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Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

$1.49/ lb roasted at alexandria, va harris teeter aug 30 and 31
Compared to $4.99 at wegmans!!!

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

Harris teeter update:

Our next (and last) event in the DC area will be in Alexandria at Foxchase/Duke St location. Aug 30th and 31st from 10-7!

They did not tell me the prices

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

I know- i was thnk I'd throw a big bunch on the grill- it isn't hard.

You just want to blacken them really good, them throw them in a a paper bag for 10-15 min to steam, peel the skin, let cool, chop and freeze or use.

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

Thank you so much for the link! I am putting the dates on my calendar! :)

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

Thank you- does any store have a roaster set up? If any sees one please post- I've been late the last few years! :)

Pani Puri & Other Chaat

I have some friends who have never tried it, and now want to, bec of the recent article. I just want to take them somewhere good.
I'll look into this place you mentioned. Thanks Steve

Pani Puri & Other Chaat

Any updates? The recent newspaper article about pani puri has made me want to get some. Saravana, or Punjabi by Nature or ... ?

Alphonso mangoes?

I'm going to place an order from mangozz.com
$80 for a dozen and $25 shipping. they said they only have 2 more shipments coming and no more to the east coast. I may wait until this afternoon, in case anyone wants to split a large order and save on shipping. they won't ship out until next week.

Alphonso mango sightings?

Thanks to both of you. Maybe we will get some down here in the next few weeks

May 07, 2014
MoCoMe in Manhattan

Alphonso mango sightings?

Thanks, but I'm hoping to stay in Manhattan if possible

May 07, 2014
MoCoMe in Manhattan

Alphonso mango sightings?

Coming from DC tomorrow for a day trip and hoping to find some. Anyone know?

May 07, 2014
MoCoMe in Manhattan

Alphonso mangoes?

Yes, please post sightings! :)

Best Bagels

Also in Bethesda-- 'Georgetown Bagels', on River Rd.. I go here and Bethesda Bagels

Alphonso mangoes?

That's Ataulfo. I want Alphonso

Alphonso mangoes?

Bumping this--it's that time of year-anyone seen them locally? :)

Want to make (Colorado) Green Chili monday nite

Does anyone know if any stores have green chile roasters set up still?
Im also looking for frozen posole- does anyone know a source?

Montgomery county is first choice but will drive if nec.


Anyone know where to find Hatch chili's in the DC area?

Wish I had gotten some. I used to peel, chop and freeze them. Makes for a very good soup base in the winter!

East Pearl in Rockville - Report

Yeah the ice cream at York Castle up the road was the best part of the meal for us. It was nice seeing you guys though...

Eden Eats Baltimore

The Russian place serves shish kabobs, crab cakes and chicken parm with pasta??? I don't know a lot of Russian foods but the only thing I recognized was the pelmeni

Dim sum in DC?

If you can get outofthe city, hong kong pearl in 7 corners and Oriental east insilver spring ( get there at 10:30 to wait in line)

East Pearl - Washingtonian got it right

Thanks for the link. I've been meaning to go,but never did. Now I know I miust get there soon!
I've going to suggest a group outing there to the folks whose email addresses I have.


Pioneer Pit Beef

Honfest is June 9/10 this year. Never been so I get to see all that and try pit beef!

Pepe (J. Andres food truck); Jaleo D.C.; Banh Mi D.C.

Where on rt 50 is that banh mi truck? Might have to cross the border for it!

Thank for posting!

1 night in DC - need recommendations for dinner - staying in Georgetown

Ditto. I'd add Blacksalt to the list for seafood. If you want really delicious ethnic food, you need to go to the burbs. Lower meal price will help offset transportation charges. Or you can Metro to many.

need resataurant near BWI/I-95

I like honey pig but it's not cozy. Depending on time/day they may be overcrowded.
I went for late lunch once and it was deserted

Early dinner near the Verizon Center on Monday

I would go with oyamel or rasika but I don't think they start until 5:30
Maybe Graffiato?

Moa in Rockville?

May 6, 11:30 work for you guys? if so I'll invite the email group.

Status of China Bistro (aka "Mama's Dumplings") in Rockville?

I think we should do the next chowdown here!

CHOWDOWNS in metro area

Sorry- been really busy... mookleknuck, I emailed you, albeit late. Anyway even if you can't see the calendar (any google experts here?), the only thing on it is Saravana Palace at 4 pm Apr 21. If you still want to join, email me by the end of the day today, please. Jessica is going to give them the final headcount. And again, if anyone needs a ride from the metro let us know and we'll do our best.

As an aside - for gardeners, a Groupon for today is 1/2 off at the Garden and plant center just up the street from the restaurant (time to buy the tomato plants and herbs).... and apparently a Wegman's grocery is also nearby.

Need Dinner Recommendations for Bethesda Area

From where you will be, you will be able to head north/NE just as easily as into Bethesda. Within a 20 min drive, you have some of the best food in the area- it's just not upscale.

Scichuan Pavillion
Joe's Noodle- (Szechuan not noodles. they didn't get new signage)
Mama's dumplings
Nava Thai
Ruan Thai

Also, many suggest the Ethiopian in DC is the best in the area. If you don't want the hassle of driving into the city. park in Bethesda, take the metro. Easy.

Second the Cleveland Park idea & Passage to India and Mia's and Green Papaya. Parking is a little tougher in Cleveland Park.

Spice Xing in Rockville Town Center (on the edge of the 25 min drive limit) is very good, and parking is easy.