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Best Sushi for Lunch?

Morimoto is your best bet for lunch, as Vic Sushi does not open until 4:30. Morimoto has the best fish, if you are looking for sashimi and not fancy rolls.

Jan 28, 2010
FeliciaDAmbrosio in Philadelphia

Amis reports?

Hi J Andrew

I dined at Amis for Friends & Family night and can say it is definitely worth the trip. Highlights: pork liver terrine with mostarda, fried lamb's tongue with salsa rosa, seppia (cross between octopus and squid) with fennel and grapefruit, bucatini with pork jowl, mascarpone semifreddo.

Great wine list, too... we had a Sardinian red (can't remember obscure grape varietal) that was a stunner.


Jan 15, 2010
FeliciaDAmbrosio in Philadelphia