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Coming back to FL/Miami for a weekend

Hey there, I lived in Miami for 2 years, and moved back to california about a year ago now. I am coming to Miami for this weekend and was wondering what new places I need to try? Preferably south beach or Aventura area

In FLL for the weekend

My brother is coming to FLL with a few of his co- workers. We are all foodies and are looking for some amazing food. Hoping to do 1-2 meals in the south beachish area, and 4-5 in the For Lauderdale area.

Best spice menu?

Hey, I havent been anywhere for miami spice yet this year. I am looking for what in your opinion is the best spice menu based on value, quality, and fun.

Good bread anywhere in miami dade?

I was in publix earlier today and saw a huge lack of decent bread. Maybe i have too high standards being from san francisco, but im looking for somewhere with some good sourdough. Also any good grocery stores in miami/dade? just not a fan of publix.

Pizza in north miami

Anywhere that you would recommend? Most places seem very low quality.

Looking for cheap quality places to eat in Miami/Dade.

thanks for the restaurant recommendations. king palace sounds really good and ill definitely hit the others up as well. Does El Palacio de los Jugos serve cuban sandwiches? My Dad and Brother tell me those are amazing, but I have yet to try one.

Looking for cheap quality places to eat in Miami/Dade.

its some third party company, and its your typical bad cafeteria food. all deep fried with little to no flavor.

Looking for cheap quality places to eat in Miami/Dade.

I recently moved to Miami to attend JWU. Looking for quality places to eat as the cafeteria at school is not very good. I eat almost any type of food but i have been having a craving for good tacos lately.