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Hollywood dinner spots-not too pricey.

Thanks for all of the suggestions guys!!

It looks like it will be either wood and vine or littlefork for us. Just depends on what the consensus of the group is.

Thanks again for all the great recommendations.

Nov 11, 2013
Jamlynne in Los Angeles Area

Hollywood dinner spots-not too pricey.

Hello all!

I'm having dinner with a group of 4-5 ladies on a Tuesday night in Hollywood before a show. Our reservation would probably have to be around 5pm. We're all in our mid 30's and live on the westside so we don't get out to Hollywood very often.

We're looking for a fun place with good food at a reasonable price. We probably would want to shoot for around $50 a person with food and some wine or cocktails. Any suggestions?

Nov 07, 2013
Jamlynne in Los Angeles Area

cheap paris eats.....

hello fellow chowhounds. i'm going to be in paris for a week starting thursday. it's wine crushing time and we're going to be enjoying every moment of it. i would looooove to hear about some great places to have lunch/dinner that are relatively inexpensive. the party crew consists of 5 ladies that absolutely adore food and wine. nothing is off limits food-wise. please tell me about some places that we just cannot miss. also.....if there are any bars/clubs that can't be missed, include those as well.
thanks a bunch.

Oct 05, 2010
Jamlynne in France

santa monica restaurant to take out of towners?

hello all. I have a couple friends from high school coming to visit me from pennsylvania tomorrow night. I live and work in santa monica. I go out in santa monica pretty often, and i'm still stumped as to where to take them for dinner tomorrow night. I spoke with one of the aforementioned friends this afternoon and he said he wanted to eat at gladstone's. i've never dined there, but i believe it to be a cheesy, touristy spot that i would prefer not to go to. Ideally, the place would be not too expensive and still fun for out of towners. please help!!

Jan 09, 2010
Jamlynne in Los Angeles Area