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El Bulli Restaurant, Spain

Actually, it's much more expensive these days. I think the prix fixe price is at least 180E now...and that's before wine and tax/tip.

Sep 19, 2008
catsrus9 in Spain/Portugal


Another good option is Espai Sucre, which is located on Carrer Princesa, right near Parc de la Ciutadella.

This place was one of my favorite restaurants in Barcelona....They're famous for serving some of the most inventive/unusual desserts in Spain. Albert Adria, brother of Ferran (of El Bulli) considers it the best place in Spain for dessert. But you can actually go there for dinner....they have several different size tasting can either get 3 desserts, 3 chocolate desserts, 5 desserts, or a larger tasting menu that mixes both savory and sweet dishes. I went twice while in Spain, and although I only had the dessert tasting menus, it was a really fun alternative to a traditional dinner, and the food was absolutely fabulous....we were all really impressed.

Once again,
Have a great time!

Jul 30, 2008
catsrus9 in Spain/Portugal


I actually have been to Hisop, and absolutely loved it. However, I'm not sure I agree with the NYT classification of the place as a "bistronomic" restaurant....I found the food to be extremely inventive and very refined....not really what I think of as "bistro" food. The main difference is that it's much cheaper than other high-end restaurants in Barcelona that serve similar food of equal (or in some cases even lesser) quality. I believe the tasting menu at Hisop was like 38 euros for 6-7 courses. Of course you can order a la carte as well.
I definitely recommend visiting this restaurant if you have the opportunity. The food was fabulous and the atmosphere is fantastic....its a tiny little restaurant with only about 6-8 tables.
Have a fantastic time!

PS - The Hisop website shows their menu so you can take a look and see if it interests you :)

ALSO, I highly recommend Cinc was one of my favorite meals while in Barcelona...and I got to try a lot of places as I was there studying abroad for 5 months.

Jul 29, 2008
catsrus9 in Spain/Portugal

Comments about Al Forno in Providence?

I was at Al Forno a few weeks ago, and there was an insert in their menu saying they were opening a small "tapas" style restaurant in downtown providence in the coming weeks....does anyone know anything about this? Has it opened yet?

Special occasion: Le Bernadin, WD-50 or Union Square

I wouldn't scratch WD50 from your list. I had an excellent experience there. You just have to enter the meal with an open mind and the understanding that you're about to be served a very unique, original meal. that being said, the food I had there (although it was about 2 years ago) was fantastic.

Aug 05, 2007
catsrus9 in Manhattan

best seafood in barcelona

Hi everyone,
I'm going to be visitng spain soon, and I'm looking to go to an amazing seafood restaurant. I've heard great things about both rias de galicia and passadis del pep. Can anyone compare the two and let me know which they prefer? Thanks!

Aug 02, 2007
catsrus9 in Spain/Portugal

Fingerlakes restaurants (moved from Mid-Atlantic)

Im in Ithaca for the summer and I'm looking for a nice restaurant to go to this weekend. It doesn't have to be in Ithaca itself (i know the pickings here are rather slim). Anywhere within 30-60min would be fine. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks everyone,