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Vegetarian Vegas

We will be spending Thanksgiving week in Vegas and I need to make some reservations. My husband eats meat and wants to eat at some fine dining restaurants, but I don't eat meat or fish. Do you know of any places that have vegetarian options, or better yet, a vegetarian tasting menu available?

Nov 18, 2007
sugarplum827 in Southwest

Visiting Chicago - need advice

I used to live and work in London, so I am familiar with tea. I'm looking for the tea experience that hotels offer.

Jul 26, 2007
sugarplum827 in Chicago Area

Visiting Chicago - need advice

We are going to Chicago for my sister's 40th birthday weekend. We would like it to be a memorable experience for her, so I'm looking for...

1.) A great restaurant for dinner on Sat. We have had recs. for Tru, NoMi. Spiaggia and Carnivale. Which of these is the best, or do you have any other recs?

2.) We would like to get tea Fri. afternoon. Which is the best place for high tea?

3.) Best Sun. brunch or breakfast place?

4.) I also need a great bakery to get a cake (or even better, cupcakes from). Proximity to our magnificent mile area hotel would be helpful.

Thank you

Jul 23, 2007
sugarplum827 in Chicago Area