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Sripraphai was Horrible -- Need a new 'go to' Thai restaurant

Eek - I hope not! I'm going there with my girlfriend after I pick her up from the airport in a few hours; I will report back as well.. All was good as of the last time we grazed there, but the only time we go is post-airport since it's right off the expressway..

Mar 09, 2010
Suzukiguy in Outer Boroughs

Birmingham Pizza

I can't believe I've only seen Salvatore's on here a few times. Guys, from a guy who lives in Brooklyn (me) to a guy who came from Brooklyn (him) - this guy is it.
The only real authentic NY style Pizza in Birmingham are at his shops. Been to all the others mentioned here except for Dave's and a few are good for what they are, but not exceptional and generally overpriced...Most of them just seem like slight twists on Big-Chain quality level delivery stuff. But if I had to pick a pie for delivery from one of those guys, I guess I should throw in my .02 and say Papa Johns gets my vote for that - but I worked at one in high school for a bit of extra cash so maybe I'm biased ;)

Jan 11, 2010
Suzukiguy in Central South