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Bachelorette Party In March

So I have about 15 ladies in tow for a bachelorette party mid March. I need some good recs for dinner and breakfast. Nothing touristy, places focusing on great food are preferable!

Feb 03, 2013
katys86 in New Orleans

Why Do Subway Restaurants Smell Awful?

Hahah I completely understand your hatred for the smell! Its the only reason I didn't step into a Subway until I was 20 years old! I'm a Food Science major and when I finish my degree, I'll be sure to research the issue and get back to you, might even make a good subject for a thesis one day!

Jul 25, 2011
katys86 in Features

Make ahead desserts

So I have about 20 South American folks coming over on Sunday for lunch. I wanted to make a couple of desserts but the only time I have to make them is on Thursday. Any good ideas for make ahead desserts? They don't necessarily have to be traditional recipes.

Dec 15, 2010
katys86 in Home Cooking

Caterers Near Tallahassee?

My friend is getting married next spring and wants to have authentic latino food for the wedding (dominican/mexican/puerto rican). The bride and groom have very discerning taste when it comes to this cuisine so any help finding an authentic caterer or restaurant that might cater a wedding, would be very helpful!

Aug 12, 2010
katys86 in Florida

Help for dinner tonight!

So my boyfriend is Colombian (from Bogota) and he's coming back into town tonight. I want to cook him dinner and was hoping for some ideas. I would really like something that reminds him of home. Thanks!