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Sulfite free wines

I am the production manager at a small winery in Missouri. We send our wines for sulfite ppm testing at an independent laboratory. Using the lab's results, the government (TTB) allows us to state on our labels "Contains no detectable sulfites. These wines test at 0 (zero) ppm (not only less than 10 ppm but really zero ppm). The lab is Vinquiry, and their testing is accurate at less than 10 ppm.
Higher sulfite concentrations mute tastes and aromas (all organoleptic sensations), and this is especially evident in our excellent Cab Franc. Sulfites help the winemaker but not the wines (if handled correctly from grape to bottling).
I do not want to make this an advertisement, so contact me if you are interested in our truly sulfite-free wines.

Jan 08, 2010
TimP in Wine