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How long do Chinese Boiled Salted Duck eggs last?

i am still standing after eating a slice of these that have been in the fridge for around 5 years.

Jul 29, 2013
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Roast Goose

hassle-free, most delicious method is slow roast:

Apr 12, 2013
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Why add flour when oven-roasting vegetables?

think it's a mouth-feel kind of thing. we thought the hesser recipe was awesome and i've since tried the idea with other veg and fruit combinations. kind of like when you eat a pot pie with a real dough crust and you break the crust into the soupy contents.

Feb 02, 2013
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Rabbit: Too Cute to Eat?

How about the rabbits that over-run the garden, the skate ramp, the decks .. I think these should be eaten!

Feb 09, 2012
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Fixing Burnt Soup?

i've burnt so many originally delicious potions that i bought two flame tamers / heat diffusers
that sit between the burner & pot. no boiling over or burning .. placing it down also
gives more presence of mind :)

Jan 15, 2010
buckwheat buttermilk girl in Home Cooking