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what to bring from Zabar's

Sadly, although the Bay Area has fabulous food of all kinds, delis are not its strength. People complain all the time, and there are efforts toward making a decent bagel, but overall - feh!

Jun 12, 2015
luciemom in Manhattan

what to bring from Zabar's

A friend has offered to bring a few items from Zabar's back to San Francisco. What would you suggest? Obviously nothing large-- is the smoked fish still the best bet? Rye bread?

Jun 12, 2015
luciemom in Manhattan

Dinner for 10 in Studio City area?

Pre-high school reunion dinner on a Friday night, so we want to be able to talk and not yell at each other! Can you recommend a reasonably priced restaurant with either a private room or quiet enough corner? I'm not sure about people's food or price restrictions. I haven't seen most of these friends since we ate nothing but Bob's Big Boy burgers, so I'd like to have enough choices for vegetarians and those who aren't used to LA/SF prices!

Apr 03, 2015
luciemom in Los Angeles Area

private dining rooms in N. Oakland/S. Berkeley area

For about 25 people for a business presentation with wine & hors d'oeuvres on a Monday night. I know Oliveto has a private room and Bay Wolf is not open on Monday. Any other suggestions? The discussions I've found here are pretty out of date.

yellow corn in the East Bay?

Where is the delicious fresh yellow corn that should be available now? All I've seen recently at the Bowl and a couple of farmers markets is dried out yellow and almost tasteless white corn. Any suggestions?

brunch in Marin

Looking for brunch suggestions in Marin - other than Toast, which is good but we've been there a bunch of times already. Grandpa is 94 so the noise level is important!

the ethiopian on telegraph debate...

Are there updates on the quest for the best Ethiopian food in Oakland or Berkeley? I haven't been to Colucci in several years, and there are so many new places...

Indian catering in the Oakland/Berkeley area?

Looking to cater appetizers and desserts for about 50 people at an office function to honor a person of Indian descent. I can't see that Vik's caters. Any other ideas?

How do you brew your morning cup of coffee?

I discovered the Clever pour-over for coffee in the office, after one too many cups of disgusting swill that had been sitting there forever. This little device is like the basic Melitta with paper filter, but it lets you steep the coffee for a few minutes before it drips into the cup. I just grind beans at home. I don't know why it works so well but I've made converts of several people at work.

Feb 04, 2014
luciemom in General Topics

Korean recommendation in Berkeley or Oakland

We ended up going to Ohgane. It was OK but I was more impressed by Jong Ga House on Grand,now that I think about it. The banchan were hit or miss, and the main dishes were tasty but too similar. There was nothing spicy about the spicy pork!

Bay Area food gifts to bring to Berlin

Suggestions for items from the Bay Area that would travel well as little thank you gifts for friends in Berlin?

Korean recommendation in Berkeley or Oakland

Most of the discussions on Korean restaurants here are pretty old. I'm looking for your current favorites -- taking a couple who have just moved here from the East Coast and want to try Korean w/ banchan.

cooking time for brisket?

This might be a stupid question, but I'm doubling the recipe that I usually use for a 4 lb brisket -- cooking 2 briskets with double the onions, garlic, wine, etc. in one large roasting pan. Do I need to adjust the cooking time? I'm doing 3 1/2 hours at 325 (after searing).

Nov 27, 2013
luciemom in Home Cooking

ISO kosher brisket

The discussions here are several years old, so are there any updates on where to find a good kosher brisket? I live a mile from Oakland Kosher, but those guys are unbearably rude, so I'd like to bring my business somewhere else if possible. I remember hearing that some Costcos actually have kosher meat... is this true?

Arabica in Berkeley?

Any comments yet?

quiet coffee place near Berkeley Northside?

I am meeting someone for work this week -- she's in her late 80s and she lives in north Berkeley. I haven't met her before and I'm drawing a blank as far as where to go that's close, fairly quiet, and with not-difficult parking. Suggestions?

Boot and Shoe Service (aka Pizzaiolo 2) open! (Oakland)

Ditto! The food is really good but the last time we were there it was absolutely deafening with awful music -- just not worth the torture.

updates in Ferry Bldg area? [San Francisco]

I'm meeting some friends for lunch on Monday. I haven't eaten in that area in a while--last time was a couple of months ago and thought Slanted Door was very overpriced for what it was. Any other suggestions? Doesn't have to be fancy, just enjoyable and walkable from Embarcadero BART.

Current Guest Chef in Oakland

Just came home from a 6-course meal by Guest Chef's current guest chef Paul Skrentny, who will be there through April 21. We thought it was quite a great deal and a delicious dinner! For $40 we had a salad with smoked salmon, green tomato gazpacho, grits with shrimp (really like a creamy polenta), fried green tomato with pulled pork or ratatouille, curry corn soup and a light little fruit empanada for dessert. You can also do wine pairings for another $20. Here's the menu:

updates on Oakland weekend brunch places?

Sorry -- the place doesn't have to be kosher -- just not one of those All-Bacon-All the Time places. Vegetarian selections would be fine.

updates on Oakland weekend brunch places?

I need suggestions that would include "takes reservations" and "something to eat if you keep Kosher." I had hopes for Lungomare but the reviews seem split between fabulous and awful! Other ideas?

lunch places near Alta Bates on Telegraph? [San Francisco]

I've been going to Bacheeso in Oakland and like it quite a bit, but we were pretty disappointed in the lunch buffet in Berkeley the other day. Everything sort of tasted the same, the salads were all mayonnaise-based. Not great.

lunch places near Alta Bates on Telegraph? [San Francisco]

My office is at Telegraph & Russell. It's a 5-minute walk to College, but we're all getting pretty tired of the usual places on College. Has anyone tried any of the little places on Telegraph in that general area? Temescal is great but a little too far for a quick lunch. Thanks

Belli Osteria in Berkeley?

I've pretty much given up on buying Groupons, but there's one today for Belli Osteria, which is right near Berkeley Rep. Has anyone been there?

Berkeley/Oakland place for holiday lunch?

Our office group (12-14 people) is in search of a place for our holiday lunch. Suggestions so far include Bocanova, where I've had good luck with larger groups, and Osumo. Any other ideas? Looks like no vegetarians in the group, so a fairly unrestricted menu is fine.

Moving to Oakland. Where to eat?

Tried Sparky's one night just because we were so tired of the post-movie Barney's pattern. They were truly incompetent at Sparky's; I even offered to go into the kitchen and make my own salad! Yuck.

reasonably quiet lunch place in Oakland/Berkeley?

For a business lunch, preferably on College Ave or Piedmont Ave., but other suggestions would be great as well. It seems like all the better lunch places are really noisy. There's always Oliveto, but I've never been a fan.

reasonable Napa caterer for a large crowd

Yes I did--they're either expensive or older reviews.

reasonable Napa caterer for a large crowd

Planning a casual Sunday afternoon open house memorial for probably 150+ guests. We're not looking for Elaine Bell-type elegant catering -- We're hoping for Market Hall/Rick & Ann's equivalent food that is delicious, isn't fussy, and can be served at room temperature. Ideas?

caterer in Palo Alto area

Can anyone suggest a reasonably priced caterer for a casual birthday party for about 50 people in October? In our area (Oakland-Berkeley) it would be something like Market Hall or Rick & Ann's, but I don't know what to suggest for the new-to-Palo Alto couple.