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Bread Pudding Disaster

I need bread pudding help! Every time I try to make my favorite dessert at home, it's mushy and not the rich, eggy dessert that I love. I've tried different recipes, and I always use great Challah or french bread. I've tried baking it in a loaf pan and a 9 x 13. What could be the problem?

Aug 11, 2014
laurenadelaide in Home Cooking

Different ways to enjoy olive oil

My mom got me a fabulous Christmas gift of some delicious infused olive oils. I pretty much want to DRINK them.. so besides dipping some bread or topping off a salad, are there any other excuses for me to ingest my new oils? Thanks!

Jan 12, 2014
laurenadelaide in Home Cooking

butter & sugar

I was starting a cookie recipe and realized I didn't have any eggs, so I only got as far as combining the sugar and butter. I had to go out of town so it was in the fridge for a couple of days in a ziplock. I took it out yesterday for it to soften and so now it's probably been out of the fridge for a day and I am nervous to use it :/ I know butter is usually good at room temp but this butter was mixed with brown and regular sugar and was not covered to prevent light exposure. Is my butter/sugar mixture stiil good?


that last wow there was there to keep your attention til the end and make sure you read the whole thing! thanks!

Jan 08, 2010
laurenadelaide in General Topics