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Where have all the currants gone? Can't find them anywhere.

I would just like to add that I grew up in the U.K. eating black currant jam. Black currant bushes are in many gardens and grow wild too. Now that I'm in the U.S. I needed ingredients for a fruit cake. After calling my mother she explained that the "currants" she uses are imported and expensive. Clearly not the same thing as black currants then.
It would appear that recipes calling for currants then refer to mini black seedless grapes (zante currants) and NOT black currants.

According to the currantc website:

"Since the growing of the real currants had been banned for many years in the U.S. and few Americans knew what real Currants were any more, the name stuck and we now have 80+ years of cookbooks telling us to put a half a cup of Zante currants, or more commonly the abbreviated "currants," in our scones and soda bread when what they really mean is the special seedless, mini-raisin made from black Corinthian grapes."

Sep 17, 2013
littlemartin in General Topics

Tramontina Tri-Ply Lids Are Not Tight

I have a feeling this issue is not specific to this manufacturer, so not necessarily knocking the product but am looking for feedback.

I Just picked up 2 pieces from Wally World as I begin to wean myself off a 10yo nonstick set of cookware. Approx. 5qt Jumbo Cooker (Large Saute Pan) and 3qt Sauce Pan. The lids have a reasonable amount of weight and do a decent job of staying in place until pressure builds (eg. boiling water). The amount of steam that escapes out of the sides is fairly ridiculous at that point. I don't think these pieces are defective though, but designed that way. I did "handle" a few different brands of Stainless cookware in various stores before deciding on these pieces to begin with. I can't say that I noticed any manufacturer had tight fitting lids. I sort of assumed the weight of the lid would keep it in place.

I know I can turn down the burner and I know I can place a piece of foil between the pot and lid but is it too much to ask for a tight fitting lid? Is this the norm for Stainless cookware?

Jan 13, 2010
littlemartin in Cookware