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Where To Find (Small) Baby Sized Octopus and or Squid

I found frozen baby octopus at T&T, haven't used it yet

Lactantia® My Country Cultured Unsalted Butter STICKS - WHAT is going on???

I just bought some at Freshco...but why not just buy the block, and cut it into sticks? Sharp knife should slice right through.......

Lobsters on a plane

I am going to New Brunswick in July and would like to bring some lobster home with me...if I remember correctly you can buy it at the airport in Moncton. I can't seem to find any information on how much you can bring back per person...does anyone know? Thanks

May 22, 2013
theamanda in Atlantic Canada

Going to Samara Beach, Costa Rica in Feb/March

Going to Samara beach in Feb/March and looking for some good restaurant suggestions...have tried doing research online but am finding very few restaurants have websites. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Breakfast Sausage and Cornflake Scotch Eggs

Great recipe, tastes fantastic! I had to increase my cooking time to 8 minutes as opposed to 4 because they weren't cooked after four. They still turned out great, the egg wasn't over cooked at all, still had a soft yolk.

Apr 06, 2012
theamanda in Recipes

ISO Moo shu with homemade pancake

I'm living in Durham and would love to find a good Chinese restaurant that does moo shu and actually makes their own pancake/wraps...seems that a lot of places are just using a flour tortilla instead of a homemade variety...any suggestions?

ISO Roti wraps in durham region

I know there are posts out there looking for good roti shops, I'm looking to make my own but don't want the hassle of making my own wraps. Would really appreciate any suggestions on where to get good wraps in the durham well if anyone has any good filling suggestions/recipes...have a craving that needs to be filled lol


Where to buy Le Creuset in Toronto - Not Peppermill @ Hazelton Lanes

I've always had good luck at Winners, bought many pieces there for a good price.

Looking for clams

Well, once again I have a craving for fried clams but can't seem to find anywhere that does the "whole clam"...meaning not clam strip but the whole thing including belly. Does anyone know where you can buy whole frozen clams (not in shell) or a place that has them already prepared? Any tips would be much appreciated.


Help us remember name of restaurant off 401 near London

Jack Asstors?

One Night in OTTAWA... Recommendations Please!

I've found that Fratelli's is always a good bet...pasta is fantastic...homemade pizza's etc and the ambiance isn't bad either..we went to the Glebe location and had a wonderful time.

In search of amazing fried clams

Going to be in New Brunswick (Shediac area) and will be on prowl for fried clams....hopefully some that are to be eaten by the water (outside). I've heard Leo's clams are good, what are other peoples favorites?

May 17, 2010
theamanda in Atlantic Canada

iso good pizza in New Brunswick

I am going to New Brunswick and have had a craving for a pizza that has clams (preferably fried) as a topping...anyone know of any such place that has that as a topping?

Apr 27, 2010
theamanda in Atlantic Canada

Korma Roti on Queen W

I'm trying to find out where I had this amazing chicken korma roti on Queen W in Toronto, it was awesome and for the life of me I can't remember where it was...all I remember is that it wasn't Bacchus (sorry, probably misspelled the name). If anyone knows any place on Queen W that has korma roti I would really appreciate it.

iso basque restaurant

Looking for a basque restaurant in the gta...not easy to find

ISO Fois gras in London

In search of

Mar 23, 2010
theamanda in U.K./Ireland

ISO Fois gras in London

Just wondering where to get fois gras in London, preferably close to the tube.

Mar 21, 2010
theamanda in U.K./Ireland


Thanks for the great tip, I may have to travel up soon (I'm in Whitby). I'm having this huge desire to try my hand at more french cooking but have had a hard time finding the ingredients.


This the same Jules u were talking about? Will check it out, thx :)

Farmer's Market - East GTA

Every Friday morning, there is a farmers market in the parking lot of the Oshawa centre, more towards the back of the mall, towards the Keg


Chabichou...still dreaming about their almond croissants....


Many thanks, I went there today and picked up said sausages (along with creton and croissants) fantastic croissants and can't wait to try the creton

Asian Grocery Stores in London

I would try the market downtown, there are quite a few different asian stores there...not sure if King Wah is still around...don't remember seeing it last time I was in London, which was December...


Are these places restaurants or can I just walk in and purchase like a butcher shop? Thanks for the names :)


I'm interested in making a true cassoulet....the one I had in Paris was great and had toulose sausage...and duck confit...anyone know where I can find that sausage in the Toronto area?

Rémoulade Spread

Sounds great....although I'm not sure how a shallot can be pretentious...*raises eyebrows*

Feb 07, 2010
theamanda in Recipes