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The French Laundry-Yountville


The French Laundry-Yountville

Thanks oysterpearls for bringing some sense to this. As I read through the posts over the last 2 years on the subject it was painfull to see how many miss the obvious and rant and rave about the evil FL reservations conspiracy - is it because we have restaurant backgrounds that we understand ? Most Thomas Keller is the only - ONLY - Chef in America who holds to 3 Michelin at 2 restauants at the same time. The entire world wants in a restaurant that has what - 32 tables that only turn over once an evening. Oooh, I just meant to say thanks and I went on this stupid rant ! Cheers everyone, and yes it is worth the wait :-)

Bardessono in Yountville

Saw a vid on his "Polenta under glass" dish that has me dying to try it. I'll try post the link if I can find it.