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Brother in law visiting NYC for the first time. Suggestions?

He's from Chicago. $50 **before** tax and tip, which really means about $40/head.

Aug 08, 2013
realbigfoodie in Manhattan

Brother in law visiting NYC for the first time. Suggestions?

My brother in law has never been to NYC before in his life (incredible!). Anyway he's coming for the first time this weekend, with my sister who has been here many times but doesn't live here. Any recommendations for where we should take a first time visitor out to eat? He is on vacation but doesn't want to spend more than $50 a head.

Aug 08, 2013
realbigfoodie in Manhattan

Restaurant Supply Stores in West LA? (Especially for knives)

Does anyone have some suggestions for a good restaurant supply store in West LA where I can go to buy good and affordable knives?

Valentines day suggestions? GF visiting from out of town

By younger/older, you mean in terms of clientele right?

Valentines day suggestions? GF visiting from out of town

So I was able to get reservations at two places that both look good (don't worry, I'm going to cancel one of them shortly - with lots of time before the big day): at Joe's Restaurant in Venice, and The Water Grill downtown. Which of the two do you think would be a better spot for valentine's day?

Water Grill
544 South Grand, Los Angeles, CA 90071

Valentines day suggestions? GF visiting from out of town

A romantic atmosphere would be a big plus. Budget-wise, I don't want to go too expensive but if I end up spending 100-150 total on the evening I won't be too upset. She is coming for a week or so, so yes I could cook for her but my place is pretty small. I do want to take her out so generally good suggestions (not just restaurants) for things to do on V day are greatly appreciated.

Valentines day suggestions? GF visiting from out of town

Thanks for the suggestion, I know that V Day isn't the best time to go out for dinner but it's what we do. Any other good restaurants which don't have special menus?

Valentines day suggestions? GF visiting from out of town

My girlfriend (from NYC) is visiting LA during the week of valentine's day and I want to show her a good time. We are both foodies, but since I moved here only a couple of months ago and I cook a lot, I don't know the restaurant scene as well as I should. I live in westwood, but driving is not a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions for good places to for valentines day in LA? To give you a taste of our food interests, we like sushi, new american, greek, pretty much anything but those are the best.

Thank you! I really appreciate your suggestions.

Good Indian, middle eastern, or other ethnic groceries in Westwood?

I just moved from NYC to LA (Westwood), and need to re-stock my apartment with all of the ethnic items that I couldn't take with me. In particular I want to get some really good basmati rice (in bulk would be great) and indian spices. I found Safe & Save Japanese Market on Yelp, but I can't find anything else that looks decent to get good ethnic ingredients. A couple of months ago I remember that I found a good sounding middle eastern market in Westwood but for the life of me can't remember what it was called. Does anyone have suggestions of good ethnic groceries in Westwood? I would also be willing to travel to get to them, but ideally they would be close to home.


Family in town - one night - midtown dinner near Penn Station/Times Sq

So my family is coming in - just for one night - and I want to take them out to dinner someplace good. Unfortunately they can only do midtown area, near penn station & times sq. I don't want anything too touristy or tacky - something actually good - but simple is good as well. Any suggestions? My experience (I live on the UWS) is that everything over there is over the top, overpriced, and not really that good.

Apr 25, 2010
realbigfoodie in Manhattan

Good diner in midtown east - 30s or 40s?

My dad is in town and he likes diner food and delis, especially since he is a native new yorker who doesn't live here anymore. I am looking for a good place to go near his hotel which is low-key, not too expensive, and has really good eats. Unfortunately my normal go-to sites (menupages, yelp, etc) aren't helping out too much. Any good suggestions? Thanks!

Jan 19, 2010
realbigfoodie in Manhattan

Proposal - restaurant suggestions needed

To answer your question, yes, we probably will be ordering wine on the budget but we are not huge drinkers.

We moved to NY over the summer so we don't yet have anywhere that we "normally" go. We also have a general rule that we don't go somewhere twice since there are so many great restaurants to go to. We live in the UWS and have gone to a lot of the restaurants in the area so I'd like to go somewhere else. Some of the restaurants we have really liked (to give you an idea) include Haru, Ocean Grill, and the Smith.

Jan 12, 2010
realbigfoodie in Manhattan

Proposal - restaurant suggestions needed

Hi all, I am planning my proposal to my girlfriend of 3 years and would like some suggestions of great restaurants to do it at. (Don't worry, I am not planning to do it over valentine's day.) She is a wonderful foodie and loves to go out to eat - we don't do it enough, mostly because we love to cook - and really enjoys a great meal. Here are what she loves and what she hates:

- Spicy food

She LOVES nearly everything else (which is great), especially:
- Sushi
- Fish/seafood (however I don't eat shellfish, so I need options too)
- Cheese
- Indian
- American/american nouveaux
- Greek

I want to take her somewhere that will surprise her but is also not like everywhere else we've been. We go out a lot for the things that she loves - sushi, greek, etc. - but I want this to really stand out. Do you have any great suggestions? I am interested in both prix fixe and a la carte restaurants, but I'd like to keep it under $150 each if possible.

Thank you!!

Jan 11, 2010
realbigfoodie in Manhattan