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Cheap Eats in Cairns

so far, for me, it has been Nilgiri's in Sydney (St. Leonards)

Cheap Eats in Cairns

The Lillipad Cafe has great breakfast. The huevos rancheros are even better than back at home (in TX). They have great juices too (get the one with mint). It is located on one of the main streets and you can sit outside and people watch.

Tandoori Oven is the best or 2nd best Indian I have had in all of Australia. Great service, great naan, great chicken tikka masala. Everything has been great, and you see locals there so you know it's good.

There is a delicious Macaron shop on Grafton called Macaron. The Macarons are always good, I haven't had the breakfast yet.

Lastly, the pie shop Meldrum's is yummy BUUUTTT you gotta get there early if you want pies and mashed potatoes on your pie. They still haven't quite figured out supply and demand.

hope this helps!

Sydney - favorite in Kiribilli?

I love Garfish.

I prefer to order off their daily changing menu!

US Expat in Sydney; hard time finding US foods in markets!

the essential ingredient in rozelle sells chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.

they have other mexican ingredients too, like masa harina

Byron Bay favorites

there is a placed called traditional thai that had the best thai food ive ever had. weird ...

I had the massaman

One night only -- would like something "Dallas" in flavor and north is good

I'd check out Stephan Pyles or Fearings. Both are known for their "southwestern" food, which I'd say can be "Dallas" in flavor.

both are excellent, but I prefer Pyles. Check out the menus to both!

Stephan Pyles
1807 Ross Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75201

é by José Andrés

anyone been lately? is it still super hard to get into? I sent an email today and got stock reply (wasn't expecting anything back today, but still want to know if I should get my hopes up).

Oct 02, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

Where to eat a nice dinner casually dressed

absolutely disagree as well. Le Cirque is great and the experience can hardly be beat.

I'd say Bouchon might be your best bet!

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Le Cirque
Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Aug 05, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

gordon ramsay to open restaurant at paris?

he posted on his twitter 27 minutes ago

GordonRamsay01 Gordon Ramsay
I'm opening GORDON RAMSAY STEAK Vegas. This Fall can't wait

Jun 14, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

What is the best foodie-oriented breakfast or brunch in Vegas?

I had bouchon and tableau last trip and thought bouchon was much much much better

make sure to get the pastry sampler thingie

May 05, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

Trip Report (Very Long): April 2011: Le Cirque, Bartolotta, Craftsteak; also comments on Guy Savoy, Payard, Trevi, Joe’s Stone Crab.

i love joes!! people always act like I'm crazy when I say that the best crab cake I've had was in Las Vegas!

Apr 28, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

4 Nights - $1000 (food only) - 2 People... HELP!

promise us that for your pastry option you will do bouchon

Mar 20, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

gordon ramsay to open restaurant at paris?

By Robin Leach (contact
)Monday, Dec. 6, 2010 | 6:33 p.m.

Controversial star chef Gordon Ramsay is headed to The Strip with his first Las Vegas restaurant. Vegas DeLuxe has learned exclusively that the larger-than-life TV kitchen king has signed a deal with Caesars Entertainment.

I can confirm that he will open the Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse, taking over the current space occupied by Les Artistes at the Paris. That restaurant will shut down at the end of next month, and by June 1, Gordon will be ready to celebrate the grand opening of his upscale bistro.

Gordon is no stranger to Las Vegas. He filmed Season 2 of Hell’s Kitchen at Green Valley Ranch. When I talked with him after the finale during that time, he told me that he wanted to have a Las Vegas outpost eventually but was too busy then to plan it.

Now finally it will happen, and it’s coming amid many changes taking place at the Paris. Upcoming also in the spring will be the opening of the nightclub Chateau and the Sugar Factory retail and private party megastore.

“I think you will see Caesars slowly taking away the French overtones of the Paris with these moves,” I was reliably told. “Obviously, with the Tour Eiffel right there in the casino, you can’t ignore the French theme. But ‘les directions’ will become the directions in every way, and the staff will slowly phase out the French-language greetings.”


I can't find anything about this on the web more recent than december of last year. it seems like june is not that far away.

Feb 26, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

e by Jose Andres and Sage already booked, looking for dinner #3

I wouldn't really recommend Jaleo since you are going to E. The place is cool, but you'll experience the best part of it already. I was honestly disappointed by the food at Jaleo but did love the overall experience.

I'd say about half the tapas were excellent, 1/4 decent and 1/4 bad. It was fun to experience some of the Ferran influences (air, olive), but there are so many cool places in Vegas.

Le Cirque really made an impact on me. It is by far the coolest restaurant in terms of decor and vibe that I have been to in my life. We had a corner booth and in front of me I had a view of the whole (small) dining room and to my direct left was a window viewing the bellagio fountains.

I absolutely LOVED my salmon, but my wife's beef was not very good. We liked the food at Aureole about the same as Le Cirque, same as Bouchon --- but the service and decor at Le Cirque made it memorable.

if you are REALLY looking for casual, Fleur in Mandalay Bay looks cool. Uhockey has championed it and I ALMOST went there but chose Jaleo (regret). The spot looks fun.

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Le Cirque
Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Feb 24, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

Best of the Strip with a limitless budget

you should go to breakfast at Bouchon and possibly Le Cirque one night for dinner. The decor at Le Cirque is better than the food and the food is pretty damn good!

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Le Cirque
Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Feb 21, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

One Lunch in Vegas this Saturday

I second brunch at bouchon, you will be blown away by the pastries.

Comme Ca would be a nice lunch too, try the flatbread pizza with the lardons and caramelized onions

Feb 16, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

Where to take foodie Grandma out for dinner in Dallas!

I'm surprised it took this long to have French Room mentioned. Exceptional service and the best food I've eaten in Dallas. My only gripe was that the dining room seemed to be geared to old women, so it might be perfect for you!

uhockey reviews the rest of Vegas: Babycakes, Picasso, Bouchon Christmas Brunch, Jean Philippe at Aria

so, for a first timer at bouchon the bread pudding style french toast would be a no brainer?

Jan 30, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas


anyone been recently? What are the must orders of this place?

Best Prix Fixe Menu and other deals?

I thought I'd try here before making a new thread.

I'm going to Vegas Feb 10th and was wondering what the best 3 pre-theatre menus were. I'd like to look at ones in the $60-$100 price range. I really want to eat Guy Savoys food, but I'm wondering if his pre-theatre menu would be worth it to not get his classics. I was looking at Michael Minas pre theatre but it does not offer the lobster pot pie! I would really like to eat some french food or sea food, not too interested in a steak house.

If anyone has any tips I'd be extremely grateful.

Michael Mina Restaurant
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Jan 13, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

uhockey reviews Day 2 Las Vegas: MoZen Bistro, Julian Serrano, Twist by Pierre Gagnaire

great reviews, I wanted to try michael mina but I may change that to Twist based on your review. Also, is there a way to search by restaurant name on your blog?

Jan 01, 2011
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

Beautiful Restaurant, Fun Restaurant and One with Excellent Food

this is a good thread! id also like to know the most beautiful.

I've been to a few in vegas, and the MiX was probably the most beautiful. its a white room with red table settings. it has glass balls hanging from the ceiling. pretty dark room. the view is amazing.

hopefully theres a more visually stunning place so its not all downhill from here

Feb 03, 2010
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

best crab cakes or caesar salad in las vegas?

that variation sounds nice. I do like when the dressing is white. I don't like it as much when its just oil with white bits, you know what I mean?

I heard that there is a place in vegas that makes the dressing tableside, raw egg and all.

RE: baseballfan, what restaurant at the palm?

Jan 09, 2010
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas

best crab cakes or caesar salad in las vegas?

I had the crab cakes at joes stone and crab in vegas and was blown away. I doubt I got the best the city has to offer on my first try, so does anyone have any other recommendations?

I know the second one is a little weird to ask, but if a place has a great caesar salad, the rest of the food is normally great as well.

Jan 09, 2010
thatdarnblake in Las Vegas