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Stuffed Tomatoes with Rice and Shrimp

I really like the twist of stuffing the rice in a tomato. Have to try this one! Sounds delicious! It really is Italian comfort food....mmm.

Mar 03, 2010
Penne4YourThoughts in Recipes

Jimmy's Homemade Veggie Burger

These sound fantastic!

Mar 03, 2010
Penne4YourThoughts in Recipes

Crostini of d'Affinois and Drunken Figs

This sounds so delicious! And you made me giggle.... as we too have to fight off the birds and our 2 pups, who are obsessed with our fig trees :)

Mar 03, 2010
Penne4YourThoughts in Recipes

Pignoli (Italian Almond Macaroons with Pine Nuts)

ahhh, nothing like a good pignoli cookie ....this makes me miss my Nonna! Haven't had these in years, but can't wait to give this recipe a try. Sounds delicious!

Mar 03, 2010
Penne4YourThoughts in Recipes

Chilean Sea Bass with Roasted yellow tomato miso Broth by Chef Jayon DeMarco

sounds wonderful! We all love sea bass at my home and I have just started to use miso paste, so this combo sounds great! Thanks for posting the recipe! Can't wait to try!

Mar 03, 2010
Penne4YourThoughts in Recipes

Cinnamon Bun Muffins

These sound great! Can't wait to try!

Mar 03, 2010
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Oven Roasted Tomatoes

Yes Mary, preheat oven to 400. Drizzle tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper, you could use onion (we prefer garlic) and toss on baking sheet. The trick to roasting is never crowd the vegetables or they will steam and not roast. Bake for about 30 mins. then stir, cook for another 20 mins. If after 30 mins. the liquid is evaporated you can add a few spoons of hot water before placing back in the oven. They are done when the tomatoes have collapsed and liquid is thickened.

Mar 03, 2010
Penne4YourThoughts in Recipes

Help with party favor for 50th anniversary

I forgot to mention for the lollipops you could also used clear monograms or the number "50" and stick it on the cellophane wrapping. These sticker are easy to fink at a Hallmark card store or craft store.

Help with party favor for 50th anniversary

I used for favors for our last party and they were a hit! A cute idea would be to put a few of your caramels in the Theme Candy jars with your parents photo on it with a nice sentiment like "The Golden Couple" and your parents name below. You can see a photo if you click on personalized favors by Event, then click on Anniversary favors.

I also did a votive candle and found star glitter stickers (you could also draw initials with glitter paint pens) that were both found at my crafts store. Then glued a few rhinestones on for a tad of sparkle. You could draw a "50" on it, then wrap with tulle as a pretty favor.

Another idea was I found little jars with a snap lid like a canning jar, very small and filled them with jelly beans. You can make your own sticky label on your computer and place on the front of the jar. Use your caramels instead of jelly beans.

My Mom used personalized individual coffee packets she found online and you could wrap your caramels in tulle bags (or gold satin bags) with a ribbon and your guests could enjoy a cup of coffee and savory your candy the next day. She also used one that said Tea-rific (and it was a personalized Tea Bag). They were cute! I believe you can get ribbon with 50's on it through your local card store.

Or how about those disposable cameras that folks can take pics of the day, and everyone share each picture for the memorable party. Who doesn't enjoy seeing themselves? ;)

My sister used candles she made using little espresso cups she found on clearance. You could fill each with your candy and wrap as mentioned above. You can get a marker for writing on glass at the crafts store and put a 50 on it surrounded with a heart. Or include a tag with "Mugs & Kisses, From the Mr. & Mrs."

My SIL just did a small box (the size of a ring box) with two pieces of chocolate and wrapped with a ribbon for her wedding favor. Then gave out homemade chocolate wedding lollipops. They didn't survive the car ride home! You could do a Gold foil box (for the Golden Couple) and wrap with a sheer gold ribbon glued with some beads on it, or add gold wedding rings found at your local party store.

You may also find some ideas at under 50th anniversary?

One more idea, a votive candle with a monogram sticker and tie each one with a small tassel. Maybe frosted glass votives with gold mono & tassel?

Maybe you will see something fun here?

Good Luck!

3 days in LA - can anyone suggest a Chowhound Tour?

bu Riva still there? I thought they went out of business? It was pretty good.

3 days in LA - can anyone suggest a Chowhound Tour?

true! but it is a fun spot for out of towners.

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

I had the most AMAZING shrimp Po' Boy in Brentwood at the Coral Tree Cafe a while back. And I do mean AMAZING! I admit, I have't been there in ages. The place was closed down for so long and haven't been there since. But the Po' Boy was on a "specials" board the first time I ordered it, then I went back weekly for my 'new obsession' and would actually just walk up to their chef and ask him directly if he could make it for me and they always gladly did. Have tried so many times to re-create that one at home, but never quick mastered it the way they did it. There was just something so unique about that sandwich. Yum!

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

Thanks BIM for the recommendation for good Cuban in LA! Can't wait to give it a try!

the best SANDWICH in (Los Angeles) period.

I agree....Brent's in Northridge is the great! We have had catering from there many times and the cookies there are amazing! Love their rugalah (?) We make a trip to the Valley just for their cookies.

LA suggestions for New Yorkers?

2ndAvenue hits the nail on the head! Sushi,Thai and Mexican. SUSHI for sure! and I would add Korean too.

LA suggestions for New Yorkers?

I like Randy's only first thing in the morning, like a Dunkin Donut! Also loved Fritelli's in Beverly Hills who made the best peanut butter and jelly donuts (so good!) but I think they are no longer in business. Haven't tried the others mentioned.

Apple Pan is an institution! Father's Office is a good choice too for a burger!

Try Korean and Thai here, both are really worth trying in LA.

Sushi in LA is hands down so much better than NY!

3 days in LA - can anyone suggest a Chowhound Tour?

AGREE! The burgers at the at Father's Office are amazing!

3 days in LA - can anyone suggest a Chowhound Tour?

We are from back East and have yet to find a really good Chinese place that can compete, it's just NOT the same taste. Personally, I would try Sushi for sure!!! LA beats NY hands down for Sushi!! Also do try Thai, again it is an experience here. Malibu has a great little Thai place with a nice outdoor patio. It's on PCH right next door to Johnnie's Pizza. There is also a Chinese restaurant a few doors down that has the nicest family that owns it. Nobu in the Country Mart. In Santa Monica there is a great Cuban place called Cha Cha Chicken. It is nothing like we have home. And you must try In & Out Burger!!! It's just an LA classic fast food burger, but must be tried. Whenever we were back East we craved it, and the minute we arrived in LA we would head straight to In & Out from the Airport. You can order with or w/out bun, and Animal Fries served with chili and cheese. I just go basic, but it is my favorite fast food burger. Abbott Kinney in Venice has many good place's too, we enjoy Hal's and becoming a fast favorite is Wabi-Sabi Sushi. We order a lot of different dishes and share. A few favs... yellowtail, miso soup, tempura anything, Ahi Tuna Tartare is outstanding, and the crunchy shrimp roll.

Checkout Gladstones which is very casual on the beach or for more of a dining experience Geoffrey's in Malibu (both have gorgeous sunsets).

Taverna Tony's in Malibu is a fun Greek restaurant that has belly dancers and live music. Food is wonderful and the octopus is to die! The roasted Red Pepper Hummus is so good I can jump in the bowl.

Animal is also a great spot.

Have fun!

"Feel of LA" for visiting New Yorkers

Wow! Great stuff FoodKitCat! Thanks...I may be checking a few of those out myself! :)

"Feel of LA" for visiting New Yorkers

TOTALLY AGREE :) Coming from the East Coast we have this discussion a lot with our LA friends that Pizza, Deli's, Chinese, Italian, Bread, and Donuts are NOTHING like the taste we are used to back East. It just doesn't cut it for us no matter how long we are here. It's not worth going to a Pizza place or Chinese place because they will never compare in our eyes. Thai or Korean is a great choice, there are some great one's here in LA.

"Feel of LA" for visiting New Yorkers

Excellent recommendation Franklin!! That was one of our most memorable dinners when we would visit LA from the East Coast.

"Feel of LA" for visiting New Yorkers

I was going to recommend Animal too! Make sure to save room for dessert ...can't go wrong with the Tres Leche, Donuts or the Bacon Chocolate Crunch Bar. This place is a little hard to see, so look closely. Maybe they put signage up since my last visit? Also, be sure to make a reservation!

Gladstone's at the beach, it's got a great atmosphere and it was a place we always went once we arrived to LA from the East coast.

A drive down PCH toward Malibu, then around Mulholland. Great places to eat are Taverna Tony's, Nobu, Tra Di Noi, we LOVE a Thai place on PCH in Malibu that has a great outdoor patio, don't remember the name since we always have it delivered, but it's right next door to Johnnie's Pizza.

The Reel Inn also in Malibu.

In & Out Burger at least once.

A walk down Rodeo and lots of great places to have a drink and good meal.

The Original Farmers Market or the Grove

Hollywood and Highland

Lucky Strike for drinks and bowling, great for out of towners and a fun night all around.

Universal City Walk

IMHO.....Stay far away from Chinese food, us East Coasters have a whole different view of Chinese, as it's made very different and New Yorker's have the BEST!

Same with Pizza tastes as good to us as a NY pizza.

Need a sure thing celebrity spotting restaurant

My friend was seated next to Lionel Richie at the Four Seasons for lunch. She took a ton of pics and chatted with him. She was thrilled!

Need a sure thing celebrity spotting restaurant

OMG! I totally forgot Grill on the Alley! Last time I was there I saw David Schwimmer (?) . Thanks for reminding me...can't wait to go back, always had a good meal there.

Best and Worst Cooking Shows

Of all the show on FN there is only one ( for me) that tops them all on the GAG scale.....I REALLY can't STAND the Neely's....the guy drives me crazy with his pronunciations, and constantly mispronouncing the food he cooks with. On one show he kept saying the Hally pino... over and over, and I finally had to go over to the tv and see what this Hally pino was, it was a Jalapeno pepper. At the very least, FN truly NEEDS to get some of their hosts some diction classes, and teach them how to pronounce the food they will be cooking with. My skin crawls with these two.

The channel also gets turned off with Paula Deen. Has anyone noticed that her Southern drawl gets thicker as the season's go by?

Like others have mentioned I don't get what Ace of Cakes is doing here? Not a fan Iron Chef either.

Love Mary Ann Esposito and Michael Chiarello and have actually had great success with 5 Ingredient Fix, Giada, Guy, Ellie and believe it or not Robin Miller (I KNOW!)

Finally, a Seafood Shack

Had to try this place since it's close to our home and the rumors were, it had an East coast vibe. Coming from back East we just had to check it out! Although nothing compares to a little seafood shack in or around Mass. or Maine, it did offer something that we have yet to find here in LA. They have "steamer" clams. OMG! For those of you from back East will understand that these little gems alone are worth the drive and the sometimes long wait! We are used to getting these by the bushel right off the docks, then rinsing them in their own broth before dipping into melted butter, so the Blue Plate does offer them a bit more fancy and not the most generous portions. But no matter how you look at it...they were delicious and a treat! We also tried the Lobster Mac and Cheese which at first I didn't like, needless to say, it is now a favorite. A nice addition to Santa Monica!
For those who have never had a "steamer" or "pisser" clam, you MUST try them! They are very unique in flavor then that of a regular clam. Just be sure to grab them by the pisser (they call it that because when they are under the sand you will see water shooting out in little squirts, letting you dig and easily find the clam) and gently swish in the broth before dunking into some warm melted butter, also remember to peel off the outer dark part of the pisser as I find it sweeter and not as tough when removed. Hope that made sense? Anyway....enjoy!

Jan 07, 2010
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