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Food Feuds

I feel liek the biggest food feud in dc would be Kabob Palace vs. Ravi Kabob. No one seemed to point this one out

Kabob Palace
2315 S Eads St, Arlington, VA 22202

Baltimore to james madison University on Tuesday

As a JMU alumni there are some really good food options downtown in Harrisonburg. What kind of food are you looking for?

Jack Browns- Beer and Burger Joint
Has great American Wagyu burgers. And definitely try a fried oreo. The place is very small but it makes it even better.

Dave's Taverna
Delicious food. All kinds but they consider themselves a Greek place. I would reccommend the steak and cheese on a pita.

A little more sit down and less college feel. Great food here also amazing beer selections.

The Burger Joint
106 N Washington St, Alexandria, VA 22314

Brother is coming to town. Need a dinner spot.

My little brother is coming into town this weekend and I would like to take him out to dinner. We will be in either Arlington or NW DC during dinner hours on Friday and Saturday. I was hoping to find somewhere where both of us could eat with tip for around $60-75 before drinks. I have no type of food preference. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks

Where to take my mom out for lunch?

Sorry about that. I live in Arlington area, Closest to Courthouse but we were coming into the city to do a little site seeing so anywhere in the northwest, conneticut ave area would be great. My mom is from virginia but her family is from South Carolina so she enjoys southern style food. She also enjoys seafood and italian food. I was looking to spend around $75 for the both of us.

Where to take my mom out for lunch?

My mom is coming to visit me next Saturday and I would like to take her to a nice lunch in the DC area. She is a simple lady but loves good food. Can eat anything from a burger to tartare. Any suggestions for something moderate in price? Thank you.