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Do you improvise your own "cooling paddles"?

While boiling (100C) to freezing (0 C) may seem extreme, in terms of stainless steel those temps are quite pedestrian. To anneal stainless steel, you must heat it to at least 1000 C! Also, for concerns about the quenching, stainless won't warp or spall for a 100-0 C temp change

Dec 21, 2013
Bufftriguy in Cookware

I simply CANNOT cook fish... please, can someone help me?

Don't be afraid to use the non-stick pan. If you don't wish to use Teflon, try cast iron. I always blacken in a cast iron. Now for steel:

1. Hot oil, ~380 - 400F
2. Dry fish: rinse and pat the fish dry with paper towels.
3. Skin-side-down first.
4. Wiggle the pan for first 10 sec.
5. Leave alone for 3-5 min depending on thickness, or until a golden crust forms on skin.
6. Give pan a quick jerk to loosen fish. Wait 30 sec and repeat once or twice if necessary.
7. Flip fish away from you with a wide spatula. You may need to pry a little with the spatula.
8. Wiggle the pan for the first 10 sec.
9. Leave alone until fish is almost done but not flaky.
10. Remove from pan and serve.

You should be using 1-2 Tbl fat in a 10" skillet for this. If you prefer butter, be sure to go 50/50 :: cooking oil/butter to increase the smoke point. Also, some fish are just difficult to pan fry. If all else fails, don't be afraid to dredge the fish in a light seafood breader before frying.

note: I've used the above technique to prepare a parmesan crusted tilapia in an aluminum pan - it can be done.

Mar 22, 2010
Bufftriguy in Home Cooking