer.

Apalla - new Indian resto on Queen West

Finally decided to try Indus Junction two weeks ago and discovered that it had closed. In it's place is a new "modern Indian" resto called Apalla. New owners, same concept, great meal. I didn't find the menu all that different from non-modern Indian places, but there was a bit more complexity to the flavours. The staff was attentive, the decor pleasing, and the price quite reasonable. There was no liquor license yet, but we got a free appetizer and dessert. Something a bit different for the neighbourhood.

Five days in Toronto from Chicago... best (foodwise) dim sum?

If you're downtown, give Pearl Harbourfront a try. It's right down on the lake and has both cart and menu dim sum. Don't miss the hockey pucks. (It is, however, slightly pricier than your typical Chinatown option.)

Lunch in the Niagara Region (in vicinity of Vineland and Jordan)

If you're up for a light lunch, head to Featherstone winery. They have a lovely veranda and good wines too.

Miracle fruit - any news on where to get it?

I'm coming to NYC from Toronto and hoping I can find miracle fruit, since you can get anything in New York, no? Posts from a while back said it was scarce. Any tips?

Mar 05, 2009
hungrykate in Manhattan

brunch downtown - near the sky dome

I'm meeting some pals downtown tomorrow before the Jays game. Anyone got suggestions for good brunch in the downtown core? Seems like pretty slim pickings around there . . .

Best Ethiopian?

I have to stand up for Addis Ababa. I eat there regularly. The food is consistently tasty and beautifully presented. The owner is a lovely, warm woman, who always makes us feel at home.

(She has a cookbook out now. I got it for Christmas, but haven't tried it yet.)

I tried Queen of Sheba once and wasn't impressed. The food was slopped onto the injera in a big pile, making it soggy in the middle.

Afghan food?

Any tips on where to find good Afghan food in Toronto? There was a place on the Danforth, but I believe it closed. Craving their version of dumplings. Help!

Seeking shellfish in Gaspe

Hi Chowhounds,

I'm heading to the Gaspe in a few days for vacation. Does anyone have any tips on great places to get fresh shellfish - shrimp, crab, but, most importantly, lobster.

Last year, I had fantastic fresh lobster at a seaside shack in Maine and need to get my hands on more this summer.

Thanks all.