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Spiciest Vegetarian Meal in the City?/Roti

Mmm, sounds great. Thanks.

Spiciest Vegetarian Meal in the City?/Roti

Hey all,
so my boyfriend and I are on the hunt for some genuinely spicy veggie fare. I think he's a little tired of ordering something with three peppers on the menu and being dissapointed. Open to any food style, it just can't be too expensive (think ten bucks for a meal).

On another note, where's the best (spicy, too) roti hiding at in this city? Think Albert's or Gandhi's in Toronto if you've eaten there.

Thanks for any suggestions! :)

Free Birthday meals?


today is my birthday and I was wondering if there are any restaurants or bakeries that give away free items on one's birthday? Thanks.

Bragg Sauce


aside from trying random health food stores, where can I find Bragg Sauce at a reasonable price? Either near Parc-Ex or Place-des-Arts would be best. My boyfriend says they're absolutely great with potatoes and I'd like to try it! Thanks.

Salsa Lizano


I'm looking for some Costa Rican Lizano, and found one place that carries it on Belanger. I remember seeing somewhere that a store just beside Marche Jean Talon carries it? I live right near Metro Parc and ran out when I moved here. :( Thanks guys.

Uncle Ray's Hot Chips


has anyone seen Uncle Ray's chips in Montréal? I'm specifically looking for Hot and Jalapeno. If not, any recommendations for (cheap-ish) spicy chips? Thanks a lot!