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dining recs for charlotte

I went to Customshop with my mother that was visiting from out of town and we were thrilled with our recs, food, service.

1601 Elizabeth Ave, Charlotte, NC 28204

Oct 18, 2011
exploravore in Southeast

Dear Colleague, Your Tuna Sandwich Reeks

I deemed myself fridge clean out director at my old job. People would bring things in and just leave them to become science experiments! Is that acceptable in your home? Scary.
I used to work with someone that nuked a lean cuisine and the office we work in is tiny. The smell wasn't always awful, but it was incredibly strong. ick.

Jul 20, 2010
exploravore in Features

Restaurants that live up to the hype

The falafel stand at the JFX Market in Baltimore. This weekend, my falafel wrap included arugula, zucchini, yellow squash, sweet corn and peaches! Topped with the tahini sauce, homemade peach hot sauce and honey, it was bursting with flavor and every bite was delicious.

Bridal Shower location ideas in Baltimore?

To follow up on our bridal shower, V-No was the PERFECT place for what we were looking for. Kristina, with help from Jenna on the day of, made the shower just wonderful and worked with us all along the way within our budget. Kristina went above and beyond as we set up our food that we were able to bring in from an outside caterer and as we decorated the shop. We ended up serving a house sangria, mimosas, and grass skirts to the guests and all of them were a hit!

The location on the water, the amazing selection of wines, the coziness of the shop and the welcoming and warm demeanor of Kristina and Jenna made the setting ideal for our bride and memorable for our guests.

Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD

Baltimore steak tartare

Steak tartare was on the "$12 at the bar" Sunday special menu at Jack's Bistro last night. Served with crostini, hard boiled egg, capers, pickled onions, tomatoes, arugula and roasted garlic...each bite was different. It was very very tasty.

Jack's Bistro
3123 Elliott St, Baltimore, MD 21224

Restaurant Everyone Hates But You

I'd probably stick with the chains before dropping money to eat at Filomena again- the red sauce was so sweet- ick.

Restaurants Everyone Loves Except You

Paper Moon Diner and Blue Moon Diner in Baltimore. It's been a while since I last ate at Paper Moon, but each time the service was awful, food overpriced and so-so. The kitschy atmosphere isn't enough to keep you coming back. Blue Moon was such a disappointment. People rave about the food, but it was just..breakfast? Nothing about it justified the one hour wait for a table- not the 'experience,' food and certainly not the apathetic service. Diff'rent Strokes I guess. :)

Blue Moon Cafe
1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Restaurants Everyone Loves Except You

I was there on a weekday in May and everything was wonderful. I went back on a Friday in June and the quality of everything took a nosedive. Less effort with bigger crowds? I thought the Wolf restaurants were above that?

Restaurants Everyone Loves Except You

I'm with you Kevin in this minority - the brussels sprouts were mush - reminiscent of frozen. Loved the atmosphere, not the food.

Restaurants That Have Slipped. Baltimore

I enjoyed Talara when it first opened but stopped in last month and was very disappointed. It seems to have succumbed to the Inner Harbor restaurant mentality- this business is built in so mediocre food is enough.

a good place for a first date between baltimore and dc?

Yes inquiring minds want to know :)

Gluten Free Restaurants and, Supermarkets in the Baltimore Area

Woodberry Kitchen has a gluten free menu available. Liquid Earth, Zia's in Towson, Great Sage in Clarksville, PF Chang's...
A link for your yogurt question, seems to be inconsistent. I'd say the plain greek yogurt is your best bet, then add in what you like and no worries of modified starches.

Another link to mainstream restos with gluten free options

If you start venturing into recipes, I'd recommend this gal

User GoodHealthGourmet is gluten free and has a ton of great knowledge that she shares on these boards

Woodberry Kitchen
2010 Clipper Park Rd # 126, Baltimore, MD

Liquid Earth
1626 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Great Sage
5809 Clarksville Square Dr, Clarksville, MD 21029

Gluten Free Restaurants and, Supermarkets in the Baltimore Area

MOM has a gluten free shopping list on its website to help you get started. Gluten free can be tricky, but there are more options than ever these days and a ton of information to help you adjust. Good luck!

Bridal Shower location ideas in Baltimore?

We decided to host the shower at V-No in Fells point. It's coming up in July so I will report back with the outcome! So far, Kristina has been so wonderful to work with, so we're really looking forward to a great time.

Coalfire Pizza Kentlands

It was in the old Zodiac Grill space, down the street from the wine shop and Moby Dick's. The space has been totally renovated and is said to be a complete departure from the final days of Zodiac. Tony is former Terp/NBA basketball star Tony Massenburg. Both he and Lloyd have extensive restaurant/service experience. Looking forward to the Grand Opening.

JFX Farmer's Market 2010

I hope Meatcrafters shows up. Bought from them a few times and were never disappointed.

Bridal Shower location ideas in Baltimore?

Thank you everyone! How did you work out the financial side? Up front with the restaurant? Did you have to pay a fee for big party and special menu options? Or was it just settling up a check at the end of the event?

Bridal Shower location ideas in Baltimore?

I'm looking for a place that follows the specs above so I'd love to hear some ideas. City or nearby county is acceptable. Easy basic food OR a venue that would allow outside food and bev in. BYOs are also acceptable. Can anyone help?
Trying to give our girl a special day without going broke as there's still the bachelorette party to consider! Thanks!

Advice for fells point business dinner

Black Olive is Meli an option for you?

Milkshakes around Bmore

The Abbey in FedHill has alcoholic milkshakes made with Berger Cookies and the like mixed good

Need good food and good spot for Ravens game Saturday (Baltimore)

I haven't been (but they're on my list) to either, but from what I've heard, the Field House (in Can Company where Ray Lewis Full Moon BBQ was) is a good new spot for game watching and also Blue Hill Tavern.

Looking for Info on New Restaurant in Federal Hill, "Buttons?"

Which block of Charles St? That's my neighborhood and I haven't seen anything new other than the crepe place in the space were E61 was.

What are your Late Night Snacks?

Tahini over roasted root veggies
hummus and carrots
pitted dates w/PB or coconut butter if I'm up for something sweet

Jan 15, 2010
exploravore in General Topics

Comfort Food

Thai food- drunken noodles, Tom Yum soup
Grilled Cheese
Baked Sweet Potatoes with tahini or almond butter
Egg Sandwiches

Chewy/Carby/Spicy- usually one or a combo of the 3 does the trick for me

Jan 12, 2010
exploravore in General Topics

Safe to microwave soup in a pickle jar?

I just heated miso soup in an almond butter jar for 2 minutes and it was fine. I store most leftovers in old glass jars and reheating hasn't been an issue, although I don't use the microwave all that often.

Jan 12, 2010
exploravore in General Topics

Cooking Classes in Baltimore?

I took a class with some friends over the summer at Corks with chef Jerry Pellegrino and it was great. I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for, but it was pretty informal and it was the group cooking as Chef J guided us along after we had a morning field trip to the JFX farmers market. We ate each course as we prepared it too.

Pics here
Hope that helps!

There are also classes through fortheloveoffood dot com I believe...out in Owings Mills
Nancy Longo used to run classes out of PierPoint, not sure if she still does.