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Maya Cusine. Fantastic.

Maybe try the rice and beans at Sonora Grill. They are absolutely delicious.

Midtown Global Market....Great..but could be Amazing.

I often close my eyes and pretend MGM is a Hawker Stall.

Live Lobsters

Yeah the smell is will always be there when dealing with that much seafood. The tanks at Coastal are no cleaner. As always when dealing with seafood if you have any apprehension you can always buy frozen. My advice is to go on a Sunday morning and get your face down in there and look and smell for yourself. I've never heard of anyone dying from eating seafood from either establishment.

Live Lobsters

$3.89 a pound at Dragon Star

Live Lobsters

Dragon Star and Shuang Her Market.

MSP Dish of the Month (Feb'13) - VOTING

Chicken Wings

D Spot in East Metro

Last year City Pages voted Shamrock's as having the best wings in town. Having had their wings I gotta say they were no better than Dominoes. That should give you an idea of CP's wing judging cred. I agree wholeheartedly with you, however, Runyon's wings are amazing, time and time again.

Another TC's sojourn begins.

I think you not only underestimate a good portion of Mn eaters but you also manage to come off a bit misinformed and ill-advised when spouting off your "knowledge" of not only French Cuisine in general, but also the availability of quality food and ingredients here. Most of what you are saying just isn't true. NYC we are not, but you make it sound like Mn is some sort of culinary wasteland, which is a fallacy.

Banh Mi Sandwich - Best Place in Mpls or St. Paul?

Yes they are very friendly and accommodating to loyal customers. I reserve those sandwiches all the time. Trieu Chau and Saigon are my favorite recs for these.

Best Sandwiches in MSP

The Fish Taco Torta at Tilia.

Vincent Restaurant..... French cuisine my bottoms

Burgers better than The Vincent Burger
The Paul Molitor at The Nook
The Jucy Nookie at The Nook
The Triple B Burger at The Nook
Guy's Big Bite at The Nook
The Lodge Burger at The Nook
The Frenchy Burger at Blue Door Pub
Bangkok Blucy at Blue Door Pub
The Twin Cities Burger at Smash Burger
Every burger at Culvers
Every burger at Red Robin

looking for a new wok

This is a complete fallacy. I have a genuine hand hammered Wok and have been cooking with it like a pro for over 12 years on my consumer style stove.

looking for a new wok

Shuang Her

Left-Handed Cook

Usually when someone says food needs a kick, at least for me it means the food was lame or bland. Which was totally the case when I visited The Left Handed Cook last weekend. The Bip Bowl with this 21 spiced Chicken was underwhelmingly bland and needed a certain "KICK!" The only item on the dish that stood out was the Kimchi which I unfortunately only received about a teaspoon of. Also I only received about a BK sized chicken tender bit of this 21 spiced chicken which I found to only be mediocre. I'll be sticking to Sonora Grill thank you very much. Tastier food with more concentration on quality and quantity and less focus on the gimmick.

Homi - the best Mexican restaurant in the Twin Cities

Let's not scare away potential new customers. While the neighborhood is nothing like let's say Linden Hills, it is certainly nothing like North Minneapolis.

Homi - the best Mexican restaurant in the Twin Cities

Homi's Caldo De Cameron is the best soup I have ever had. Down home yet slightly refined. Fresh head on Shrimps. Head sucking, bowl licking goodness.

Sonora Grill

I was there Sunday and the food is superb. Not a single misstep. Tried pretty much everything. Thanks for the pics.

Sonora Grill

You ate all this food, El Gordo?

Best chilaquiles in Twin Cities?

Besides my Mother's I really echo those that suggested those at Homi (agreed at the awesomeness of the owners too) and La Loma in MGM.

Minneapolis-St. Paul Dish of the Month (Nov 2012) Nominations


D Spot in East Metro

Website works great on my laptop. Menu, prices and address. Also works swimmingly on my Galaxy S3.

D Spot in East Metro

You can call ahead but it is useless without seeing this "multi-million dollar" website you speak of.

D Spot in East Metro

In my experiences here I have only found this "Haze" to be a slight problem when I pick up wings to go and am seated at the front bench. Having dined in the designated dining area several times and I have not had a problem with this "Haze" which seems to only loom above the kitchen area. It is not a problem to me at all but I could see how it could be a problem for some. This minor quirk however has not or would never stop me from stopping by to try IMO the Twin Cities best and most unique wings.

MSP Buffalo Wings

Billy's on Grand lets you pick your level of heat and the hottest leave your lips chapped in the end.

MSP Buffalo Wings

Goby's on Snelling and Randolph have excellent wings imho.

MSP-Teahouse vs. Little Szechuan

Thank you I will try the Boiled Pork Dish asap and report back.

St. Paul restaurants... best kept secrets?

"Head up E. 7th into a sketchy neighborhood to a pretty damn good taqueria (Los Ocampos?)."

Agreed but there is nothin wrong with the ghetto, sometimes you have to go there to get the good stuff.

What to do with spicy red pepper harissa?

Spread the Harissa on some toast for a fried egg and bacon sandwhich.

Best Fried-Chicken?

For awesome fried chicken I brine it in salt water for 24 hours. I then add a sliced onion to the oil until it reaches a dark golden brown color. Then simply remove the onions add the chicken and you are good to go.

Jul 27, 2008
EricShawnSmith in Home Cooking

MSP-Teahouse vs. Little Szechuan

Does anyone know if Tea House 2 has a menu item comparable to Little Szechuans Pork in Spicy Szechuan Broth?