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Giving little kids expensive food -- am I off base?

I remember when I was 6 years old, I tried Beluga Caviar for the first time. I learned about the differences between caviars and I began to experiment with what I liked and didn't like. Iranian Beluga Caviar is $400/oz, certainly considered expensive. I also realized that the way to make the perfect scrambled eggs is with extra butter, a dash of black truffle oil, and back truffles shaved on top. I've been eating lamb since I was 4 and I have grown to dislike it, I prefer meats less game-y. Lobster is incredible, though. There are pictures of me when I was 3 eating lobsters claws.

I've been raised to appreciate quality food and quality wine. I am 14 years old and I know what my likes and dislikes are. For example, my favorite pasta is Foie gras ravioli, my favorite appetizer is Escargot du Beurre or Boluga Caviar (although I prefer Iranian over Russian), my favorite snack is Black Truffle Honey with Pecorino cheese, etc.. If you can tell, I enjoy French foods; however, I am not limited to them.

I think that is children are going to pick at food and waste it, don't serve it to them. For me, I was introduced to food from a young age; therefore, I have learned to appreciate them. I can't remember ever throwing a meal out without trying it, I wasn't raised like that. Actually, I was punished if I didn't try everything.

Jan 13, 2010
catherine418 in Not About Food