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Eating Healthy in Dublin?

I'm going to be traveling to Dublin in late November/early December. One of the people Im traveling with makes a real effort to eat healthy(lean and fresh proteins/fresh vegetables/etc). Any suggestions would be helpful, especially at the mid to high price point.

Any foods or restaurants that we should really be on the lookout for at that time of year?


Sep 11, 2013
bnbbiz in U.K./Ireland

Orlando - need rec for Lake Buena Vista area

I'm pretty sure that the Orlando Chowhounders will help you out...but i think we need a little more info. Where you are staying and your price range would be a good start.

Apr 02, 2013
bnbbiz in Florida

Dinner in Boca???

Looking for your "go-to" dinner options in (or around) Boca. I am going to be spending a long weekend at the Boca Beach Club - Waldorf Astoria and wanted to get your recommendations on any restaurants near the hotel. We are not picky at all about the type of food or price...just want good quality food & atmosphere.

Ideas? Thanks!

Sonoma/Napa Wine Tours (w/ food?)

Any suggestions or alternate plans are really appreciated.


Oct 02, 2012
bnbbiz in San Francisco Bay Area

Seeking Orlando advice based on geography and other factors

First off...I agree with every single recommendation above! I live within walking distance of both Rav Pig and Cask & Larder and I dont think you can make a bad choice between the two.

I just wanted to add this as I haven't been the biggest fan of Disney dinning options through the years. I was stuck out at the Disney Boardwalk area (its in the Epcot Resort area near the Swan & Dolphin hotels) and ended up eating at the Flying Fish when it was the only option with less than an hour wait. I had a very good meal there sitting at the bar. Be warned that there were several kids there though as you will find at all of the Disney area places.

Also...If I was dinning solo I would look for a place just like Cafe Tutu Tango. On I-drive near the convention center. Great atmosphere and small plates. Maybe Taverna Opa (Greek) also in the convention area.

Oct 01, 2012
bnbbiz in Florida

Sonoma/Napa Wine Tours (w/ food?)

I was hoping some of the Sonoma or Napa locals could provide me with a little help. We are looking for a car service or limo company that does a winery tour. Hopefully something that starts before lunch and takes us to 3-4 wineries with a good mix of tours, tastings and maybe food. An ideal itinerary would start around 11 with lunch at the first winery and end around 5 or 6. I have taken many of these types of tours in Tuscany but they are usually with bigger tour groups (10-12 people). Several companies in the Sonoma/Napa area seem to offer this service but figuring our which one is best has been pretty difficult.

After reading some of your great responses about the areas restaurants and wineries I wanted to give you as much information as possible. It is our first trip to the area and we have rented a house in Sonoma (5 min drive from the town plaza) for early November. We are meeting up with a couple that is very familiar with the area and we are all staying for 4 days. We were hoping to do the Limo/Car service trip on our first full day. We are not interested in doing a bus/van tour with others on this particular trip and cost for the limo/car service is not a concern. We are an eclectic group when it comes to wine so there isn't any one type we are focused on. We typically spend between $15-$75 a bottle depending on the occasion.

Any recommendations are appreciated!

Oct 01, 2012
bnbbiz in San Francisco Bay Area

Sorrento Italy - Update

Just spent a few days in Sorrento and wanted to give an update on a few of the places we enjoyed. After searching the boards and talking to numerous locals it became obvious that there isn't a consensus on where to eat....especially near the city center. It was actually pretty funny because we ended up talking to a local artist and his wife for quite some time after purchasing some inlaid wood pieces. As we started to talk about places to eat the husband excused himself and went behind the counter to do something on the computer. He then called me behind the counter and showed me the Tripadvisor list for restaurants! They were very helpful but could only recommend a few places within easy walking distance of the city center. Hope this helps!

1. Re Foods - We ate hear one night and attempted to go back a second time. Its a modern restaurant in the city center with very good food. My wife had gnocchi which was her favorite thing that she has had on the trip so far. Service was also very good especially considering the restaurant was totally packed. Although it is in the tourist area it doesn't give you that impression at all. Highly recommend this place for dinner if you are in Sorrento.

2. Pizza Da Franco - This is right on the main drag (Corso Italia) near the Piazza Lauro. Its a very easy walk to/from the train station. This is a great (and pretty cheap) lunch or dinner place. It is very laid back and the thin crust pizza comes out on metal trays. Definitely one of the better pizzas we have had in over 2 weeks in Italy. While I had seen it recommended on a few boards it was actually one of the guys working at our hotel that convinced us to get lunch here even though it was on the opposite side of town from our hotel. He said it was where he and his friends hung out and got dinner before going out on the weekends.

3. Ristorante O Murzill - This was the restaurant recommended to us by the local artist. We actually didn't get to eat here as there was an hour wait. The VERY small place only had 5 or 6 tables but the food looked great and I would have given it a try had we stayed another day.

Apr 13, 2012
bnbbiz in Italy

Food Tour/ Class in Rome

Appreciate all the help! I will definitely be booking with one (and possibly two) of the Chowhound regulars.

Mar 27, 2012
bnbbiz in Italy

Food Tour/ Class in Rome

My wife and I will be in Rome for business for the month of April. We are interested in arranging one of the food tours during our first week there. There seems to be many options out there and I thought that the Chowhounder's might be able to help steer us in the right direction. We were looking for a half day tour that can help us get more quickly acclimated to eating in Rome. Looking for something very informative with a focus on shopping in the markets, picking restaurants, ordering food and proper etiquette/ avoiding scams. All in all we were looking for some general guidance for eating in Rome for a month (with plenty of restaurant recommendations thrown in!)

We are staying in the Via Veneto area on Via Francesco Crispi. So a familiarity with that area would be great but we would be happy to tour anywhere in the city. We do not speak any Italian but are in the process of learning the basics as we know that it really helps...even if we are terrible it seems like the effort is usually appreciated.

Mar 26, 2012
bnbbiz in Italy

Cuban in Central Florida or Tampa Area

Most of the central Florida (orlando) chowhouders swear by Padrino's. Its in the Hunters Creek area of Orlando (25 min drive from downtown Orlando) and on the theme park side of town.

Mar 23, 2012
bnbbiz in Florida

Durham NC Hound visiting Orlando

I’m not that familiar with the downtown restaurants (meaning those that you can walk to from the downtown area). However, if you have a car or are willing to take a short cab ride I highly recommend our Mills 50 area. There are numerous Vietnamese restaurants with a few Chinese/Korean/Thai places thrown the boards regarding the strongly held preferences for each of these places. There are also a few other places that you might want to check out in that same area. I’m a fan of Funky Monkey restaurant and Bananas Diner (owned by the same people). If you are willing to drive up to 10 minutes away I strongly recommend going to Winter Park. It's one of Orlando’s upscale "suburbs" and has some great restaurants including the often discussed Ravenous Pig. You may also want to checkout Park Ave in Winter Park. It s great street to start at one end (corner of Fairbanks/Park) and walk to the other end and see the many restaurants and shops. A few of my favorites on Park are 310 Park South and Bosphorus (Turkish). Also on Fairbanks in Winter Park is 4 Rivers BBQ (also about 10 mins from downtown). If you decide to go to 4 Rivers you will want to keep in mind the it only has outdoor seating and the line is long (30 mins?) around lunch and dinner time.

Jan 18, 2012
bnbbiz in Florida

Italian in Georgetown area?

Any good Italian in the Georgetown area? Looking for a good dinner on a Friday night. Haven't seen any glowing recomendations on the boards.

New Year's Eve Dinner in DC

Thanks for all of the suggestions! Jeserf's link to the Washingtonian magazine NYE list was VERY helpful! We were able to get reservations at Zaytinya and at Poste. What do you think of those options? Which would you choose?

My impression is that the food will be better at Zaytinya but Im not sure about the NYE atmosphere. I have reservations for the "roast and toast" at Poste where it seems like the NYE activities will be in full swing.

New Year's Eve Dinner in DC

Still looking for some NYE suggestions. Unfortunately I dropped the ball and haven’t made any reservations yet. Any suggestions for late dinning on NYE are welcome! Thanks for all of your help!

New Year's Eve Dinner in DC

Just wanted to clarify my original post. Dancing/club atmosphere isn’t a necessity. A nice restaurant or restaurant/bar with some music and a fun atmosphere for New Years would be great.

Appreciate all the great suggestions!

New Year's Eve Dinner in DC

My wife and I are heading to Washington DC for a short vacation over New Year's weekend. We have never been to the area before and have no idea what we should do for New Year's Eve. We are staying in Georgetown and would like our dinner/plans to be relatively close to that area or near a metro stop. We won’t have a car and taxis are tough to get on New Years.

Does anyone have any suggestions for us? We are a couple in our 30's that would ideally like to go to a nice restaurant that will have a good atmosphere (music, dancing, etc). Great food is a must. Price isn't a huge concern but would like to keep it under $150pp for the night.

Are any of your favorite places doing anything special for New Year's Eve?

Formal Dinner in Orlando???

Any other nice/formal places in Orlando that I'm just missing? Considering Chatham's Place and Enzo's...Oceans Prime, Oceanaire and Roys have also been suggested.

Thanks for all the help!

Sep 20, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Formal Dinner in Orlando???

Appreciate the feedback. Hadn’t thought of Enzo’s!

Guess I should give some more info on what I’m looking for. Price, location (as long as it’s in the Orlando area) and cuisine aren’t a factor. Just looking for other suggestions similar to Normans at the Ritz, Enzo’s, Luma etc. While we love Rav Pig, Tu Tu Tango, Funky Monkey and many other places around town I'm looking for something thats just a little more formal.

We also just went to Napa in the Peabody hotel which was very good. Appreciate all the help!

Sep 19, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Formal Dinner in Orlando???

I’m looking for a few suggestions on where to take my wife out for a more formal/nice dinner in Orlando. Somewhere that you wouldn't take kids or wear jeans??? We typically go to Norman's for this type of night out but I wanted to get your suggestions. Had looked into V&A out at Disney but we haven't had the best luck with Disney restaurants.

Help me out Chowhounders!

Sep 19, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Need Orlando good eats

Might want to try Millers Ale House for MNF. I believe its close to your hotel. As for other suggestions you might want to search the boards for Universal/I-drive topics....plenty of suggestions there.

Sep 07, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Winter Park

Also look into Trattoria Toscana, Shipyard Emporium and WP fish co.

May 09, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Any Favorites for Orlando Restaurant Week?

Funky Monkey, Oceanaire & Cap Grille are all at Pointe Orlando and near your hotel. All three are pretty good but different.
1. Funky Monkey - Non-chain. 2 locations here in orlando. One of our favorites.
2. Oceanaire - chain but very good seafood. I feel like its a nice change of pace from most seafood places and the menu options look great.
3. Capital Grille - Same as anywhere....but nice.

If you want to get (slightly) away from the tourists but still close to your hotel then you should check out Big Fin Seafood. Reviews have been somewhat mixed.

May 05, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

NY Hound One Night in Orlando then driving down to Ft Lauderdale

I'd also look into Normans at the Ritz Carlton. Its out towards the attraction area (20 mins from downtown Orlando). Best seafood ive had in Orlando. Chef Norman van Aken was part of the original south florida mango mafia/floribbean movement. I've never had a bad meal there.

Apr 29, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Orlando, WP, Mt Dora - Easter lunch?

I’m looking for suggestions for a non-buffet Easter lunch/brunch (around noon) somewhere east of downtown Orlando. Really looking for suggestions in Winter Park, Sanford, Mt. Dora areas etc. It’s important that the restaurant isn't serving its Easter lunch/brunch buffet style since some of my guests are older and don’t feel like that is a very good "value" for their money since they don’t eat very much. Despite this, price isn't a concern. Any and all suggestions are welcome.


Apr 20, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Italian BEEFstro - Downtown Orlando

I just wanted to give a heads up to others on the board who like good cheap eats. The Italian beefstro is on 50/colonial near I-4. It's across the street from the old Amway Arena and not in the best area but they have a great parking lot and the property (inside and out) is spotless. On the positive side its just off I-4 and near downtown. It's a lunch place but open til 6 if you want an early dinner.

I had passed this place several times over the last year but was always leery b/c of the location. I couldn't have been more wrong. The place specializes in the chicago classics...Italian beef sandwiches and hot dogs. The owners are from chicago and great to talk to...they stayed open 30 extra minutes for us to eat when we got there at closing time. I tried both the italian beef (dipped of course) and a chicago dog (with giardiniera instead of sport peppers per the owners suggestion) and they were both great! The beef sandwich had a great roll and the au jus was very flavorful. The hot dog was as good as anywhere in orlando. I'll be going back at least once a week!

Apr 09, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Bachelorette party dinner - Don CeSar/SPB

Any other suggestions...trying to make reservations soon! Redfish62- Thanks for the response, saltrock looks like a great option!

Feb 23, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Bachelorette party dinner - Don CeSar/SPB

Any suggestions for a bachelorette party dinner near the Don CeSar in St. Pete Beach? Good food, good atmosphere....

Feb 22, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Orlando - Higher-end for a group?

Here are a couple of suggestions. (although Im not sure about the availablity of private rooms at these locations) I have used each of these (except Napa) for business dinners.

1. Normans - its a little bit of a drive but its at the Ritz Carlton and the food/service is excellent
2. Napa - Its at the Peabody hotel and I've heard good things.
3. Capital Grille - On I-drive at Pointe Orlando.
4. Roys - On Sandlake near I-drive(15 mins or less from your hotel)
5. Oceans Prime - Sandlake/Idrive
6. Hemingways @ the Hyatt Grand Cypress

As an FYI... I would stay away from all of the on-property disney restaurants for a business dinner.

Feb 22, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

Looking for best eats Orlando

A couple of other places that are closer to you and might be good with 2 kids:

1. Cafe tutu tango: I-drive tapas style with live artists and entertainment.
2. Taverna Opa: Med/Greek atmosphere. In Pointe Orlando on I-drive.
3. Tchuop Chop(sp?) - emerils place at one of the hotels at Universal Studios (some people here don’t like it but I've always had great food)

1. 4rivers BBQ - I would DEF suggest this over Bubbalous...though if u near bubbalous it is OK.
2. Bongos at Downtown Disney - I feel like this has the best food at downtown Disney if you there...good for lunch or dinner. Touristy though.

And lastly...I always recommend this to anyone coming to Orlando for a week- go to park ave in winter park (near Rav pig) and walk around. Many good places to eat for lunch or dinner (my favorites are Trattoria Tuscona or Bosphorous) and a great way to get away from the theme park areas.

Feb 21, 2011
bnbbiz in Florida

BB Kings or House of Blues

I've eaten at both recently. Similar quality food at both places. If you going for the live band then you have to go to BBK. The bands start early and play through dinner. I believe that the bands at HOB go on much later (after 9 I think). On the plus side for HOB is the fact that it is in Downtown Disney which is a nice (free) place to spend a night walking around.

Dec 17, 2010
bnbbiz in Florida