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What is "it" in "gin and it"?

Hi Marsha

I just had a "gin and it" at a British friend's home. He asked if I want one, but what I heard was 'gin and T', which I thought would be a gin and tonic. I said sure a gin and tonic sounded lovely and he said oh dear I don't think I have any tonic. Well what did you offer I asked. A 'gin and it,' with the it being short for Italian he said. His recipe was 50-50 gin and sweet vermouth, preferably and Italian vermouth and not a French one with one ice cube floating in it. It is a lovely color, a bit on the sweet side, but I like sweet drinks.

Jul 15, 2010
missywah in Spirits

Mulege find

Yes Rays Hacienda is now open after the hurricane. Ray also has two very reasonably priced cute little cabanas for rent. We often spend the night there after eating at his restaurant since we don't have to drive an hour home after drinking. He also has a great RV park with plenty of mown green lawn to park your RV.

Jan 17, 2010
missywah in Mexico