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Where to Find Great Hawaiian Food in LA

What about Aloha Food Factory in Alhambra? I haven't been there for years now. How does it compare to the other places?

Feb 06, 2013
dalnrice in Features

compost pail - worth it?

I'm late on gifts this holiday season. I want to buy my mom one of those fancified compost pails. do I get the stainless steel, the ceramic, or the bamboo one I just found online, with the liner that's dishwashable? Is this just another one of those glorified, overpriced kitchen gadgets? Should she just stick with her stainless steel bowl? Online reviews are mixed... I'm torn!

Dec 27, 2010
dalnrice in Cookware

WOLFGANG'S STEAKHOUSE and other beefy thoughts

steak sampler platter! brilliant... i'd be there in a heartbeat.

Jan 11, 2009
dalnrice in Los Angeles Area

Why Does Orange Juice Taste So Bad After You Brush Your Teeth?

actually, i always brush my teeth before breakfast - first thing i do when i wake up. am i the only one???

Jun 25, 2008
dalnrice in Features

Chow-tastic restaurants on Kauai and the Big Island?

too bad you're not going to O'ahu, where you can go to Leonard's bakery for malasadas. think jelly doughnut, but with softer, fluffier dough and tastier filling: vanilla custard, chocolate custard, or haupia (coconut creme). YUM! i haven't been to the other islands, but i'm sure you can find hot malasadas where you're going. MMM!

Jun 22, 2008
dalnrice in Hawaii

Why Do You Get a Headache When You Eat Ice Cream?

i've noticed that i'm more susceptible to "brain freeze" as i get older. when i was a little kid (shoveling in the ice cream), i never knew what people were talking about. i just though, what a bunch of wusses. get over it!

but now, 15 years later, i get brain freeze. the best thing i've found is not necessarily rubbing the tongue along the roof of the mouth, but just "flipping my tongue over" and pressing the bottom of my tongue (still relatively close to body temperature) right up against the roof of my mouth:

instant remedy. whew!

Aug 26, 2007
dalnrice in Features

Hidden Gems -Venice to Monrovia

La Cabanita in Montrose/Glendale. stuffed poblano peppers: in veg, chicken, and beef variety. YUM.

Aug 21, 2007
dalnrice in Los Angeles Area

What Did Your Mom Cook You When You Were Sick?

she would slice up fresh ginger and boil it on some salty water (or chicken stock). occasionally, she would add just a small handful of chopped mustard greens, and serve it in a mug.

mmm, made me all warm and fuzzy inside... still does! ginger is the wonderfood.

Aug 21, 2007
dalnrice in General Topics

Dish suggestions for Hollywood Bowl picnic?

I need to bring a dish to the Hollywood Bowl. What do I bring? Here’s the criteria:

-Must require no refrigeration, as I won’t be going from home and I won’t have time to stop before I get to the Bowl.
-Must be easy to handle/easy to pass down the row.
-Must be individual servings, as there is a germaphobe in the group.
-No restrictions on type of cuisine
-We’re all big eaters.
-Something savory. Dessert is already taken care of.
-Something that would go with meatballs, pasta salad, vietnamese hand rolls, beer, lambic, and mojitos. (Dessert has yet to be revealed.)

I'll be bringing my newly gifted picnic basket, so transport will be fairly easy. What do you suggest???

Aug 21, 2007
dalnrice in General Topics

Favorite Indian Dish

mmm... dosa....

Aug 10, 2007
dalnrice in General Topics

really tasty vegan restaurants?

go to cerritos, Pioneer Blvd. most of the eateries there are vegetarian. and you can definitely ask to have any dish prepared vegan... they're used to is.

Aug 09, 2007
dalnrice in Los Angeles Area

Okra with Tomato and Cucumber

mmm, one of my favorites as a kid... wait, it's STILL one of my favorites!

Jul 24, 2007
dalnrice in Recipes