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Great new restaurant in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Exigente, this is peer reviewed site; not for the obvious owner (one posting) to place an ad.

Planning Round the World Trip - Would Appreciate Cooking Class Suggestions!


I see that this was posted back in April, I am planning a similar trip and am curious is you ever received any guidance...


Jul 15, 2010
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wood chunks for smoking

Home Depot has Hickory and Mesquite chunks in bags of about 10 Lbs. (about $8 a bag), and if you control the O2 they work great...

Jul 14, 2010
Pink Salt in Outer Boroughs

Greek Salad in Carroll Gardens area

Dude, you are looking for Zeytoonjian's and they deliver. Sahadi's is awesome, but it is not a restaurant. Nonetheless, if you do make your own, buy their French feta, add cukes, good tomatoes, sweet onions, olives, oregano, fresh lemon juice and good olive oil and toss (I also add some romaine) and toss (their French feta does make the best Greek salad I have ever have, but you do need to make it yourself - they have a pre-made one, but it is not great).


187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Jun 04, 2010
Pink Salt in Outer Boroughs

Where to buy fresh plaintain in brooklyn (cobble hill area)

Met on Smith often has them. Also the bodega on Warren and Smith "always" has them. (Put them under hot tap water for 2-3 minutes before peeling the green ones...)

Jan 23, 2010
Pink Salt in Outer Boroughs

What kind of wait can I expect at Prime Meats?

Expect a significant (90 min or more) wait on a Friday at 8 / 9-ish and there is little room at the bar. That said, if you can make the time work it is a great steak and fine meal...

You can also plan ahead by popping-in early and giving them your name (and number) and heading across the street for a drink.

Jan 15, 2010
Pink Salt in Outer Boroughs