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Bachelor Party - Assistance.

Sorry....I think the excitement is getting to me.

7 people. Arriving on Thursday. Staying @ Ritz off of Canal. No budget per se, but probably not going to do fine dining each and every night. Looking for places that can accommodate a small group, but have a lot of local flair. Breakfasts probably won't be too heavily attended...but brunches, lunches, dinners...any recommendations that encompass local flavor with great ambiance.

Mar 12, 2012
EJA86 in New Orleans

Bachelor Party - Assistance.

Small bachelor party embarking on New Orleans for the weekend. Have a good idea of the touristy restaurants, staying on Canal St....any recommendations for can't miss, local flavor food? Also, would love a fine dining recommendation or three....something unique, though...want to stay away from anything we could get back in Washington, DC.

Mar 12, 2012
EJA86 in New Orleans

Bill Bateman's - New York Sauce

Has anyone had this particular sauce at any of the Bill Bateman's restaurants throughout Maryland? It comes with their standard hot wings in place of blue cheese. Is peppery, garlicky.....the 'mecca' of dipping sauces, without question.

If anyone is familiar with this sauce, I was curious to see what your take would be on ingredients to create it at home? I'm thinking cayenne pepper, garlic, black pepper, blue cheese....what else?

Good Happy hour bar - lively crow of 30 somethings and decent bar food

Second Liberty Tavern and Eventide; maybe Clarendon Ballroom, too?

The Liberty Tavern
3195 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, VA 22201

Any place in DC selling Rasta Fire Hot Sauce?

Rockland's BBQ - Arlington, VA, amongst others.

Pupatella has menu posted.

Any reports from today's opening? Would have gone over there myself, but prior plans are keeping me away. Excited to hear.

all u can drink brunch?

Chart House in Old Town Alexandria has all you can drink champagne, as well as mimosas. I believe it is a $30 dollar flat-rate for brunch; includes a fruit/breakfast bar and entree order. Great in the summer time; outdoor seating is consistently packed.

Il Canale?

Ordered two pizzas there last Saturday, with a side of draft Peroni. Pizza was thin; not crisp per se, but not doughy. Margherita Pizza had sparse amounts of basil and cheese. White pizza w/ arugula and tomatoes was decent; though, nothing resonated in my mind to keep them front-brain when thinking of pizza. A decent thin-crust pizza, with slightly strange ambiance on rooftop. (Talk radio blaring throughout the meal...?) Still will catch me @ Paradiso 9/10 times.

Delirium Tremens Beer - In Bulk.

Mission accomplished; snatched the last case from Total Wine in prior phone call for confirmation. Thank you all for the information; your efforts keep this board as the premier cuisine/libation resource for the area.

Delirium Tremens Beer - In Bulk.

Whereabouts in Northern VA would one go to find a case or more of Delirium Tremens beer? Used to live in Philadelphia, where beer distributors carried larger amounts of more 'exotic' libations...unaware of where to purchase large amounts of beer besides grocery stores; growing weary of buying 4-packs, and need some for a party I am throwing.

Peruvian Chicken Recipe? (moved from Washington DC & Baltimore board)

toveggiegirl - You are an absolute god-send. That is THE recipe I have been searching for....and I wondered why Todd English never e-mailed me back....HAHA.

Thank you again; spectacular find.

Jan 31, 2010
EJA86 in Home Cooking

Emmitsburg, MD Food Recs?

The Ott House, next to the one traffic light in town, has absolutely delectable hot wings. Discovered by mistake post-hiking trip in the Catoctins.

Ocean City, MD

We have always enjoyed La Hacienda, next to South Moon Under. They served a 'Neptune Burrito' that was stuffed with shrimp, lump crab, and scallops...quite tasty. Good margaritas, too. Nantucket's, right on the edge of Fenwick Island, is delicious. Nothing earth-shatteringly unique, but quality 'New American'.

Westend Bistro recently?

Ugh....just returned from dinner there. Simple enough; ordered a market salad and steamed mussels. Both were total misses...salad had so much salt on it, I felt like Secretariat every time I took a bite. Mussels...some tasted 'off', most were overcooked. Couple that with a bumbling, confused wait staff. This is Eric Ripert's foray into DC? Good God, man.

Kabobs in NOVA

Flame Kabob in Springfield was solid; nothing about it seemingly blew my mind, but both lamb and kubideh were cooked properly.

Regarding Amoo's...had a lunch there. Meh. Kubideh was disappointing...was evident that too much baking soda was utilized in the creation of the kabob, as it was puffed up a bit 'too' much and was slightly spongy. Bland spicing, as well.

Ravi Kabob is EXCELLENT; if anything, go for their chickpea curry side dish.

Where to find good Cheese Fries?

Vienna Inn.

Peruvian Chicken Recipe? (moved from Washington DC & Baltimore board)

I seem to have a distinct memory of reading an issue of 'GQ' magazine that mentioned our very own Arlington, VA as the unofficial destination for Peruvian chicken. Featured in said article was a recipe from Todd English, detailing various ingredients (many available at Latin markets) which could lead the home cook to replicate the Peruvian chicken experience.

I know, I know...considering that I live in Ballston, and have numerous pollo dispensaries at my disposal, it seems slightly absurd to obsess over replicating this at home. However, my strong will and determination to scour for obscure ingredients (for something I can purchase with minimal hassle) simply won't allow me to let this go.

So...if anyone has the recipe I mentioned, or has a recipe of their own that replicates El Pollo Rico, Super Pollo, Crisp & Juicy, all means, please post.

Jan 18, 2010
EJA86 in Home Cooking