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OrGREENic Cookware?

Yes, the chopper is crap and not worth the shipping. Worth some 2 bucks. It is exactly the same "innovative" type I had used (and threw away after it got blunt in short order) some 30 years ago in a communist country back then. Cleaning the chopper is a pain. Well, they did a little upgrade so now it can be at least assembled/disassembled but a pain it is.

Feb 03, 2010
nehopsa in Cookware

OrGREENic Cookware?

Update: THE PAN ARRIVED AS THEY PROMISED. They sent me a 11" lid I did not ordered originally instead of 11" pan I did. It scared me out as I considered that another round of unfair sale tactics. I am so happy it was not and they seem not to be that bad after all. It took some three weeks for the pan to arrive but arrived it did.
I should apologize a bit. I am posting this update for you to have the complete picture. They keep their word. In my case they were VERY nice and also allowed me to keep the lid they sent in error.

As for the pan itself after 3 weeks it still performs nicely. It is my favorite for breakfast eggs/sausage/bacon. It takes much less time to heat up than electric griddle or even other pans and the results are superior w/o any oil. Even if it can SEEM it sticks from time to time (at first after you cover colder surface with egg) it does not in fact. You just leave your eggs in a little longer and sure they will peel off nicely. (I am not using it that heavy as other users reporting problems and I will see later if it keeps this way after longer period).

I am not a very proficient cook. My experience is very positive so far.

Feb 03, 2010
nehopsa in Cookware

OrGREENic Cookware?

I have to confirm some of the underhand practices. On the other hand the pan feels solid and so far delivers as promised.

I ordered after an infomercial on Dec 16 but the pan arrived only today Jan 13. This is because I refused to pay a surcharge for "speedy delivery". Not only do I consider such an extra unfair but it was doubly unfair that they wanted it. I ordered right when the infomercial boomed promise of speedy delivery for no extra charge "if you order right now". Bad faith. What promised denied.

The saleswoman was very articulate and well spoken and seemed to have some patience with me, which was nice. But at the same time she tried very hard to stretch me at all possible moments. I was determined to get JUST the pan and nothing else. First she wanted to sell the whole set. Declined. Then half a set. Declined. Finally just one more larger pan for the price of the first one and without additional shipping. Accepted. Then she was pushing lids for both pans. Declined. I had her read the final order twice. She was trying to sneak in the lids. I had the order re-read to make sure no lids were there.

There was no confirmation email after the deal even though I requested it. I called in and they said they send the email only after shipping.

Today I received the order and got violet with rage. There was the 9" pan I ordered. And there was a large 11" LID I NEVER ORDERED and did my best to avoid!! And there was no 11" pan.

I read the invoice. It said that I ordered "orgreenic essentials" for some 40++ bucks. What is "orgreenic essentials??!! What a code language is that. Instead of itemizing plainly and clearly 9" pan for 19.99 and 11" pan 19.99 they muddled up. At this point I did not believe it was a mistake...it felt like one big intentional strategy to stretch me and erase the evidence. I called them immediately. (No, I did not tell the guy I was livid with rage). I explained I received 9" pan and 11" lid that I NEVER ordered. The guy asked whether there was also 11" pan. NO. To my surprise he will send me the missing second pan.

If he does I am happy about this part. (I will let you know if he did.)

I fully understand mammahonee and her decision to return the shipment immediately. Had they not set the things straight my package would have been on its return trip at this very moment.

There is this issue with web page. When I was looking for it high and low the day after I ordered I could not find anything. There was just one defunct domain no longer in use with dubious references. No confirmation email either. So I though I was taken in. Strangely, I remembered the phone number (even though not written down) and got their explanation (above). Now after a month they set up their web page and advertised the fact on the invoice. I checked the same web address I tried a month before and expected nothing. But the web is there. Including unbelievably inflated prices. So I could be even happy that I got my pan for "just" $19.99 (the web would charge me miserly $129.99). The lid that came in error was offered for $9.99 on the phone but you can see it on the web for $39.

Unbelievable. So I guess I can be happy even for the bad lid.... as a "good value" after seeing all that.

So you can see those guys have their fair share of unfair sale tactics.

About the pan itself I am VERY HAPPY so far. I did the seasoning (put oil all over the green surface and let it on medium until it starts smoking). I will care not to stress it with temperature extremes. I will not use dishwasher. Thank you for advice.

I did eggs w/o oil. Fantastic. It peeled off nicely and did not stick. Also it tastes differently than the oil shell you get from a regular pan with oil. It even creates tasty crusty surface. The pan itself retains heat much longer than a regular metal pan.

For now I am happy about my order.

I will not run my truck over the pan (as in the infomercial). But I will let you know if the pan develops issues.

Jan 13, 2010
nehopsa in Cookware