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Taleggio: Cheese of the Month (Mar 2013)

photo of taleggio from costco and atalanta corp: says 'rind not edible' near the bottom. huh? isn't the main point of taleggio the rind?! and why wouldn't the rind be edible? is this related to the recent FDA announcement for USA cheese-makers to ban aging on wooden planks? so many questions, so little time ..

How long do Chinese Boiled Salted Duck eggs last?

i am still standing after eating a slice of these that have been in the fridge for around 5 years.

Roast Goose

hassle-free, most delicious method is slow roast:

Why add flour when oven-roasting vegetables?

think it's a mouth-feel kind of thing. we thought the hesser recipe was awesome and i've since tried the idea with other veg and fruit combinations. kind of like when you eat a pot pie with a real dough crust and you break the crust into the soupy contents.

Rabbit: Too Cute to Eat?

How about the rabbits that over-run the garden, the skate ramp, the decks .. I think these should be eaten!

Fixing Burnt Soup?

i've burnt so many originally delicious potions that i bought two flame tamers / heat diffusers
that sit between the burner & pot. no boiling over or burning .. placing it down also
gives more presence of mind :)