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Night before Christmas Eve dinner

I am from Maryland coming up to Passaic County for the holiday. I am having dinner with my 2 nieces (one 16 years old and one 20) and need dinner recommendations. They live in the Wayne area but I'm willing to travel up to 30 minutes from there for good food (though Hoboken is probably out of the question). One of the girls is a vegetarian so recommendations for a restaurant that would appease a 16 year old but also have very good vegetarian dishes would be appreciated. Price points probably around $15-$20 entrees would be fine. Nothing too stuffy either, I'm trying to look like a cool aunt.

Dec 15, 2010
zettle4344 in New Jersey

Lunch spot along I-87

Will be traveling from Ramsey, NJ north on I-87 towards Albany before hanging a right on I-90 into Massachusetts. I was hoping for some recommendations on where I should stop for lunch anywhere north of Newburgh area. Need to stay close to I-87, but would be willing to travel up to 10 miles out for really awesome place. Price range preferably below $15 per person. Not interested in diner food or a hot dog stand, looking for a bistro or somewhere quaint to stop and get a good meal. Open to a variety of cuisines.

Need lunch recommendations, have 6 hours to kill before flight at FLL on July 4th

We have 6 hours between dropping off our rental car and flying out of FLL on July 4th and would appreciate good lunch spots. I'm traveling with an older relative so non-adventurous lunch ideas would fit us best. Not looking to spend over $14 an entree for lunch, or dine at chain restaurants. Simple, good food would fit the bill.

Solo Traveler - Need Ft. Myers/Cape Coral restaurant recommendations

I will be in the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area starting tomorrow for a week. I need recommendations on where to eat solo, preferably non-chain restaurants. Entrees should be under $25 and I would prefer a casual atmosphere. I love all kinds of food, so I'm very open to trying new cuisines. Thanks in advance.

Feb 01, 2010
zettle4344 in Florida

Need restaurant recommendations for very large (90+guests) baby shower in the Baltimore/DC area

I tried searching this topic and came up with only a few posts, most outdated. We are looking to have the shower at a restaurant preferably in a private banquet room. Renting out the entire restaurant is not a financial option, so hopefully there are restaurants large enough out there to accommodate 90+ guests in a separate room. So far we have researched CoCo Sala, Maggianos, Jaleo, and Mrs. K's Tollhouse. The mom to be is very laid back and fun, so any suggestions for non-formal restaurants would be appreciated (i.e. not the Ritz-Carlton).