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Chinese restaurant for wedding banquet in downtown Toronto?

Does anyone know of any Chinese restaurants in downtown Toronto (or at least within walking distance of the subway) that would be suitable for a wedding banquet? I realize that most of the good ones are out in the suburbs, but we are planning to have our wedding downtown, and it would be too inconvenient to expect everyone to make their way out there.

There was a thread here from 2005 in which people were discussing whether Dynasty on Bloor would be good - but I have read in the news that someone has bought it and is planning to convert it to a French bistro, so that doesn't seem like a good bet...

Thank you very much in advance for any ideas!

Charlie's Burger latest meal...

Are there any restaurants in the Toronto area that serve any dishes that include insects?

Best place for French-style pastries?

Does anyone know whether this location of Brick Street Bakery is still open? I went by this afternoon, and it was closed with no sign of activity and no hours posted. They had my favourite almond croissants! Thanks.