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Restaurants/BBQ near Houston Galleria - advice needed

OK, I am on Jaymes' side here. I am not sure how anyone cannot like authentic Mexican food, but I guess there is always a first. Is it similar to people who go to Italy & ask for more sauce?

Taqueria Laredo on Washington has great barbacoa (braised or roasted beef cheek) tacos. Also, the taco truck at Canino's market has sweetbread tacos (sometimes) as is an adventure all in its self. They both are not in the Galleria, but I thought I would make note. The only advice I would give in regards to Mexican is to eat offal; barbacoa, tongue, sweetbreads & tripe are all very traditional & if you order fajita's you can rest assured that the Mexican couple in the corner snickering are snickering at you. Have fun, the Mexican is great in this town.

BTW, Hugo's is great if you want upscale southern Mexico cooking. The food needs salt & please do yourself a favor & order moles & anything EXCEPT enchiladas.

Jan 20, 2010
diego90per in Houston

Live Crawfish in Houston Area

Does anyone know of a good supplier of live crawfish in the Houston area? Preferably a place where I can pick them up on a whim and not have to order. I usually buy mine on my way back from Beaumont when I am on business, but really want better accessibility. Also, has anyone figured out how many pounds of live crawfish it takes to cultivate one pound of tail meat? I use them for etouffee, etc. Can't stand pre-packaged tails!

Jan 19, 2010
diego90per in Houston

Ethnic restaurants in Fort Worth

Although not Mexican or Indian, Nonna Tata is a place that you can't miss in Ft Worth. I know of multiple people, including myself, that take road trips from Houston just to go there. The menu changes daily & the chef is an Italian grandmother cooking her own "home-food". It's bring your own wine & cash only. You also have to get there early or you will not get a seat.

Best dish in Houston 2009....... Ready, set, go!

What was the best dish you had this year in Houston. Also taking votes for best restaurants!

Jan 14, 2010
diego90per in Houston

Restaurants/BBQ near Houston Galleria - advice needed

What a thread! There are a lot of hot tempers on here. Well sfdoc, as you can see by now Texans are very passionate about their BBQ. It's a shame that you are limited to the Galleria. It has, probably, more chain restaurants than any other part of town (sans the burbs) & the places that are not chains are plagued with mediocrity. The only places I would recommend going in the Galleria would be in the upscale market & would both be Italian:

1.) Ristorante Cavour at the hotel Granduca. This is David Denis'(chef/owner/magician of Le Mistral, my pick for the best French in town) Italian place and should be tried.

2.) Arcodoro is good, but I will not rave on & on a bout it. This place is owned by Efisio Farris & gets the "interesting" nod because it is specifically traditional Sardinian food. It's right next door to your hotel, but it is pretty pricey & Chef Farris opened another Arcodoro in Dallas, so I think it now counts as a chain.

I know that you want to stay around the Galleria, and at risk of being attacked by the message board ; ), I feel that you should do yourself a favor & rent a car. The downtown area has the more interesting of the food scenes in Houston. If you do decide to drive into town here are my rec's:

1.) Thelma's BBQ @ Live Oak & Lamar. It's just a shack, but that shack is where the BBQ is at, sir.

2.) Beaver BBQ on Decatur. This is Monica Pope's take on BBQ , albeit not a traditional one, but very interesting & fun. Monica Pope is the pioneer of sustainable foods in our city and has made it standard practice to use farm to market foods in most great restaurants in Houston. I believe that she worked in San Francisco for a long while as well. The bartenders are gifted too. Beaver's is just plain fun.

3.) Catalan if you looking for a GREAT meal. I am not fond of the menu, but the tasting is insane & I go for one about once a month. Chris Shepard is another sustainable food dude and has a particular affinity to offal. He also keeps the Texas spirit alive with local favorites done outside of the box, along with "street foods" from his country de jour. His tasting's are inventive & heavy (in a good way). He loves lipids that's for sure. Chef Shepard was the Sous Chef at Brennan's of Houston for what seemed like forever. Catalan allows him the chance to kick ass on his own terms.

4.) Da Marco. Best place in town for anything. It's Italian & the only other thing you need to know is that you need to go there. Really............

5.) Poscol for Marco Wiles' (Da Marco) casual Venetian restaurant. It's amazing & cheap. Bacalao manicando, risotto's, etc.

6.) Reef is very good for fish and is another farm to market place that, if memory serves me right, won an award for sustainability in Gourmet mag a couple of years ago. The owners just opened an Italian/Texan place a couple of months ago called Stella Sola. I have been once and am going again this weekend. It's wonderful.

There is so much more to add, but I will bow out now. I agree with the whole "Luling City BBQ is terrible" thing by the way. Don't go there.

Jan 14, 2010
diego90per in Houston